What Happens If You Drink Coke Instead of Water?

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What Happens If You Drink Coke Instead of Water?
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  • Anika Anika
    Anika Anika23 timer siden

    Meet arneled more like kill arneled

  • Anika Anika
    Anika Anika23 timer siden

    Arnold is immortal

  • Ali Askar
    Ali AskarDag siden

    When arnold was going in the Bath room for Boys why was there a girl there its the boys Bath room

  • Kavin Pandiarajan
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  • Girlie Calderon
    Girlie Calderon3 dager siden

    That thing that talking body skin is black

  • Cute Fish
    Cute Fish4 dager siden

    1:59 wait... why is there a GIRL in the men line

  • NXT Dimension
    NXT Dimension8 dager siden

    Shit I legit been drinking nothing but coke for like a week now. I better chill

  • Raj chhetri
    Raj chhetri8 dager siden

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    LOO HAW TYM Moe9 dager siden

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  • Maria Soria
    Maria Soria10 dager siden


  • Praveena Praveen
    Praveena Praveen10 dager siden

    Americans after seeing this video:hey my daily life on NOlocal this is joke no take seriously

  • Marqui Balbuena
    Marqui Balbuena11 dager siden

    0:11 *Hand* reveal

  • Caleb Ivann Leonard Chua
    Caleb Ivann Leonard Chua11 dager siden


  • Y Chambers-Wyche
    Y Chambers-Wyche11 dager siden

    Arnold is a bit of a an idiot but smart at the same time

  • Ali Kadem
    Ali Kadem13 dager siden

    Me who doesn’t drink water: you are *pathetic*

  • Lucian Alexander Villahermosa
    Lucian Alexander Villahermosa13 dager siden

    Me: i am addicted to coke God:you are going to hell 1:24

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    just some troll videos13 dager siden

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    dio Brando but with a weird background Hi14 dager siden

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  • SF RenegadeX
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    Mark Peterson15 dager siden

    * Casually drinks a coke while listening to this *

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  • BlueDark 27
    BlueDark 2715 dager siden

    Title: what happens when you drink come instead of water Me: you'll get UTI

  • Tv Adopt me Yougoslivia
    Tv Adopt me Yougoslivia15 dager siden

    I, who was four years old, drank coca clu and nikki was nothing-_-

  • isuckatediting
    isuckatediting16 dager siden

    Perfect website for me I guess

  • Russian Communist
    Russian Communist16 dager siden

    No wonder my brother is really fat

  • OzzyDo
    OzzyDo17 dager siden

    Stopped drinking coke 5 years ago. Lost 37 pounds in the first 2.5 months.

    DIAMOND ARMOUR17 dager siden

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    cluckles from mad city g19 dager siden

    The narrorator is in a morph suit

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame19 dager siden

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    Jaime Conti21 dag siden

    1:55 Why is there a girl waiting to use the boy's bathroom?

  • Natalie Terrazas
    Natalie Terrazas22 dager siden

    I died when he was on the bed

  • Declan Phone
    Declan Phone22 dager siden

    that is sad

  • Jackson Ge
    Jackson Ge23 dager siden

    It would not be a Arnold video if he did not lose his finger

  • ItzShiacツ
    ItzShiacツ23 dager siden

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    Savage beast gamer23 dager siden

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    Ad Astra29 dager siden

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    Gavin DeCoste29 dager siden

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    SIS VS SISMåned siden

    Arnold is immortal

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    20thCenturyStudios1109Måned siden

    1:08 That Looks Like Popcorn!

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    Fox ScottMåned siden

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  • This Cringe Dumb Fuck Thinks he owes

    This Cringe Dumb Fuck Thinks he owes

    14 dager siden

    He's saying if you replace water and drink Cola instead for 22 years this may heppen to you.

  • BloodyRubyLikesGames
    BloodyRubyLikesGamesMåned siden

    Wait. What about. COKE ZERO. or. SUGAR FREE COLA?

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    Awesome Ultra

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    Richard SmithMåned siden

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    Christoper ParalesMåned siden

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  • ah jesus fucking cocksuckers

    ah jesus fucking cocksuckers

    Dag siden

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    4 dager siden

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