What If the Whale Swallowed You Alive?

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  • Abby Christopher
    Abby Christopher6 timer siden

    SpongeBob hidden

  • moved sorry
    moved sorry9 timer siden

    0:31 why spongebob

  • Normal Person
    Normal PersonDag siden

    Whale speedrun any% glitchless

  • Kavin Pandiarajan
    Kavin Pandiarajan2 dager siden

    another finger loss

  • Angelica Serrano
    Angelica Serrano2 dager siden

    Do the revenge of Arnold

  • P B.
    P B.3 dager siden

    Me:is that spongebob?

  • Maung Ko
    Maung Ko6 dager siden

    Arnold that looks like the arnold from magic school bus

  • sub2me cool
    sub2me cool7 dager siden


  • Jorge Brynn Zayden Cristobal
    Jorge Brynn Zayden Cristobal10 dager siden

    I did go to a box but awas iten by a wiel

  • Mohd Zafar
    Mohd Zafar10 dager siden

    Finding nemo,spongebob,trollface

  • Stray Kidzz
    Stray Kidzz11 dager siden

    He loses his finger sgain

  • Charlie Janis
    Charlie Janis13 dager siden

    0:32 SPONGEBOB!?

  • Navaroji Daniel
    Navaroji Daniel13 dager siden

    Who see spongebob

  • Joshua Dimaguila
    Joshua Dimaguila14 dager siden


  • Joshua Dimaguila
    Joshua Dimaguila14 dager siden


    RAZE ANIMATION14 dager siden

    Damn pinoccio died in the whale

  • Bobbley Wigs
    Bobbley Wigs17 dager siden


  • Leonora Miranda

    Leonora Miranda

    16 dager siden


  • Leonora Miranda

    Leonora Miranda

    16 dager siden


  • Winkle Berry
    Winkle Berry17 dager siden

    I was going to say where was Pinocchio and Gepetto XD

  • Ludwig Baterina
    Ludwig Baterina18 dager siden

    Wait a min whys ther spongbob in the whale?

  • Andrei 2011
    Andrei 201121 dag siden

    this is a speedrun cause there is a timer in the video

  • കീരി വാസു
    കീരി വാസു22 dager siden

    The moment when you see SpongeBob...

  • Thamuz ?
    Thamuz ?25 dager siden

    0:31 Spongebob: *arnold join us*

  • CD yt
    CD yt26 dager siden

    0:33 careful not to get copyrighted.

  • oxox Xoxo
    oxox Xoxo26 dager siden

    and nemo and dory

  • oxox Xoxo
    oxox Xoxo26 dager siden

    i see SpongeBob

  • Devi Veerappan
    Devi Veerappan27 dager siden

    Hey spongebob is here stuck in the mouth of the whale and what's why he is not on tv.

  • Doomsday
    DoomsdayMåned siden

    Now make a video of what would happen if a Gorilla and a Bear fought

  • IM l RAJ
    IM l RAJMåned siden

    Plz new Video plz😭😭

  • Dev Safai
    Dev SafaiMåned siden

    0:33 spongebob lol

  • Ryne
    RyneMåned siden


  • Kurimaw Ta Vines
    Kurimaw Ta VinesMåned siden

    I like it

  • Totally not the impostor
    Totally not the impostorMåned siden

    It’s so funny how he loses a finger ever episode

  • Scar's Circus
    Scar's CircusMåned siden

    0:33 ok how did spongebob get here-

  • Smilely099 *
    Smilely099 *Måned siden

    0:32 SPONGEBOB :D

  • seserty gh
    seserty ghMåned siden

    The grandpa: hey pinocchio come here 2 hours later The grandpa:eats pinocio what I was hungry

  • Siouyh jjkhAminah
    Siouyh jjkhAminahMåned siden

    The whale swallowed Spongebob 😱

  • Declan MAstER Adams
    Declan MAstER AdamsMåned siden

    I saw SpongeBob in the whale I did not know Wales invaded Bikini Bottom🤣🤣🤣

  • Aracne80
    Aracne80Måned siden

    Probability: None.

  • ZanaArtiAndNino2020 We love Nino
    ZanaArtiAndNino2020 We love NinoMåned siden

    Omg sperm whale doesn't swallow humans they are like dolphins a social creatures you lying because if they swallow humans they throw up.

  • Tech knowlegde
    Tech knowlegdeMåned siden

    Make some big videos

  • Jax Te Amo-Rarere
    Jax Te Amo-RarereMåned siden

    how does a whale tooth can crack peoples bones

    JAYDE SMILEYMåned siden

    dory en nemo

  • Grace M
    Grace MMåned siden

    wot Bruh

  • Tharanga Matara
    Tharanga MataraMåned siden


  • Louie Andro Aguilar
    Louie Andro AguilarMåned siden

    how the hell spongebob is in the whale stomach

  • Tony Wei
    Tony WeiMåned siden

    0:32 Why is spongebob there? He is in a cartoon.

  • Nathan A GONZALES
    Nathan A GONZALESMåned siden

    99% SpongeBob 1% about the video

  • Jaidee Bautista
    Jaidee BautistaMåned siden

    Yall saw NEMO and DORY?

