Arnold Was Hit With 1000000 Volts

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  • swift studios
    swift studios2 dager siden

    hey i remember when i got hit lightning

  • Akbar Mulder
    Akbar Mulder4 dager siden

    Why does he always bully Arnold

  • Akbar Mulder
    Akbar Mulder4 dager siden

    Finally he did not lose his finger 🤣

  • gaming pro
    gaming pro14 dager siden

    Lightning is about 4 235 thousand deegres

  • Kritan Thapa
    Kritan Thapa22 dager siden


  • isaaclee Kang hao
    isaaclee Kang hao23 dager siden


  • make velli
    make velli26 dager siden

    네가 안알려줘도 난이미 알고있었다고 임마

  • Brandon McCorkle
    Brandon McCorkle27 dager siden

    No I will not put my finger up. I seen what you do to fingers

  • 1blessed family
    1blessed familyMåned siden


  • Joey 9999
    Joey 9999Måned siden

    arnold is now harry potter!

  • yusuf the beast
    yusuf the beastMåned siden

    Your own face reavel

  • Cecilia Aguiniga
    Cecilia AguinigaMåned siden

    Vale:hahahaha why you bully Arnold Arnold:you hit me

  • Is very cute Sakura
    Is very cute SakuraMåned siden

    Arnold is amazing

  • Blanko Blanko
    Blanko BlankoMåned siden

    how to get shock by lightning First grab a stick and say *Zeus you don’t have the ball*

  • TheTreeHouseFan2000 And Other Stuff
    TheTreeHouseFan2000 And Other StuffMåned siden

    IQ:0 IQ:4

  • z4nu Games
    z4nu GamesMåned siden

    Denki Kamanari:First time?

    J8DEN TUBEMåned siden

    Arnold try’s to die: nariater: last time he was slaterd by a home aplyince

  • Marcus Hansen Storbank
    Marcus Hansen StorbankMåned siden

    The Guy Who talks has +153 IQ

  • Yoongi’s pet rock
    Yoongi’s pet rockMåned siden

    A scar on his forehead? Hmmmmmm

  • Jose Heenandez
    Jose HeenandezMåned siden

    1:10 Hey Arnold

  • Infernaldoge
    InfernaldogeMåned siden

    Well Pikachu. Striked ash with lightning everytime

  • Miguel Rochette
    Miguel RochetteMåned siden

    And its much more than 10 toaster

  • ULB Sans Plays
    ULB Sans PlaysMåned siden


  • Eyad Hussein
    Eyad Hussein2 måneder siden

    Om very scared that god

  • kiefsOnlinegames
    kiefsOnlinegames2 måneder siden

    Arnold, how ya feelin’?

  • Pedro Solis
    Pedro Solis2 måneder siden

    Wait he has a robot eye?

  • galia slapak
    galia slapak2 måneder siden

    He is ded

    CHICKEN NUGGIES2 måneder siden

    Plot twist: Arnold’s a and his finger isn’t connected to his hand

  • Hundinly Hundinly
    Hundinly Hundinly2 måneder siden

    "Temporarily paralyzed for life"

  • Withered Tails
    Withered Tails2 måneder siden

    I wonder how would Arnold look like as a cyborg

  • Rebecca Turner
    Rebecca Turner2 måneder siden

    0:33 You’re a wizard, Arnold.

  • Jimena Torres Barriga
    Jimena Torres Barriga2 måneder siden

    WHAT?! Arnold is turning into a cyborg?

  • Hal 9000
    Hal 90002 måneder siden


  • Sohini Sil
    Sohini Sil2 måneder siden


  • Carol Gay Sanchez
    Carol Gay Sanchez2 måneder siden

    is that zeus!?!!?!?!?!

  • I m R i b b i t
    I m R i b b i t2 måneder siden

    *Im not surprised.*

  • 劉建生
    劉建生2 måneder siden

    100000000000 volts?!

  • Zeke Leandre Inot
    Zeke Leandre Inot2 måneder siden

    This is why arnold is dumb He has a very little brain

  • Bob War
    Bob War2 måneder siden

    wow 0:02

  • Aquarist Gamer
    Aquarist Gamer3 måneder siden

    3 million subscribers!!!!!!

  • Collier Alexander-Sawyer
    Collier Alexander-Sawyer3 måneder siden

    1:03 I missed this that his finger fell off

  • holiman2
    holiman23 måneder siden

    I got shocked by an outlet once.

  • Wellington Oliveira
    Wellington Oliveira3 måneder siden


  • Neeraj Pv
    Neeraj Pv3 måneder siden

    What happens when you are in tsunami and tornado

    ADZECTIVIOUS GAMING3 måneder siden

    He is so cute

  • star platinum
    star platinum3 måneder siden

    Arnold is so brutal that he has two bones in one finger. 0:00 3 fingers. 1:02 4 bones.

  • Reality
    Reality3 måneder siden

    Did he say “subscribe to his instagram”? 1:20

  • moayr


    3 måneder siden

    Yeah he did...

