How Long Can You Stay Alive In Quicksand

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  • P B.
    P B.3 dager siden

    Can we just stop and think how many fingers Arnold lost?

  • Петар Јовановић
    Петар Јовановић14 dager siden

    Arnold has changed a bit.. I'm I right?

  • NeonMCPE
    NeonMCPE27 dager siden

    *PUT LIKE*

  • Katie Satie
    Katie SatieMåned siden

    Tha5s wha5 that little b* gets

  • dylandanielb Roblox
    dylandanielb RobloxMåned siden

    I can’t believe how weird Arnold looks like😂

  • Halloween 2020 Frinight Full moon werewolf hunting
    Halloween 2020 Frinight Full moon werewolf huntingMåned siden

    I’d watch this vid as amusement while I wait to be burred

  • Jilly Cotton
    Jilly CottonMåned siden

    Arnold game ils done too much

  • Andreas Moesgaard
    Andreas MoesgaardMåned siden


  • jinlun chen
    jinlun chenMåned siden

    Keep losing his finger

  • jinlun chen
    jinlun chenMåned siden

    Why arnol

  • Heng Wangjie
    Heng WangjieMåned siden

    0:42 water comes to the quicksand

  • Deborah Askew
    Deborah AskewMåned siden


  • Saharra Zlotnicki
    Saharra ZlotnickiMåned siden


  • Draupadi Sarkar
    Draupadi SarkarMåned siden


  • aleria Velarde
    aleria VelardeMåned siden

    And..he lost his thumb again 😂

  • Susheela VV
    Susheela VV2 måneder siden

    Again Arnold loses his finger

  • Erin Killinger
    Erin Killinger2 måneder siden

    I like your experiments

  • kim szpara
    kim szpara2 måneder siden

    I don’t like quick sand

  • Joe The friday
    Joe The friday2 måneder siden

    0:23 to 0:26 oh really kids are watching took😠

  • deon rosano
    deon rosano2 måneder siden

    0:12 lol

  • Lhou Lucero
    Lhou Lucero2 måneder siden


  • Lhou Lucero
    Lhou Lucero2 måneder siden


  • Lhou Lucero
    Lhou Lucero2 måneder siden

    Covered by quicksand 😩 (out) 9 8 7 6 5 4! 3! 2! 1! Out

  • bevz santos
    bevz santos2 måneder siden

    , .v

  • Aj trick shots Barbosa
    Aj trick shots Barbosa2 måneder siden

    This is a short video.

  • Teddy Pickernell
    Teddy Pickernell2 måneder siden

    Hi 👋 is

  • Myles Traphagen
    Myles Traphagen2 måneder siden

    Arnold has the roblox bacon hair

  • Parakeet animation studio
    Parakeet animation studio2 måneder siden

    Life noggin what’s up dude?!i used to watch your videos!

  • Fish Po0kins
    Fish Po0kins2 måneder siden

    He sinked slower that that WOman

  • Mohammed Ally
    Mohammed Ally2 måneder siden

    He has an infection

  • Parweza Hotee
    Parweza Hotee2 måneder siden

    Watch thundermans

  • Jaylin Harrell
    Jaylin Harrell2 måneder siden

    0:20-0:26 sick burn 🔥

  • erlinda valenzuela
    erlinda valenzuela3 måneder siden

    why. kill

    SHINIGAMI GAMING3 måneder siden

    Legends say this was the first video but uploaded after

  • lisa tombs
    lisa tombs3 måneder siden

    Season 1 Episode 5 Finale

  • lisa tombs
    lisa tombs3 måneder siden


  • lisa tombs
    lisa tombs3 måneder siden

    Take him away 1

  • lisa tombs
    lisa tombs3 måneder siden

    Season 1 Episode 5 Finale

  • james roblox !
    james roblox !3 måneder siden

    Is so short

  • Unstoppable AJ
    Unstoppable AJ3 måneder siden

    send him in to the end of the world🤔🤔

  • Unstoppable AJ
    Unstoppable AJ3 måneder siden

    I love arnold arnold is my fun👏👏😁😁

  • Cesario Udtohan
    Cesario Udtohan3 måneder siden

    Back when Arnold had a beard

  • Abcd Efg
    Abcd Efg3 måneder siden


  • daniel doyle
    daniel doyle3 måneder siden

    Kitten Kittens vs zombies aliens👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽😺😺😺💩🤖🤖🤖🤑🤑🤑😳😳😳😈 Hello Arnold

  • MysticWolf
    MysticWolf3 måneder siden


  • Sneakyfuuu TV
    Sneakyfuuu TV3 måneder siden

    arnold loses finger XDDDDDDDDD

  • Anuprabh Sood
    Anuprabh Sood3 måneder siden

    Make a video of Vikings vs the Arnold

  • Gabrielli Stet Macuja
    Gabrielli Stet Macuja3 måneder siden


  • Kevin Nahhas
    Kevin Nahhas3 måneder siden

    This was a fast video and boring I’m diliking

  • Karson Henry
    Karson Henry3 måneder siden


  • Sublimada Impresiones Artisticas
    Sublimada Impresiones Artisticas3 måneder siden

    0:10 how

  • Gunshipper6925
    Gunshipper69253 måneder siden

    Press F for Arnold

  • Creeplender 1
    Creeplender 13 måneder siden


  • P Shadman Shahriar
    P Shadman Shahriar3 måneder siden

    in every eposide of arnold his finger falls i hate meet arnold

  • Ratry Rana
    Ratry Rana3 måneder siden

    Why is life noggin watching this video?

