What Happens To You In The Bottom Of Mariana Trench?

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  • Tomani Ramsay 金
    Tomani Ramsay 金3 dager siden

    Oh Arnold always being killed silly Arnold

  • Tomani Ramsay 金
    Tomani Ramsay 金3 dager siden


  • Tamika Gordon
    Tamika Gordon8 dager siden


  • Courtney Dickerson
    Courtney Dickerson15 dager siden

    Arnold:dieing Narrorator:talking and doesn’t care about Arnold

  • Blue Gelbore
    Blue Gelbore16 dager siden


  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame18 dager siden


  • Zaine Velupillai
    Zaine Velupillai19 dager siden

    Havnt you done this before?

  • Emelie Ivarsson
    Emelie Ivarsson21 dag siden


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    Jamie Bishop28 dager siden


  • Vryllyn
    Vryllyn29 dager siden

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  • Vryllyn
    Vryllyn29 dager siden

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  • Grey pencil Creations is the best
    Grey pencil Creations is the bestMåned siden


  • jjmcgarr
    jjmcgarrMåned siden

    Yay Arnold didint loose is hole body or drown

  • Marcus Wong
    Marcus WongMåned siden


  • Jona
    JonaMåned siden

    You will find spongebob

  • ej8beastaz
    ej8beastazMåned siden

    Are not a so scared

  • i am inevitable
    i am inevitableMåned siden

    35 LOL

  • Lorly Caperida
    Lorly CaperidaMåned siden

    your channel name should be The great arnold!

  • Tara Dunphy
    Tara DunphyMåned siden

    1:50 Arnold is a can of beans

  • Angie Carganillo
    Angie Carganillo2 måneder siden

    Mariana trench is in guam

  • Kim Hoyte
    Kim Hoyte2 måneder siden


  • among us guy
    among us guy2 måneder siden


  • Precious Justice
    Precious Justice2 måneder siden


  • Badlittz
    Badlittz2 måneder siden

    I didnt know this was a roasting channel to

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar2 måneder siden

    I want answer if the pressure is so high at the bottom of Mariana trench than how James Cameron came alive from the bottom of the Mariana trench

  • videos random
    videos random2 måneder siden

    Pensé que solo existía Arnold en español jejeje

  • Johannes
    Johannes2 måneder siden

    Stick to metric don't mix in retarded imperial system measurements.

  • blox YT
    blox YT2 måneder siden

    he needs air

  • Anton JUST
    Anton JUST2 måneder siden

    Haha people have went there just only 3 this not true a c t a u l l y

  • Abdullah imran al Khan
    Abdullah imran al Khan2 måneder siden

    Snorkel gear

  • Yulitza Bahena
    Yulitza Bahena2 måneder siden

    Lol jack and rose didn’t survive on the titanic

  • Alinnah Beaufont
    Alinnah Beaufont2 måneder siden

    its that Jack and rose

  • Alinnah Beaufont
    Alinnah Beaufont2 måneder siden

    Meet Arnold more like Beat Arnold😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brooke Holland
    Brooke Holland2 måneder siden

    U didnt put they bloob

  • Jayden D.S
    Jayden D.S3 måneder siden


  • Arianna Mason
    Arianna Mason3 måneder siden


  • John Wadley
    John Wadley3 måneder siden


  • Kalvin Baptista
    Kalvin Baptista3 måneder siden

    His moms fatter then a megolodon and

  • Emmy SweetMoon
    Emmy SweetMoon3 måneder siden

    Who’s watching this on 2020?

  • Karen Haswell
    Karen Haswell3 måneder siden

    arnold always loses a finger

  • skiTTLes
    skiTTLes3 måneder siden

    "marijuana trench"

    FNAFTIME !3 måneder siden

    The meg is not a fairytale

  • Thuy Dong
    Thuy Dong4 måneder siden

    Are you dumb Arnold how are you did you not know Megalodon’s were real or not

  • Niki Sarwanlall
    Niki Sarwanlall4 måneder siden

    Megalodon was real milioons of years ago

  • Anoara Bibi
    Anoara Bibi4 måneder siden

    Please more videos

  • Sean Junior
    Sean Junior4 måneder siden

    0:13 that's not his mom!

  • Exotic michael
    Exotic michael4 måneder siden

    Why is jack and rose in here :P

  • Ayan Ahmad
    Ayan Ahmad4 måneder siden

    0:36 what the skelton are doing

  • Unigamer
    Unigamer4 måneder siden

    Let Arnold have a normal life let him go

  • Ahlam Alghassani
    Ahlam Alghassani4 måneder siden

    I submacribe like you know what mean submarine and subscribe ohhhh yeah!

  • Ranjit Hehar
    Ranjit Hehar4 måneder siden


  • Adventures of Xdjames5645
    Adventures of Xdjames56454 måneder siden

    Why does Arnold’s finger come of

  • Atik Hossain Dip Boss
    Atik Hossain Dip Boss4 måneder siden

    Hi Arnold.....!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deva Dragon
    Deva Dragon4 måneder siden

    everyone feel bad about arnold in the bottom on this comment maybe we shoude give arnold unlimited money for 24 hour

  • Kaja Ystgaard
    Kaja Ystgaard4 måneder siden

    why don't make him climb everest?

