Arnold Fights Off Megalodon

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Arnold Fights Off Megalodon
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  • Normal Person
    Normal PersonDag siden

    Remenber when the narrator wasnt an asshole?

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame6 dager siden

    Arnold would need a good fishing rod to catch a megalodon lol

  • Samuel Kay
    Samuel Kay6 dager siden


  • Mah Chang Rei
    Mah Chang Rei9 dager siden

    I knew it was a dream there is no way the narrator’s voice to be that soft

  • Gaming Ghost
    Gaming Ghost10 dager siden

    The shark at the end with the soviet hat: Me: that’s the most communist thing I can imagine

  • Harrison Moran
    Harrison Moran11 dager siden

    0:42 I counted about 82 teeth

  • Marcela Gil
    Marcela Gil16 dager siden

    A megalodon is a legendary animal

  • Samiyan Manasik
    Samiyan Manasik16 dager siden

    Arnold's finger comes off every time don't u guys see it?! like in every video!

  • Aidyn Swing
    Aidyn Swing18 dager siden

    is no one gonna talk about that matrix reference in the beginning?

  • Mabel Leal
    Mabel Leal20 dager siden


  • Toxic Raptor Rex
    Toxic Raptor Rex20 dager siden

    He didn’t fight it of, he just told you about Megalodon

  • Papi Gato
    Papi Gato27 dager siden

    Arnold is not real but megalodon does exist but they died out.

  • Frixual
    Frixual28 dager siden

    Subnauitca refrence at the end

  • Jose Jordan
    Jose Jordan29 dager siden

    I prefer spanish versión

  • Kabria Kennedy
    Kabria KennedyMåned siden

    wow his voice at the beginning was satysfying lol

  • Grey pencil Creations is the best
    Grey pencil Creations is the bestMåned siden

    1:23 what is that?

  • Barley GD and Roblox and More!
    Barley GD and Roblox and More!Måned siden


  • scp 682 cn
    scp 682 cnMåned siden

    I am bigger then meglodon

  • Halloween 2020 Frinight Full moon werewolf hunting
    Halloween 2020 Frinight Full moon werewolf huntingMåned siden

    Uh oh

  • Sambhavya Mishra
    Sambhavya MishraMåned siden


  • Gusion Paxley
    Gusion PaxleyMåned siden

    Lol the outro if Arnold still exists

  • Harrison Lin
    Harrison LinMåned siden

    Arnold dies

  • Darin Aguirre
    Darin AguirreMåned siden


  • Gene Andrei Miranda
    Gene Andrei MirandaMåned siden

    Video: megalodons died because of the cooling climate Me:thats not the only thing why megalodons died. They died because he can't find whale for he's food

  • combo panda tanks blitz
    combo panda tanks blitzMåned siden

    I am megalodon Russia

  • Adventures of Matt a channel with content
    Adventures of Matt a channel with contentMåned siden

    (\_/) (>’.’

  • gaming hedhog
    gaming hedhog2 måneder siden

    Arnold ur a shrimp

  • Judith Resurreccion
    Judith Resurreccion2 måneder siden

    sometimes ar old looses his fingers

  • A2Z 4
    A2Z 42 måneder siden

    megalodon is small

  • Brandon Godly Gamer TV
    Brandon Godly Gamer TV2 måneder siden

    0:00 when your girlfriend turns you on

  • XxjokeyXx By the way
    XxjokeyXx By the way2 måneder siden

    Megelondon is 50 to 59 feet long and 50 to 60 tons

  • Muhammad fillio Farzana
    Muhammad fillio Farzana2 måneder siden


  • That One Devil Guy
    That One Devil Guy2 måneder siden

    You're fine Arnold, you've got no loss on you.

  • The PlushVerse
    The PlushVerse2 måneder siden

    Wait..the cooling climate? But isnt the globe getting WARMER now? Oh no...

  • Charles Guzman
    Charles Guzman2 måneder siden

    (\__/) (> '.'