  • Sophie Ni
    Sophie Ni3 måneder siden

    0:33 Harry Potter

  • Dilip Majumdar
    Dilip Majumdar3 måneder siden

    Subscribe to insta 😂😂

  • Uldis Ozoliņš
    Uldis Ozoliņš3 måneder siden


  • Sheepy Hose
    Sheepy Hose3 måneder siden

    I thought it gives you super lightning powers

  • Dane Jander Tangonan
    Dane Jander Tangonan3 måneder siden

    arnold is in to the war robot city

  • BestInfinity
    BestInfinity4 måneder siden

    Wait anorld is a cybork

  • Totally Not IVEY
    Totally Not IVEY4 måneder siden

    Who came back to this when it started to rain

  • Nahyan Alshaibi
    Nahyan Alshaibi4 måneder siden

    It’s a education video

  • Puavo Pesuaine
    Puavo Pesuaine4 måneder siden

    1 Like= How many times Arnold has losed he’s finger

  • •Kawaii Playz•
    •Kawaii Playz•4 måneder siden

    So that's where my power went earlier today!

  • the 3 sisters
    the 3 sisters4 måneder siden

    0:33 Arnold is now Harry Potter

  • leander abines
    leander abines4 måneder siden


  • Avaleen Gilreath
    Avaleen Gilreath4 måneder siden

    are gods. use power

  • X0 TrapZy
    X0 TrapZy4 måneder siden

    Rip arnold

  • RyMostlyWatchesVideos ??
    RyMostlyWatchesVideos ??4 måneder siden

    You bad guy

  • Đặng Lê HỒNG ÂN CUTE
    Đặng Lê HỒNG ÂN CUTE4 måneder siden

    K : .yuiti89998m7

  • no name
    no name4 måneder siden

    arnold is like a human experiment for life...but we can get knowledge of how he suffer if we suffer ......

  • Jessica Frank
    Jessica Frank4 måneder siden

    Why was a God kill Arnold he’s harmless

  • Soy Milk Studios
    Soy Milk Studios4 måneder siden


  • Poyraz Kılıc
    Poyraz Kılıc4 måneder siden


  • poodle eagrall
    poodle eagrall4 måneder siden

    Raiden got mad

  • Soshi Shiimura
    Soshi Shiimura5 måneder siden

    The thumbnail says one hundred billion but the title only says one million.

  • Maddox Kasten
    Maddox Kasten5 måneder siden

    poor Arnold always loosing his finger

  • CherriOcto
    CherriOcto5 måneder siden

    why is arnold your lab rat?

    DOLBIT NORMAL'NO5 måneder siden

    1:13 DID you startED WTF ?

    MAXMAIN5 måneder siden

    What if you weee

  • GagoAnimate NAUTTP NATHDTC
    GagoAnimate NAUTTP NATHDTC5 måneder siden

    Like if arnold loses finger

  • zombiesquad gaming
    zombiesquad gaming5 måneder siden

    Are milliseconds

  • gitanjali mishra
    gitanjali mishra5 måneder siden

    Make a video 1000000000000 volts

  • Howard Agriss
    Howard Agriss5 måneder siden


  • Macgyver Smit
    Macgyver Smit5 måneder siden


  • clarko 7274
    clarko 72746 måneder siden

    Make your mind up, is 1million volts or 100 billion volts

  • Jerry Aezriel
    Jerry Aezriel6 måneder siden

    Hi arnold, i'm a big fan of you!!

  • dipdex
    dipdex6 måneder siden

    *lol* I subscribed to your instagram

  • PlainNintendo126
    PlainNintendo1266 måneder siden

    He's dumb.

  • Äxēlïx
    Äxēlïx6 måneder siden

    Oki this shock can happen if pikachu uses his z-move on you

  • Afrizal Effendi
    Afrizal Effendi6 måneder siden

    Scp in gmod

  • Thomas Boi
    Thomas Boi6 måneder siden

    He ded bubba

  • Synthia qubec
    Synthia qubec6 måneder siden

    You realise it's the amps that kills you not the volts there can be 1000000000000000 volts and 40 amps therefore the volts are just a measurement and you will just have a slight muscle contraction so really there is no way to know how many amps are going through Arnold but traditionaly the higher the volts the lower the amps

  • KittyGaming123
    KittyGaming1236 måneder siden

    as long as it’s 1 milliamp your gooood

  • Stephanie Xoxo
    Stephanie Xoxo6 måneder siden

    My brother got killed by lightning

  • ventor
    ventor6 måneder siden

    0:17 is nobody going to talk about arnold having a robot eye

  • Cat 13706

    Cat 13706

    4 måneder siden

    Hes a robot

  • Tea Bag Noobs
    Tea Bag Noobs6 måneder siden

    Title 100,000 Thumbnail 100,000,000,000

  • Jose Rocha
    Jose Rocha6 måneder siden

    And terminator

  • Jose Rocha
    Jose Rocha6 måneder siden

    Harry potter

  • Adidin Ahsakatma
    Adidin Ahsakatma6 måneder siden

    why you bully arnold

  • Albert Huang
    Albert Huang6 måneder siden

    You are stupid!!!!!!!!!!

  • Uv Uv
    Uv Uv6 måneder siden

    Me when i get a channeling trident

  • Mal
    Mal6 måneder siden

    Narrator: do this and don’t do that Arnold: why you bully me

  • Caleb Cotton
    Caleb Cotton6 måneder siden

    But a guy got hit 7 times and is fine but how?????

  • RJ NRG
    RJ NRG6 måneder siden

    0:20 Arnold's a Robot

  • Reeze Joven
    Reeze Joven6 måneder siden

    The supreme haahah check his chanelle 0:53

  • D gamage Perera
    D gamage Perera7 måneder siden

    episodes all about SCP Foundation