Arnold Set off to the Center of the Earth

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  • Maybe just a lil weird Dude
    Maybe just a lil weird Dude2 dager siden

    Quick question how many times has Arnold lost his fingers

  • lee rodgers
    lee rodgers5 dager siden

    Poor Arnold, is he quite sure of his agreements?

  • Shaolin Mahayag
    Shaolin Mahayag5 dager siden

    why is he always cut his finger

  • X-mori Unus
    X-mori Unus6 dager siden

    I just remembered this and I wanted to revisit it

  • Winner 1835
    Winner 183512 dager siden

    1:25 me in hell be like

  • Mr Wow
    Mr Wow15 dager siden

    Theory is the narrator Arnold...

  • Ethan Gallardo
    Ethan Gallardo18 dager siden

    How is he able to get to the core?

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame21 dag siden

    Lol just lol

  • Monster Energy A drink
    Monster Energy A drink22 dager siden

    I would do but i wouldnt do it eather

  • Phyllis See
    Phyllis See23 dager siden


  • AaronMcBuilder
    AaronMcBuilder24 dager siden

    "place where no man has gone before" Literally stairs going down there

  • Ky Gaming
    Ky Gaming24 dager siden

    Rip rabbit

  • Robert Onunga
    Robert OnungaMåned siden

    stop killing arnold

  • Noah Alisiswanto Fransiscus
    Noah Alisiswanto FransiscusMåned siden

    arnold keep on losing his finger

  • Þorvaldur Hrafn Joensen
    Þorvaldur Hrafn JoensenMåned siden

    0:08 dream heads

  • aryaman Sinha
    aryaman SinhaMåned siden

    Narrator: The temperature is already over 200° Fahrenheit at a distance of 24 miles Also narrator: **Literally attaches a fan at the center of the earth**

  • Suraj Mandal
    Suraj MandalMåned siden

    Nice video

  • Youssef Walli
    Youssef WalliMåned siden

    Arnold always loses a finger or will die in the end of the video

  • Jordan Bastari Thamrin
    Jordan Bastari ThamrinMåned siden

    thanks for answering my childhood question

  • TokyoticCat
    TokyoticCatMåned siden

    X is hurdling towards earths center at 300 miles per hour oh no

  • Milaan Patel
    Milaan PatelMåned siden

    @0:13 Arnold. you have messed up the diameter and radius. 12700 is the Diameter not Radius.

  • Gina Yoon
    Gina YoonMåned siden

    I can't believe he's still alive

  • Fortnite X
    Fortnite XMåned siden

    Who Watched The Move The Core ?

  • mkara RBLX
    mkara RBLXMåned siden

    No man has gone before? Then a women is gone before lol

  • Rovelyn Acevedo
    Rovelyn AcevedoMåned siden

    I want arnold to be a make a expirement of spiderman

  • Lin Jia
    Lin JiaMåned siden


  • eddyzow
    eddyzowMåned siden

    Nobody cares but there should be a correction at the start of the video. The diameter of Earth is actually 7,891 miles. So, the distance to the center is half that. Anyway amazing video!

  • 01raven123 team!!!
    01raven123 team!!!Måned siden

    1:14 arnolds finger was lost xd

  • Liam Jeremy Cortina
    Liam Jeremy CortinaMåned siden

    bruh is arnold a freaking alien? cause if he is boi you stupid for an alien

  • Draupadi Sarkar
    Draupadi SarkarMåned siden


  • Stacy Mellor
    Stacy MellorMåned siden

    I think it will have 10000009865 feet away

  • Master Gamer RedRed Nathan
    Master Gamer RedRed NathanMåned siden

    An infinite loop

  • orange
    orangeMåned siden

    yo why the heck is NOlocal deleting my comments??? what do they not want people to know the truth or something???

  • Jay Navarro
    Jay NavarroMåned siden

    That was I was thinking about I was thinking that if you go to the mittle it will let you go up and un up

  • Krishna chaitanya Nambala
    Krishna chaitanya NambalaMåned siden

    Why the hell he always loses his fingers? Does anybody have reason for this?


    Who doesn’t love Arnold?

  • Jurassic park fan
    Jurassic park fanMåned siden

    No man has gone before what about a girl

  • ANIMATION world
    ANIMATION world2 måneder siden

    Hmmm.... It's every episode Arnold has to lose a finger

  • GAVIN Games
    GAVIN Games2 måneder siden

    The narrator is a total b*tch

  • Bulls Eyeislive
    Bulls Eyeislive2 måneder siden


  • Komics Ink
    Komics Ink2 måneder siden

    Is it just me or does Arnold lose his finger every video

  • Gusy mincaft
    Gusy mincaft2 måneder siden

    "No man has gone before" Woman bathroom

  • Aidyn Swing
    Aidyn Swing2 måneder siden


  • zhouse28
    zhouse282 måneder siden

    I like how he looses his finger ever video

  • BlockiCars Fighter
    BlockiCars Fighter2 måneder siden

    Subscribe to arnold or you'll be in the center of the earth

  • Kayla Clausen
    Kayla Clausen2 måneder siden

    How did he get his finger back right after he already lost it

  • Artemio Tanqui-on
    Artemio Tanqui-on2 måneder siden

    Stay in the whole 4:50 days

  • Hypix Loxxk
    Hypix Loxxk2 måneder siden

    How to train motion sickness

  • GD Camden
    GD Camden2 måneder siden

    Make it an elevator lol

  • Gunnerchris30
    Gunnerchris302 måneder siden

    With the falling endlessly I have been thinking about that for years glad I've had that cleared up.