  • isb prd666 physeter whale
    isb prd666 physeter whale2 måneder siden

    Hey megalodon can reach the size of a sperm whale. The meg is 60 to 67 ft in length.(may be the larger individuals).

  • ▪
    2 måneder siden

    Why did this guy's voice get more lively and interesting as the video went on

  • Yui Man Tai Tai
    Yui Man Tai Tai2 måneder siden

    (\___/) (> '.'

  • Karamus Gaming
    Karamus Gaming2 måneder siden

    It sounds like he is reading a script or he is very depressed

  • emma6801 emma6801
    emma6801 emma68012 måneder siden

    Wrong the meg wasn't 50 feet long it was 60 feet

  • blox YT
    blox YT2 måneder siden

    i subbed cuz ur smart

  • Faris Walid
    Faris Walid2 måneder siden

    I can sleep to his voice its so calming

  • stickgamer 111 111r
    stickgamer 111 111r2 måneder siden

    It's 60 feets

  • Tawni Crier
    Tawni Crier2 måneder siden


  • Sandra Molina
    Sandra Molina2 måneder siden

    On the computer he spelled megalodon wrong I probably just messed it up too

  • Jjjace
    Jjjace2 måneder siden

    What if Arnold was a communist and committed millions of war crimes?

  • Paulina Biesiada
    Paulina Biesiada2 måneder siden

    I like Megladon

  • Julius Leones Jr.
    Julius Leones Jr.3 måneder siden

    Guys ninjas are assassins right

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester3 måneder siden

    Sounds like a “let’s play video” at 3:00am at the beginning

  • Sheriff From steelport

    Sheriff From steelport

    3 måneder siden


  • Solar eclipse guy734
    Solar eclipse guy7343 måneder siden

    (\__/) (>'.'

  • Solar eclipse guy734
    Solar eclipse guy7343 måneder siden

    (\__/) (>'.'

  • Solar eclipse guy734
    Solar eclipse guy7343 måneder siden

    (\__/) (>'.'

  • Jack Golden
    Jack Golden3 måneder siden

    Good matrix reference 👍 at the beginning

  • Bike
    Bike3 måneder siden

    (\__/) (>'.'

  • Md Alamgir Hossain Khan
    Md Alamgir Hossain Khan3 måneder siden


  • The Devourer of Gods
    The Devourer of Gods3 måneder siden

    Ey! It's Megalodon Comrade!

  • Peggy N
    Peggy N3 måneder siden


  • some1
    some13 måneder siden

    matrix reference


    El Megalodon Fue El Depredador

  • welovefortnite Official
    welovefortnite Official3 måneder siden

    Meat Arnold

  • Khine Khine Aye
    Khine Khine Aye3 måneder siden

    Megalodon can kill blue whales.

  • VidMaker2020
    VidMaker20203 måneder siden

    For me, The Megalodon's size was 40ft-100ft long and 40ft tall and weighs 100 tons with a bite force of 22 tons with 276 tooth in 5 rows place in a 15ft tall jaw and 15ft wide and having a newborn baby with the size of 14ft long already!!Well if you think you can outrun this cause of its weight your wrong, it's speed swimming was 11mph but it could burst at 90mph!! Well if you don't agree with these details please don't be angry because we don't have much detail about the megalodon and these details were only my estimations

  • FnafFortnite Flix
    FnafFortnite Flix3 måneder siden

    2021?? Anyone??

  • alex12player M
    alex12player M3 måneder siden

    (\__/) (>'.'

  • Francesca Ko
    Francesca Ko3 måneder siden

    Dude arnold mosassaurus is stronger than megaladon i mean mosassaurus is the biggest

  • Why Me *Cri*
    Why Me *Cri*3 måneder siden

    Alright Now Arnold vs Godzilla

  • AD - 05WC 810360 Corsair PS
    AD - 05WC 810360 Corsair PS3 måneder siden


  • Darkwing Duck
    Darkwing Duck3 måneder siden

    0:41 dodging teeth is good!

