How Long Can You Survive in -89ºС?

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What if you Jump From 30,000 ft Without Parachute?:
How Long Can You Survive in -89ºС?
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  • Vernon Maistry
    Vernon Maistry21 time siden

    The deserd

  • saguna Barua
    saguna Barua3 dager siden

    You are best in the world 😍😊🙌🙌

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame3 dager siden

    I could watch Arnold videos all day lol

  • Samiya Jabeen
    Samiya Jabeen4 dager siden


  • Veronica Franco Veronica Franco
    Veronica Franco Veronica Franco5 dager siden

    Dome Fuji Attacks: Cold Attack Burst And Shared loss heat contracting vessels Shaking Intoxication Extreme Hypothermia Last Cold Attack: Ice Passing out

  • Chad Bernard
    Chad Bernard6 dager siden

    Teleport him to the sahara desert to warm up

  • Shorob Sardar
    Shorob Sardar6 dager siden


  • Oahmed King
    Oahmed King7 dager siden

    I like the video

  • Stray Kidzz
    Stray Kidzz8 dager siden

    He always loses his finger

    DHRUV MEGHWAL 4D8 dager siden

    sun! to sun!

  • Jackie Hertz
    Jackie Hertz9 dager siden

    Nothing’s colder then a cold shower

  • Chace Be
    Chace Be11 dager siden


  • CoolCanMan
    CoolCanMan11 dager siden

    Arnold now looks like that from being here.

  • Davids World Best
    Davids World Best11 dager siden


  • Daniel the Yoshi
    Daniel the Yoshi12 dager siden


  • Rupert
    Rupert16 dager siden

    People Who live in northern places: *thats cute*

  • Arlene Quilloy
    Arlene Quilloy18 dager siden

    In. The. San

  • Jackson Ge
    Jackson Ge19 dager siden

    It would not be a Arnold vid if he didn’t lose a finger

  • Faisal Almughrabi
    Faisal Almughrabi19 dager siden


  • Phyllis See
    Phyllis See20 dager siden

    In a desert

    CANDY TECH22 dager siden

    Watching this in 2020 . U improved a loooot

  • Eli Wolf3
    Eli Wolf324 dager siden

    well you probobly teleported him to either arizona or texas then he gets teleported to kentucky and passes out

  • Carmela gorra
    Carmela gorra24 dager siden

    he is going to the past

  • Was that the bite of '87
    Was that the bite of '8725 dager siden

    "And of course loss of coordination"... Arnold: lands perfectly in the snow bed

  • abelma2000
    abelma200027 dager siden

    Winter be like

  • Pepsi Playz
    Pepsi Playz28 dager siden

    Lucky Arnold He landed in summer

  • Fire Gaming
    Fire Gaming28 dager siden

    he lost a finger to a bird

  • Juvy Palmes
    Juvy Palmes29 dager siden

    Arnolds gonna teleport to war robots

  • karthik santhosh pillai
    karthik santhosh pillaiMåned siden

    in a volcano!

  • Dr trains Bigboy
    Dr trains BigboyMåned siden

    I think he was teleported to a train boiler

  • Colin Cayden
    Colin CaydenMåned siden

    1:32 gaming problems when you die in Google Play Store


    to sahara desert

  • Maria Bernadette Galura-Fajardo
    Maria Bernadette Galura-FajardoMåned siden

    You teleported to the Sahara Desert!

  • Jeong Ah Lee
    Jeong Ah LeeMåned siden

    the sun

  • a3403567
    a3403567Måned siden

    At war robot

  • salma farah
    salma farahMåned siden

    The design so shitty back then

  • Jacob Paulo Buddle
    Jacob Paulo BuddleMåned siden

    he is going to hell

  • sherryrado
    sherryradoMåned siden

    War robots

  • Rahand Ninja
    Rahand NinjaMåned siden

    May be u set HIM to desert cause desert is hot

  • Germanic Warsaw PolandBall Animation Collation
    Germanic Warsaw PolandBall Animation CollationMåned siden


  • Sonkee shah
    Sonkee shahMåned siden

    Oh yea

  • Noldave Mahinay
    Noldave MahinayMåned siden

    Arnold your sooo a bad luck guy

  • Tarl Cowley
    Tarl CowleyMåned siden

    the sun hehe

  • Gregory Wolcott
    Gregory WolcottMåned siden

    1:30 Arnold = demon

  • joe martin
    joe martinMåned siden


  • Parul Mishra
    Parul MishraMåned siden


  • Isabelle Sylvester
    Isabelle SylvesterMåned siden

    Old videos

  • doris Mylenion
    doris MylenionMåned siden

    Arnold is being abused

  • Yoongi’s pet rock
    Yoongi’s pet rockMåned siden

    Starting as a minion Nice

  • charles M
    charles MMåned siden

    he teleported

  • charles M
    charles MMåned siden

    in the sun

  • zefyriukas10
    zefyriukas10Måned siden

    Day 1 -89celsius Summer Arnold loses his finger... as always He loses life He tp’ed to death valley

  • Loyda marroquin
    Loyda marroquinMåned siden

    Idk where he went Poor Arnold

  • Multiverse Animations
    Multiverse AnimationsMåned siden

    Me when my brother eats my pizza rolls 0:56

  • Minecraft cool Pro
    Minecraft cool ProMåned siden

    Arnold got sent to a desert

  • dutchbabypancakes
    dutchbabypancakesMåned siden

    endorphins feel good so i dont care if i die lol

  • Sam Temple
    Sam TempleMåned siden

    1:11 This is where the fun begins. Instead of cold, you'll start to feel intense heat. Some hours later, he's found cold-dead and naked.

