If You See THIS - Get Out of the Plane!

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If You See THIS - Get Out of the Plane!
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  • BreeStake Bobba
    BreeStake Bobba14 timer siden

    Me: *sees the entire plane* Also Me: *sigh*

  • Cassandra Arcega
    Cassandra ArcegaDag siden

    What is the name of this airline?

  • Sang Goku
    Sang Goku2 dager siden

    And then " holy shit! "

  • FrickinBagelz!
    FrickinBagelz!2 dager siden

    Me, never wanting to go on planes again:

  • XoXo Uwais
    XoXo Uwais4 dager siden

    1:28 what did you say

  • ari krasniqi
    ari krasniqi5 dager siden

    is it acctually real

  • Godzilla king the lord Master
    Godzilla king the lord Master6 dager siden


  • InkSeption
    InkSeption7 dager siden

    Holy s*** 1:28 stop saying bad words

    MISSLILY SHOP HQ8 dager siden



    Arnold always lose his finger

    DRUNK MEME9 dager siden

    Arnold always cut shes finger

  • Janis Birzkops
    Janis Birzkops9 dager siden

    if you see this get out of the plane like what u mean jump out of the plane lol

  • morgana
    morgana10 dager siden

    Sad to see this really cool channel turn into a clickbait channel

  • Annuens
    Annuens12 dager siden


  • Dayaks Rae
    Dayaks Rae13 dager siden

    a cat is a passenger right?

  • Dayaks Rae
    Dayaks Rae13 dager siden

    only passenger onboard* but there is a cat

  • Brian YOUNG
    Brian YOUNG14 dager siden

    i am 100101283764643723891374% shorere that planes will fucking hell not crash cause of lighting

  • Smoky BearReal
    Smoky BearReal14 dager siden

    GUYS GUYS its kam air

  • Echo
    Echo14 dager siden

    I feel like this is implying that you would have better survival chances jumping out of the plane mid-flight than staying in it.

  • Leon francis thomas
    Leon francis thomas14 dager siden

    if you see this get off the plane me: gets off the plane everyone 30,000 feet in the air: -_-

  • Among us fan boi Wolf
    Among us fan boi Wolf15 dager siden

    This is how many times his finger has been cut off total / / V

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame16 dager siden

    Arnold has more lives than a cat lol

  • claudiacopeland101
    claudiacopeland10118 dager siden

    This is a one way ticket to hell

  • Khris Nathan
    Khris Nathan22 dager siden

    I think they updated it because I think it was morning

  • Bro Sev
    Bro Sev23 dager siden

    I love the animation 👍

  • Gamer donut
    Gamer donut24 dager siden

    ? i know you changed the name ARNOLD!!!

  • Ciphix StudiosYT
    Ciphix StudiosYT25 dager siden

    Good thing I did not die

  • sfs boy
    sfs boy26 dager siden

    0:08 are you suprised that your only the passenger on board? Cat:im a passenger you dumbee

  • vargas vargas
    vargas vargasMåned siden


  • Barley GD and Roblox and More!
    Barley GD and Roblox and More!Måned siden


  • Joie Anthony Raquinio
    Joie Anthony RaquinioMåned siden

    i think the plane has stalling turbulence LOL

  • lucky tabby slime
    lucky tabby slimeMåned siden

    2:06 The only survivor: *Cat*

  • TheTreeHouseFan2000 And Other Stuff
    TheTreeHouseFan2000 And Other StuffMåned siden

    1:53:breaks rules of audio Me:does not care about audio

  • Jacob The Vyonder aka JTV Studios
    Jacob The Vyonder aka JTV StudiosMåned siden

    1:28 - 1:30 said: Holy S***! I will censor it.

  • Zani
    ZaniMåned siden

    Imagine if u throw a rock in arnold arm finger:aight ima head out

  • Luis Bobadilla
    Luis BobadillaMåned siden

    I watch Meet Arnold Me to ALL VIEWERS: Parental Guidance is Advised?

    SANESSMåned siden

    Boing is also a dangerous company

    SANESSMåned siden

    I already knew about it 0:30

  • DaYeetDud•
    DaYeetDud•Måned siden

    Arnold is in a crashing plane what happens? He loses his finger

  • DJ Kerr
    DJ KerrMåned siden

    Make sure you jump out.

  • JSI Studios
    JSI StudiosMåned siden

    At least the cat survived :D

  • Jury Tise
    Jury TiseMåned siden

    His finger always fall out🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yanice Plomp
    Yanice PlompMåned siden

    Why whas there a cat

  • Vinit Boro
    Vinit BoroMåned siden

    First time arnold's finger saved but not body

  • Lawrence Grumacon
    Lawrence GrumaconMåned siden

    bruh watch your mouth

  • Richard Rodriguez
    Richard RodriguezMåned siden

    How the hell is he driving a plane

  • BPDBEN Gaming
    BPDBEN GamingMåned siden

    Why arnold always looses his arm??? XD

  • MCkovach
    MCkovachMåned siden

    I like how You guys are making i like how comments

  • Rezzy Khan
    Rezzy KhanMåned siden

    I got a ad saying *"fly safe"*

  • Elite X
    Elite XMåned siden

    Why did he say unfortunatly all survived

  • Zafirawidisiidis Akbar
    Zafirawidisiidis AkbarMåned siden


  • Zafirawidisiidis Akbar

    Zafirawidisiidis Akbar

    Måned siden


  • Bowser Headteacher
    Bowser HeadteacherMåned siden


  • Terence Tan
    Terence TanMåned siden


  • Hylbert Guitang
    Hylbert GuitangMåned siden

    If you see a coffin dance get out of the plane

  • Shay Cherniavsky
    Shay CherniavskyMåned siden

    Yay the cat survived!

