It Will Happen To Your Body If You Remove These 5 Organs

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It Will Happen To Your Body If You Remove These 5 Organs
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  • Emily Milano
    Emily Milano18 minutter siden

    So we are creepers from Minecraft right or we are walking bom

  • Vikas Kumar
    Vikas Kumar11 dager siden


  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame11 dager siden

    Poor Arnold lol

  • Pp Pen
    Pp Pen12 dager siden

    My boy arnold packing

  • Victor Carrera
    Victor Carrera13 dager siden

    2:02 I would probably be a nuke cause I LOVE salt foods

    BILL CIPHER13 dager siden

    aRonLds sMoL pEePeE

  • Cat The Finicx
    Cat The Finicx14 dager siden

    *Emotinal Cucumber Arnold*

  • Minecraft Gamer
    Minecraft Gamer19 dager siden


  • Gael Villa
    Gael Villa19 dager siden

    hit him with a star bomba

  • Ello the Dark Blue Sheep
    Ello the Dark Blue Sheep19 dager siden

    Wut about if he couldn’t poop

  • Mr. Doom
    Mr. Doom22 dager siden


  • Delita Juliano
    Delita Juliano24 dager siden


  • Carmela gorra
    Carmela gorra24 dager siden

    arnold is a new channel bruh its so funny

  • Lusanda Tsolekile
    Lusanda Tsolekile24 dager siden


  • evelynlu83
    evelynlu8325 dager siden

    0:25 *no*

  • Jaime Panton
    Jaime Panton29 dager siden

    Subscribe to him

    XAVIER LIEW YU XIANG MoeMåned siden

    What if Anold lost 2 of his lungs

  • Colin Cayden
    Colin CaydenMåned siden

    0:55 What happens to Algicosathlon Colors if they lose their organs

  • Legend Moth
    Legend MothMåned siden

    1:02 the censor is so small you know what that means

  • Legend Moth

    Legend Moth

    Måned siden

    Jake Animations stfu

  • TheTreeHouseFan2000 And Other Stuff

    TheTreeHouseFan2000 And Other Stuff

    Måned siden


  • Sankalp Narayan
    Sankalp NarayanMåned siden

    Wow the aliens also kidnapped batman

  • Sankalp Narayan

    Sankalp Narayan

    Måned siden

    P.S Mickey mouse too

  • Lav Pratap Singh
    Lav Pratap SinghMåned siden

    1:28 they cut his p**** ouch

  • cute swiny UWU
    cute swiny UWUMåned siden

    Holy shit his pennis

  • Katie Satie
    Katie SatieMåned siden

    I do not know if u saw that but in the alien space ship there was BATMAN

  • Subscribe To An Egg
    Subscribe To An EggMåned siden

    Arnold's Finger has left the chat

  • MrFrozenfire
    MrFrozenfireMåned siden

    One more episode but longer minit

  • Rakesh Agrawal
    Rakesh AgrawalMåned siden

    1.59 Arnolds arm is blue

  • Henry Corona
    Henry CoronaMåned siden


  • Myo M Sandi
    Myo M SandiMåned siden


  • Arskynendra Bimantara
    Arskynendra BimantaraMåned siden

    Arnol why you lose han

  • Danny增银
    Danny增银Måned siden

    Body no leg

  • Maniac from Australia
    Maniac from AustraliaMåned siden

    Guess ill sell my kidneys

  • zefyriukas10
    zefyriukas10Måned siden

    He has already lost his finger. Almost all the tiime

  • Madhav Shaji
    Madhav ShajiMåned siden

    it has never been proved that sentenelese are cannibal

  • Zafirawidisiidis Akbar
    Zafirawidisiidis AkbarMåned siden


  • Michael Rojas
    Michael RojasMåned siden

    This video is sponsored how about him dying

  • Burcil Anderson
    Burcil AndersonMåned siden

    I like you audio

  • Regina Neusbaum
    Regina NeusbaumMåned siden

    Guess ima bomb then

  • the viki
    the vikiMåned siden

    What are you smartest man alive

  • Zafirawidisiidis Akbar
    Zafirawidisiidis AkbarMåned siden


  • David Aguilar
    David Aguilar2 måneder siden


  • Alalstor’s Shadow
    Alalstor’s Shadow2 måneder siden

    0:38 is that batman

  • Liam Vincent Francisco
    Liam Vincent Francisco2 måneder siden

    This f**king dumb

  • Nhyll Daryl Erana
    Nhyll Daryl Erana2 måneder siden


  • Monika Patel
    Monika Patel2 måneder siden

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  • W.D Gaster
    W.D Gaster2 måneder siden

    Oh great, now Disney is ruined.