  • Gage Hornsby
    Gage HornsbyMåned siden

    The sun

  • beast buster
    beast busterMåned siden

    he was sent to the next video

  • Leon Joice
    Leon JoiceMåned siden

    He is going to the hottest place on earth

  • Super car 44
    Super car 44Måned siden

    I feel sad for Arnold

  • Sridevi Dayanandan
    Sridevi DayanandanMåned siden


  • Charlie And Frankie
    Charlie And FrankieMåned siden

    Miller once I had a good jobs I was a lot more to be able for the rest of my family and a few guys and a couple guys of mind if you could be

  • Ana Pucelj
    Ana Pucelj2 måneder siden

    Arnold:IT could get up to 123456 Fahrenheit Me:Celsius why not Celsius

  • Carl Aronsson
    Carl Aronsson2 måneder siden

    why the finger

  • Elliot Coster
    Elliot Coster2 måneder siden

    Hey Arnold 😋

  • Megan Keen
    Megan Keen2 måneder siden

    You sent Arnold to the Beach

  • Vertin Vera
    Vertin Vera2 måneder siden

    Wait he send him to the sub

  • Vertin Vera

    Vertin Vera

    2 måneder siden


  • Vertin Vera
    Vertin Vera2 måneder siden

    Were did he send him? Look in the vida

  • snoozinghipo
    snoozinghipo2 måneder siden

    arnold is ugly thats all

  • Deveshkumar Dhayanidhi
    Deveshkumar Dhayanidhi2 måneder siden


  • Susheela VV
    Susheela VV2 måneder siden

    You send Arnold to war robots isn't it 😂

  • Susheela VV
    Susheela VV2 måneder siden

    This time also Arnold loses his finger

  • european rich robot man
    european rich robot man2 måneder siden

    You get him in Hawaii or a normal country.

  • Lucka Jasmin
    Lucka Jasmin2 måneder siden


  • Julia Portillo
    Julia Portillo2 måneder siden

    Arnold: dies of cold at 1:25 Me: laughing my dumbass off because Arnold is dying

  • Jan Martin
    Jan Martin2 måneder siden


  • Fortnite master 111
    Fortnite master 1112 måneder siden

    The robot world

  • Lakze
    Lakze2 måneder siden

    Have anyone ever noticed the miss spelling thumbnail?

  • Spoopy GAMEOVER
    Spoopy GAMEOVER2 måneder siden

    Who else noticed they spelled without wrong in the thumbnail.

  • Phyllis See
    Phyllis See2 måneder siden

    A I already have do you know Moberly you send him into a very very very hot hot country

  • Phyllis See
    Phyllis See2 måneder siden

    Send him to somewhere is 100°

  • Phyllis See
    Phyllis See2 måneder siden

    In a desert

  • Blinded II
    Blinded II2 måneder siden

    2:30 fucking war robots

  • Kaleb Jeffrey
    Kaleb Jeffrey2 måneder siden

    :me he teleported him to a hot tub :arnold i was in the water

  • Galaxy Gamer Jaden
    Galaxy Gamer Jaden2 måneder siden

    Arnold Always lose a finger

  • mergingbutterfly
    mergingbutterfly2 måneder siden

    In the ocean 🌊

    JEDIDIAH KANSHIMIKE2 måneder siden

    :Arnold you’re crazy

  • Among us fanbase
    Among us fanbase2 måneder siden

    3 years ago nostalgia? anyone?

  • Xx_ GREEN2200 _xX
    Xx_ GREEN2200 _xX2 måneder siden

    The sun

  • ian Larock
    ian Larock2 måneder siden


  • Rachel Simmons
    Rachel Simmons2 måneder siden


  • yanhaizhongyu
    yanhaizhongyu2 måneder siden

    Arnold how your feeling-1:39

  • Mostafa Monwar
    Mostafa Monwar2 måneder siden

    Why is this so cold

  • LaneTheSavageHomie
    LaneTheSavageHomie2 måneder siden

    FUN FACT:you can freeze ice cream if you put it outside in Antarctica but you die too!

  • Ana Kristina Caspi
    Ana Kristina Caspi2 måneder siden

    Sun c

  • Raju Ranbir
    Raju Ranbir2 måneder siden


  • Raju Ranbir
    Raju Ranbir2 måneder siden

    OH NO

  • くろかわいすみ
    くろかわいすみ2 måneder siden

    Post more videos because i like meet arnorld

  • Teresita Gumapac
    Teresita Gumapac2 måneder siden

    *looks at Arnold's snow angel*. Me:IS THET EVEN AN ANGEL!?