  • Darkwing Duck
    Darkwing Duck3 måneder siden

    0:28 is the most funniest scene of this. Video

  • Darkwing Duck
    Darkwing Duck3 måneder siden

    0:00 me: how can a computer talk?! That’s funny!

  • Weird Cartoon Studio
    Weird Cartoon Studio4 måneder siden

    at the end, megalondon have revenge on winter

  • Bored Sweat YT
    Bored Sweat YT4 måneder siden

    0:34 hey u can’t ram me fish I’m big

  • 홍복화
    홍복화4 måneder siden

    1:24 shark leon from brawl stars

  • abdulcabbar guven
    abdulcabbar guven4 måneder siden

    Cars 2 altyazı koysan daha iyi olur

  • Im a gamer
    Im a gamer4 måneder siden

    He sounds so monotone

  • Nadir Epic Gaming
    Nadir Epic Gaming4 måneder siden

    After a few more vids I can say I watched every vid on this channel woohoo

  • BigNic Meile
    BigNic Meile4 måneder siden

    I love ur video s there are funny

  • Annabelle Edgar
    Annabelle Edgar4 måneder siden

    Kill that shark

  • Khun Chomnaphas / Cocolemon
    Khun Chomnaphas / Cocolemon4 måneder siden

    (\___/) (>' . '

  • Littlespencerr r
    Littlespencerr r4 måneder siden

    Anorld is confirmed to be immortal

  • Subrahmanyam Vaddi
    Subrahmanyam Vaddi4 måneder siden

    I am sreedattha

  • Sachi Sharma
    Sachi Sharma4 måneder siden

    Sirenhead vs Arnold

  • Cookie Penguin
    Cookie Penguin4 måneder siden

    (\__/) (>’.‘

  • fearlesskey
    fearlesskey4 måneder siden

    1:23 SAY SIKE RN

  • Fun With Jonathan
    Fun With Jonathan4 måneder siden

    Arnold do what’s inside a whale shark

  • Erastus Omolo
    Erastus Omolo4 måneder siden


  • Mathew Crabb
    Mathew Crabb4 måneder siden

    MGDG: (>’.’

  • The Silly Gamer
    The Silly Gamer5 måneder siden

    Hey The Megalodon's Teeth Has 7cm Not 19cm

  • Fish Sticks
    Fish Sticks5 måneder siden

    His sound before You’re right, your mother doesn’t look like the megalodon. His sound now *knock knock arnold*

  • ghiffari gaming
    ghiffari gaming5 måneder siden

    (\_/) (>'.'

  • Twitch_StarLord_
    Twitch_StarLord_5 måneder siden

    Duh, he does. He's Immortal! Just that he keeps missing his fingerz lel. ~Random Discord ★St☆rry♕

  • Noah Plays
    Noah Plays5 måneder siden

    No meg 60 feet

    NIRISH A/L ARULMURUGAN Moe5 måneder siden

    Totally arnold still exist because he has superpowers

  • -L' designer
    -L' designer5 måneder siden

    Arnold vs Godzilla

  • Aphysical
    Aphysical5 måneder siden

    (\_/) (>'.'

  • cyan
    cyan5 måneder siden

    I'm told Dom to die

  • Tom Nook
    Tom Nook5 måneder siden

    Just take a pistol, do you know why? Because a shark haves something I forgot it's name but it haves gas it fills the sharks body, if you shoot it the shark will explode so do not use harpoons while fighting a big fish or shark

  • Fidan Qerimi
    Fidan Qerimi5 måneder siden

    Video : this is the most dangerous hunter of the sea Me : wait megalodons dont exist

  • Mareme Ndoye
    Mareme Ndoye6 måneder siden

    Arnold why didn't you grab the rabbit?

  • Mrtubaka Pro23
    Mrtubaka Pro236 måneder siden

    poor great white :(