  • Kenny Jayden Tjiomas
    Kenny Jayden Tjiomas2 måneder siden

    i eat so much salt i think that salt replases half of my water in my body

  • Cup Noodles
    Cup Noodles2 måneder siden

    can we explode?

  • Medhansh Tripathi
    Medhansh Tripathi2 måneder siden

    1:29 lol how will he pepe🤣🤣

  • Jethrotyranno


    Måned siden

    its curcumcised thing so his still able to pee

  • 【Little Bøbå】
    【Little Bøbå】2 måneder siden

    This is giving me mciheal afton vibes

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    Ryan Sikri2 måneder siden

    Por arenalad

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    ShadowTheGachaGuy LOL2 måneder siden

    For me it’s 6:06 AM like the time for me

  • Waled Venturina
    Waled Venturina2 måneder siden

    Batman? 0:38 mickey mouse? 1:34

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    Blanca Morales2 måneder siden


  • Ujual Raj
    Ujual Raj2 måneder siden

    0:38 batman

  • Ujual Raj
    Ujual Raj2 måneder siden

    How many of u saw batman on the alien ship???

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    L Mag2 måneder siden

    Is he inmortlal

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    Bibiche Lungela2 måneder siden

    Cool 😎 Arnold

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    Meet Arnold2 måneder siden

    $2 E6

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    Total Orvenzo2 måneder siden

    1:14 how do they smell they have helmets😂😂 tom and jarry logic

  • Brad Bokansky
    Brad Bokansky2 måneder siden

    I think you're great

  • Brad Bokansky
    Brad Bokansky2 måneder siden

    I think you're great

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    khazai zainal2 måneder siden

    get arnold to survive scp 096

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    Faiz Ibrahim2 måneder siden

    make longer vids

  • Angelus Reprobi
    Angelus Reprobi2 måneder siden

    Small correction. The human body is made of carbon etc although you mention this the text on your animation says carbide.

  • 劉建生
    劉建生2 måneder siden

    I in body?!

  • Plutoo
    Plutoo2 måneder siden

    learned more in 3 minutes than a whole year in school smh .

  • Searchsword18 Covered
    Searchsword18 Covered2 måneder siden

    I thought the most hostile tribe is russia

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    Sameer Suman2 måneder siden

    Ads are getting more and more in this channel

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    Rasik aggarwal2 måneder siden

    We would love a crossover between Rick and Morty and Arnold

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    Mike S.2 måneder siden


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    Super sayin2 dragon ball2 måneder siden

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  • SP.だるまちゃんの垢 OMG
    SP.だるまちゃんの垢 OMG2 måneder siden


  • SP.だるまちゃんの垢 OMG
    SP.だるまちゃんの垢 OMG2 måneder siden


  • SP.だるまちゃんの垢 OMG
    SP.だるまちゃんの垢 OMG2 måneder siden


  • outrageous drifter
    outrageous drifter3 måneder siden

    what if we make arnold's kidneys be electronic.

  • Landon Hensley
    Landon Hensley3 måneder siden

    how can he lose so muck organs

  • nitheesh7559 T.Nitheesh
    nitheesh7559 T.Nitheesh3 måneder siden

    Can you explain about the solar panel

  • Coleman Studios
    Coleman Studios3 måneder siden

    What do you mean by 75 percent of your liver and 80 percent of your intestines? What parts? Does it need to be specific? Asking for... a friend.

  • Laxmi Nhemhafuki
    Laxmi Nhemhafuki3 måneder siden

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    Selva Veerasamy3 måneder siden

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    Lug Dame3 måneder siden

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    Charlie Janis3 måneder siden

    I can’t imagine having a life without any organs!!

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    2 måneder siden

    Charlie Janis Yeah you would be dead so ye you could not imagine it

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    Mr Hacker3 måneder siden

    I play super mario bros This video is a big gross

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