  • Rebecca Niragira
    Rebecca NiragiraMåned siden

    Something they're always gone

  • Joms Pos H
    Joms Pos HMåned siden

    1 kg oh no

  • Hieu Nguyen
    Hieu NguyenMåned siden

    he was next to the fish

  • Hieu Nguyen
    Hieu NguyenMåned siden


  • Skelenton costrucions
    Skelenton costrucionsMåned siden

    how many voiceovers does this channel have

  • Brandon Burke(ST)
    Brandon Burke(ST)Måned siden

    why is there a timer at the bottom?

  • Rocio5. y t5 Cruz
    Rocio5. y t5 CruzMåned siden


  • Kaustuv Deuja
    Kaustuv DeujaMåned siden

    Why do u annoy arnold. He is... well.. not so cute😐

  • Peter John Edwards / Desiree Jane Edwards
    Peter John Edwards / Desiree Jane EdwardsMåned siden

    Spongebob love😭:-(

  • Jake Goh
    Jake GohMåned siden


  • Juliana Perez Cruz
    Juliana Perez CruzMåned siden

    Spongebob: *help ive been swallowed*

  • laarnie abarca
    laarnie abarcaMåned siden

    Poor arnold

  • Trainz 448
    Trainz 448Måned siden

    Cool Easter egg spongebob

  • Mason Brown
    Mason BrownMåned siden


  • Jessica chappell
    Jessica chappellMåned siden

    I love it I love it

  • Zechino Markin Tulud
    Zechino Markin TuludMåned siden

    Poor. Pinocchio. ): I. Love. Whaching. Him. But. His. Fadder. Jetpeto. Pinocchio. Is. Not. A real. Now. He. Is. Dead

  • Jamary Rivera
    Jamary RiveraMåned siden

    There's any other Easter egg which is Nemo and Dory or pronounced in the movie Dory and Nemo

  • Jamary Rivera
    Jamary RiveraMåned siden

    Choo Choo SpongeBob is a Easter egg it's not supposed to be a part of the video

  • Anetty Pun
    Anetty PunMåned siden

    0:32 IS THAT SPONGEBOB?!?!

  • Eme Antigua
    Eme AntiguaMåned siden

    Arnold loosed his finger every time

  • Justin Farmer
    Justin FarmerMåned siden

    0:32 how did SpongeBob got in there

  • Andre Bonilla
    Andre BonillaMåned siden

    Did I saw SpongeBob

  • Astronaut
    Astronaut2 måneder siden

    Am i the only one when Arnold is in the sperm whale I take a breath and try to hold it until, i get out of the sperm whale

  • Nihal Firos
    Nihal Firos2 måneder siden

    How do you make animation video like this please say lave you😊😊🙏🙏🙏😭😭

  • Kelly boyle
    Kelly boyle2 måneder siden

    Hey it’s SpongeBob I can see his face after Arnold was in the Marianas Trench remember

  • Connie Martin
    Connie Martin2 måneder siden

    And Patrick

  • Connie Martin
    Connie Martin2 måneder siden

    Who else saw spongebob like if u did

  • Jay Bolton
    Jay Bolton2 måneder siden

    Spongebob lol 0:33 🧽

  • J Marcus Miranda
    J Marcus Miranda2 måneder siden

    0:32 WHY SPONGEBOB?!?!

  • andreanaidu20091976
    andreanaidu200919762 måneder siden

    Narrator:put your finger up Me:puts middle finger up 🖕🖕

  • kiefsOnlinegames
    kiefsOnlinegames2 måneder siden

    *Einstein iq levels: 162* *rick and morty iq levels: 200+* *mEeT ArLnOLd IQ LeVELs: 500+* Totally not inspired.

  • Ismail 17
    Ismail 172 måneder siden

    Ko ada spongebob

  • Jaden Enget
    Jaden Enget2 måneder siden

    Do people care about finding memo

  • Liam A
    Liam A2 måneder siden

    Arnold loses soooo much fingers

  • Noah
    Noah2 måneder siden


  • Alexa Kelly
    Alexa Kelly2 måneder siden


  • Krisz B
    Krisz B2 måneder siden

    A whale swallowed you not the whale

  • Susheela VV
    Susheela VV2 måneder siden

    There was dory and nemo too

  • Susheela VV
    Susheela VV2 måneder siden

    This time also Arnold loses his finger

  • GOM Records
    GOM Records2 måneder siden

    SPERM whale hahahaha funny

  • Hanisah 51
    Hanisah 512 måneder siden


  • Aziz Al Qahtaan
    Aziz Al Qahtaan2 måneder siden

    1:20 I guess he never got to be a real boy?

  • Sreeparna Ganguly
    Sreeparna Ganguly2 måneder siden


    JAPOT SKII2 måneder siden

    Put your finger up👋

  • Justin Ray
    Justin Ray2 måneder siden


  • blox YT
    blox YT2 måneder siden

    omg i knew what a sperm whale is since i was 8

  • Sal_Cookie
    Sal_Cookie2 måneder siden

    You got a new record by always your finger come out and why there's sponge

  • Riddle Valetine
    Riddle Valetine2 måneder siden

    Uhhh what’s with the timer

  • Shula Rai
    Shula Rai2 måneder siden


  • sridhar kumar
    sridhar kumar2 måneder siden

    Bro what will happen there is no phones tell me bro keep one video on that bro

  • This is A name
    This is A name2 måneder siden

    I love how it's not a whale... Its *the* whale

  • AsoCan Aso
    AsoCan Aso2 måneder siden

    Uhm, isn't whale's throath are so tight, how can a human possibly pass throu that?- Am i wrong??-