  • Isaac Wong
    Isaac Wong3 måneder siden

    Life noggin said a video about unfair dinosaur facts so yea he sux

  • A Bold
    A Bold3 måneder siden

    Poor Arnold XD

  • ali behbahani
    ali behbahani3 måneder siden

    Life knock and I saw your videos under the bed

  • than lawrence S. Ballon
    than lawrence S. Ballon3 måneder siden

    Just wiggle your legs then your out

  • H3Y 7HERE!
    H3Y 7HERE!4 måneder siden

    Why arnold always lose either left, right or middle finger?

  • Vnt Sailo
    Vnt Sailo4 måneder siden

    We will not fully sink in quicksand.

  • Daniel Montes
    Daniel Montes4 måneder siden

    Y IS TH8S SO SHORT 🤬🤬🤬

  • beth rock
    beth rock4 måneder siden


  • Damari Brown
    Damari Brown4 måneder siden

    I got a little old Arnold

  • younus rizwanYT
    younus rizwanYT4 måneder siden

    Poor Arnold...always losing a finger.

  • Where’s my potato’s??
    Where’s my potato’s??4 måneder siden

    Arnold always loses his thumb

    GOD OF OOF4 måneder siden

    Pls chages arnold face hes so cute in hes old face

  • yanyan battalion
    yanyan battalion4 måneder siden

    Make more videos

  • BlueDev
    BlueDev4 måneder siden

    So bad art

  • Marwan Algahim
    Marwan Algahim4 måneder siden

    Why are you keep making Arnold suffer I feel bad for Arnold the narrator is doing dangerous things and also Arnold always loses his thumb!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ but I think 💭 The narrator doesn’t like Arnold thumb 👇🏻!!!!!!

  • Mahodya PALLAWALA
    Mahodya PALLAWALA4 måneder siden

    I bet this guy has a bully named Arnold and this is how he got him back

  • The Scandinavian Empire
    The Scandinavian Empire4 måneder siden

    3 days

  • Jerrence Aldrin
    Jerrence Aldrin4 måneder siden

    thats other grapics of arnold

    YUAN LI4 måneder siden

    Why this video is so fast

  • old sport
    old sport4 måneder siden

    Did you know you can't sink to the bottom of quicksand

  • Canal Mort Channel Shut down
    Canal Mort Channel Shut down4 måneder siden

    Well you cant drown in quicksand ;-;

  • Kwe plar
    Kwe plar5 måneder siden

    I just watched this again and realised how much the graphics and Arnold has changed

  • Anchalita Pantongkham
    Anchalita Pantongkham5 måneder siden


  • Flamez and Water Bottle

    Flamez and Water Bottle

    4 måneder siden

    What is 7 × 8

  • Anchalita Pantongkham
    Anchalita Pantongkham5 måneder siden


  • Anchalita Pantongkham
    Anchalita Pantongkham5 måneder siden

    i hate him!👻

  • Anchalita Pantongkham
    Anchalita Pantongkham5 måneder siden

    i hate him so much because he du stupid things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ibrahim mohammed
    ibrahim mohammed5 måneder siden

    Every episode Arnold looses his finger

  • Anchalita Pantongkham
    Anchalita Pantongkham5 måneder siden

    you have cope the video from the other video bad from you!!!!!!!

  • Homaira Tania
    Homaira Tania5 måneder siden

    0:10 arnold is sinking in quicksand

  • Adopt Me Monkey
    Adopt Me Monkey5 måneder siden

    I Was Sinking In Some Sand Once I Yelled For My Mom And Dad My Shoes Are Now Gone And I Have New Shoes 🤓

  • Lexifocs
    Lexifocs5 måneder siden

    Nice fraud

  • dan edward benosa
    dan edward benosa5 måneder siden

    He loses his finger of quicksand

  • OMG Rishit
    OMG Rishit6 måneder siden

    This stunt of desert is so hard

  • Connor Kenway
    Connor Kenway6 måneder siden

    Me: * trying to have information by watching this video when my parents are nearby* The channel voice actor: 0:24

  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez6 måneder siden

    but ok

  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez6 måneder siden

    how did that girl get down there faster then Arnold.

  • Twily Chan
    Twily Chan6 måneder siden

    Old animation lol

  • Object Animations
    Object Animations6 måneder siden


  • Red king Gaming
    Red king Gaming6 måneder siden

    the youttber should be jail for torchor

    FLAMINGPYRO126 måneder siden

    If you’ve seen Arnold’s latest videos he looks a lot different

  • Eamon Bookle
    Eamon Bookle6 måneder siden

    Nqwmvwerjemg,fasdewdc,hkfdeqmffcedjakhdfdjwqhkfcfeadcechdqfjkwffqdcdkfqwjcwcqjhdfkjwdqkhcfcdkjqhwfcdkjwqhfhwjckqdfkhqcfsjdjhkfqscdfjhksqcdjhkfjhkfhjkfkjtdjtkrhfmdmhfdmhfdh,jfdejahfkmfjharfeatjkrwhkfjarjefjhfarkjhe4@&3’gjavgrkckgksahdckg,safecgk,fsdack,cagsdfskcdgfjdshkccjhsccxjcx jackhammer cig hjksdccashdaclsjagdcfasgkcdlfjksfahdcskagdcflkgsdfacskgladhcklgshadgklfcjfhllkgfscdalfdgcskafkgk,ghacsdkcgdvas

  • Jennifer L Manders
    Jennifer L Manders6 måneder siden

    your inaproppreite

  • Randy Cummings
    Randy Cummings6 måneder siden

    This is a short video.

  • Gorillaz Fan
    Gorillaz Fan6 måneder siden

    Aka the animation is trash from so long ago lolol

  • 大城たけと
    大城たけと6 måneder siden