  • ImSoRandom
    ImSoRandom2 måneder siden

    it isnt a arnold vid without him loosing a finger

  • Wraxpyy
    Wraxpyy2 måneder siden

    Bruh how many time does he get his finger replaced 🤣🤣🤣

  • Noah Welch
    Noah Welch2 måneder siden


  • GD Mynameis Rymar
    GD Mynameis Rymar2 måneder siden

    He Always lose his fingers when I wach all vids lol😂🤣😅😄

  • Penguin Poggers
    Penguin Poggers2 måneder siden


  • Brunitito7 :D
    Brunitito7 :D2 måneder siden

    0:10 wait... It's all cake?

  • TDDrummer
    TDDrummer2 måneder siden

    At least this is the safest thing that Arnold has had to go through

  • Adrayel Colon
    Adrayel Colon2 måneder siden


    MEGABOSS4562 måneder siden


  • Not a plushtuber
    Not a plushtuber2 måneder siden

    Who’s better? Like: meet Arnold Comment: fuzzy and nuts

  • T O A D
    T O A D3 måneder siden

    How did he got his finger is back if his finger broke

  • The land of Gavin Raniel
    The land of Gavin Raniel3 måneder siden

    Do you know where no man has ever gone before the womens bathroom

  • Soldier6458 ROBLOX
    Soldier6458 ROBLOX3 måneder siden

    Arnold lost a finger Arnold later:finger is not missing anymore

  • KosiXT Ya
    KosiXT Ya3 måneder siden

    Why does Arnold always loses a finger

  • Unique BoY
    Unique BoY3 måneder siden

    Pity, Arnold, he always loses his finger

  • Charlie Janis
    Charlie Janis3 måneder siden

    Do a video called what would happen to you if you stayed in a cave for 24 hours!

  • cjtornado27
    cjtornado273 måneder siden

    _i wonder what is it like to dig straight down through the North Pole to the South Pole?_

  • Dante Ropata
    Dante Ropata3 måneder siden

    He should

  • Faze Poo poo pee pee
    Faze Poo poo pee pee3 måneder siden


  • Benson Sidel
    Benson Sidel3 måneder siden

    Why are so many videos of Arnold falling off of a finger falling off

  • Dr Naretor
    Dr Naretor3 måneder siden

    Bruh why im sad beacuse of Anrold

  • Maxymilian Boduch
    Maxymilian Boduch3 måneder siden

    Screw planes lol

  • Press F to pay Respect
    Press F to pay Respect3 måneder siden

    The center of the earth is actually at 6371 km from the surface, not 12700 !!!

    MUSTAFA PM3 måneder siden

    if i go i will turn into a chichen fry

  • William Robbins
    William Robbins3 måneder siden

    Please do not leave him in there

  • Gabriel Animates
    Gabriel Animates3 måneder siden

    Arnold always loses his finger every episode

  • apocalyptic survivor
    apocalyptic survivor3 måneder siden

    Arnold is immortal

  • Marisa Perez
    Marisa Perez3 måneder siden

    Why does Arnold always loses his finger

  • hp master
    hp master3 måneder siden

    Hey Arnold you should play your next video about surviving an earthquake

    TSAR 🔲TRAINS SIRENS AND ROBLOX🔲3 måneder siden


  • Áron Pusoma
    Áron Pusoma3 måneder siden

    thou- 0:34 -sand 0:11

  • a egg
    a egg3 måneder siden

    earth is not flat

  • Porg
    Porg3 måneder siden

    How do we know how the centre of the earth looks like we never dug down that far?

  • kay-seven
    kay-seven4 måneder siden

    Yes you should stay inside 😉😉😉

  • Darkwing Duck
    Darkwing Duck4 måneder siden

    The thumbnail XD

  • Dragon L
    Dragon L4 måneder siden

    Arnold is cool

  • Dilip Majumdar
    Dilip Majumdar4 måneder siden

    Why evertime his finger cuts

  • woipion
    woipion4 måneder siden

    Wouldn't you stay in the core since gravity exist

  • Kandi Xiong
    Kandi Xiong4 måneder siden


  • Ashawna Time!
    Ashawna Time!4 måneder siden


  • AllFather
    AllFather4 måneder siden

    This is fun

  • Chase Hendricks
    Chase Hendricks4 måneder siden

    Flat earthers eat your hearts out

  • Spaghetti Spider
    Spaghetti Spider4 måneder siden


  • gamerzx
    gamerzx4 måneder siden


  • younus rizwanYT
    younus rizwanYT4 måneder siden

    Poor Arnold...always losing a finger.

  • S1g4r6 Fnaf roblox and more
    S1g4r6 Fnaf roblox and more4 måneder siden

    0:04 gren hahahaa

  • vanukka karvanen
    vanukka karvanen4 måneder siden


  • Mollie X
    Mollie X4 måneder siden

    You are the earth bruv

  • Mohammed Mahmoud
    Mohammed Mahmoud4 måneder siden


  • Azad Akay
    Azad Akay4 måneder siden

    And grows