  • Theresa Johnson
    Theresa JohnsonMåned siden

    Arnold's always loses his finger

  • Kirill Play
    Kirill PlayMåned siden


  • Elisabeth Elis
    Elisabeth ElisMåned siden

    SD Princess Cross And His finger jeski mall

  • Reicher Barnes
    Reicher Barnes2 måneder siden

    1:28 First time I’ve ever heard him swear xD

  • O7 Plays
    O7 Plays2 måneder siden

    1:29-Holy S**t

  • leonrjuan [GD]
    leonrjuan [GD]2 måneder siden

    1:27 HOLY SHIT!

  • Ruby's Crazy family videos
    Ruby's Crazy family videos2 måneder siden

    Mhm on

  • Ester Epe
    Ester Epe2 måneder siden


  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler2 måneder siden

    Imagine u see it mid flight.

  • tawana fowler
    tawana fowler2 måneder siden

    arnold lost his finger 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000007995878657675747377181919911944837474747774747474774747474747474747474747474747474747474777348323456789098765456789098765678987654567898765434567876543245678987654567890876543567898765438u59499494949494949111112223312345678903030202020290101020303303077767777777777777777777777777777777777775444477474774744557575757

  • Erin Killinger
    Erin Killinger2 måneder siden

    Scam air cop is a plan that killed 1200000 People on earth

  • NOOB_ YT
    NOOB_ YT2 måneder siden

    Wait ITS that a boeng 767

  • GamerPower8647 -_-
    GamerPower8647 -_-2 måneder siden

    Excuse me but how do I leave a plane when its flying

    DRUHINA DEY2 måneder siden

    I love you arnold

  • Slava Kid
    Slava Kid2 måneder siden

    Cat:I'm pro 2:08

  • Bl4ck Dude
    Bl4ck Dude2 måneder siden

    Im gonna jump out of pláne right now i will swim to Hawaii instead flying in a plane

  • Got Bigpocket
    Got Bigpocket2 måneder siden

    That’s the end of people going on airplanes

  • Ramdom commander
    Ramdom commander2 måneder siden

    at least the cat survived

  • Jeff Wolke
    Jeff Wolke2 måneder siden

    I hope he goes KABOOM

  • Yiğit Hasan Kavuk
    Yiğit Hasan Kavuk2 måneder siden

    i didnt think you could say holy shit cause of moderators but okay then-

  • Karamus Gaming
    Karamus Gaming2 måneder siden

    “Arnold’s finger has left the chat” “Arnold’s finger has joined the chat”

  • Mr. Riley
    Mr. Riley2 måneder siden

    Survivors: Arnold’s finger Fatalities: Arnold

  • I'm a Pizza
    I'm a Pizza2 måneder siden

    "Scam Corp" Let's make an unoriginal thing!

  • lemonade cool
    lemonade cool2 måneder siden

    Lol STICK Jump hahahhahahahah

  • F B I
    F B I2 måneder siden

    I dont think its in kuwait (where i live)

  • Dolari GD
    Dolari GD2 måneder siden

    No he swore

  • Bryaden Roscoe Bonotano
    Bryaden Roscoe Bonotano2 måneder siden

    I Heard You Said Holy S#!t

  • Gareth Webb
    Gareth Webb2 måneder siden

    I love your video a

  • E-Sud
    E-Sud2 måneder siden

    1:53 lets put this alarms: WHOOP WHOOP, TERRAIN TERRAIN, PULL UP PULL UP DON'T SINK, DON'T SINK 500 400 300 200 100 50 40 30 20 10 Pd: Ik this is scam air corp so mybe they dot have alarms

  • Alejandrina Rodriguez
    Alejandrina Rodriguez2 måneder siden

    RIP Arnold

  • kitty cupcake the kawaii kitten
    kitty cupcake the kawaii kitten2 måneder siden

    1:22hey heyheyheyy

  • Clark Joseph S PAGOLA
    Clark Joseph S PAGOLA2 måneder siden

    Hey give arnold a break Or another friend

  • MaElda Eamilao
    MaElda Eamilao2 måneder siden


  • 서효경
    서효경2 måneder siden

    Cat is very funny on the parechute.

  • Kagome
    Kagome2 måneder siden

    It’s called Kam air... the airline name that this video is based on.

  • naziemiec
    naziemiec2 måneder siden

    Kam Air - now became Scam Air Corp.

  • Nouran Ahmed
    Nouran Ahmed2 måneder siden

    ✈️ 🧑🏻‍🦱☝️

  • yanhaizhongyu
    yanhaizhongyu2 måneder siden

    Arnold lost his finger in 2:02

  • Ebony Tyree
    Ebony Tyree3 måneder siden

    That’s my worst nightmare

  • has bhi lo yrr
    has bhi lo yrr3 måneder siden

    How u edit ur videos pls tell

  • D E E P
    D E E P3 måneder siden

    1:27 *did he said "Holy shit.!"?*

  • Tony The Tiger

    Tony The Tiger

    2 måneder siden

    Yes this channel isn’t family friendly

  • Ryan Li
    Ryan Li3 måneder siden

    1:28 HOLY SHIT

  • Clash Robert
    Clash Robert3 måneder siden

    Didn't get anything from this video, except your finger flies out in a plane crash

  • Jacob Rosenthal
    Jacob Rosenthal3 måneder siden

    Who cares Arnold died. We only care that the cat survived! :D

  • Binod RA0

    Binod RA0

    3 måneder siden


  • Dark
    Dark3 måneder siden

    Plane: No u can`t survive a plane crash! Cat: haha parachute go brrr