  • Hanna Abdella
    Hanna Abdella4 måneder siden

    How did Arsenal get into quicksand

  • abc abc
    abc abc5 måneder siden

    0:36 what were those skeletons doing ?

  • Raja Putra ariawan
    Raja Putra ariawan5 måneder siden

    Wait how arnold lost his finger

  • Tashina Fredericks
    Tashina Fredericks5 måneder siden


  • Denis Pichitphol
    Denis Pichitphol5 måneder siden

    What’s the Megalodon due to after Megalodon old Arnold trying to find Megalodon

  • Sara Sommers
    Sara Sommers5 måneder siden

    Hi I love your video And I love you

  • Sladja Keravica
    Sladja Keravica5 måneder siden

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  • Brandon SaurusRex
    Brandon SaurusRex5 måneder siden

    Arnold's Mom =Megalodon👩=🐟

  • Idc
    Idc5 måneder siden

    0:35 how’d u know I was here after watching vids about titanic lmaooooo

  • Lionel Nicodemus
    Lionel Nicodemus5 måneder siden

    how do u know that there isnt megeladon down in the mariana trench have u been there u idiot

  • KG ajjahn hutchinson-baldwin
    KG ajjahn hutchinson-baldwin5 måneder siden

    This video is stupid. Like mad stupid.

  • Dominick Lawrence
    Dominick Lawrence5 måneder siden

    Crack dude give him a break He lost his finger alot

  • Shipa ship
    Shipa ship6 måneder siden


  • VoidOfLife
    VoidOfLife6 måneder siden

    marijuana trench

  • Jboy Ortega
    Jboy Ortega6 måneder siden

    1:25 everything turns into a viscous mucus? THIS IS SO STUPID. the first educational lie i heard on youtube

  • Joseph Luistro
    Joseph Luistro6 måneder siden

    Megalodon is extinct animal from millions of year

  • thorn roun
    thorn roun6 måneder siden

    actually 59 feet 0:06 but most people say its 60 feet

  • Funny Guy
    Funny Guy6 måneder siden

    arnold protects his fingers at the end

  • CJ
    CJ6 måneder siden

    This is so cruel. I feel bad for the character. Not funny

  • Amitabh Ranjan Raj
    Amitabh Ranjan Raj6 måneder siden

    his finger was lost and never found

  • Amitabh Ranjan Raj
    Amitabh Ranjan Raj6 måneder siden

    all children look like their mother, 0:10 makes sense

  • layanna
    layanna6 måneder siden

    We’re not gonna talk about how savage the narrator is though

  • Nan Grace
    Nan Grace6 måneder siden

    iyy O.8o897k77

  • Jose Rocha
    Jose Rocha6 måneder siden

    Ir mother looks more like cutthultu

  • Jose Rocha
    Jose Rocha6 måneder siden


  • Jose Rocha
    Jose Rocha6 måneder siden

    Phish turn into shishi

  • Jose Rocha
    Jose Rocha6 måneder siden

    It looks just like ur mother 😮ohhhhhhhhh

  • シlight
    シlight6 måneder siden

    Megalodon is 60 feet and it extinct its not fairy tail are u a joke to him

  • Joey Charnick
    Joey Charnick6 måneder siden

    Lol 0:37 jack and rose

    GODZILLA II6 måneder siden

    Where is snailfish

  • Crizza Mae Pulpulaan
    Crizza Mae Pulpulaan6 måneder siden

    Please give him a please I feel bad for him 😔

  • yeet hi

    yeet hi

    6 måneder siden


  • nothing to See here
    nothing to See here6 måneder siden

    Is Arnold still your *BITCH* ?

  • cool guy
    cool guy6 måneder siden

    Poor Arnold

  • rizza rivera
    rizza rivera6 måneder siden

    your mom is fat😂😂😂👍

  • Alex Aquinde
    Alex Aquinde6 måneder siden


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    Bronson Aurisch6 måneder siden


  • meme god
    meme god6 måneder siden

    Live hem olone

  • GalaxyWolf725
    GalaxyWolf7256 måneder siden

    *everybody gangsta’ til Arnold doesn’t loose a finger*

  • giovanna Jimenez
    giovanna Jimenez6 måneder siden


  • Lأဌჩߙ Yᥑဌᥑጣأ
    Lأဌჩߙ Yᥑဌᥑጣأ6 måneder siden

    Seems like this man has an enemy 😡 or something named "Arnold" That's why...

  • Muy Sokhom
    Muy Sokhom6 måneder siden


    MAKGOMO MPHAHLELE7 måneder siden

    R.I.P Arnold's finger

  • Xbox One
    Xbox One7 måneder siden

    4:23 WHAT?

  • Xbox One
    Xbox One7 måneder siden

    2:32 arnold

  • Tan Shuwen
    Tan Shuwen7 måneder siden

    The deepest point is frking called *The Challenger Deep*