What if You Are Buried Alive?

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  • Asifah Sultana
    Asifah Sultana2 timer siden


  • Anika Anika
    Anika AnikaDag siden

    Arnold has 3 fingers

  • Anika Anika
    Anika AnikaDag siden

    Meet Arnold more like kill Arnold

  • Анастасия Колесникова
    Анастасия Колесникова4 dager siden

    был пацан и нет пацана

  • DerEineDA
    DerEineDA5 dager siden


  • Wolfie anymore Furry
    Wolfie anymore Furry6 dager siden

    0:15 he's on a pillow raising his hands

  • Wolfie anymore Furry

    Wolfie anymore Furry

    5 dager siden

    @Crazy Rabbids who are you

  • Crazy Rabbids

    Crazy Rabbids

    5 dager siden


  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame6 dager siden

    Arnold is awesome

  • Rayyan Syed
    Rayyan Syed7 dager siden

    Arnold is trying to get out .

  • BadChips Gaming's
    BadChips Gaming's7 dager siden

    I remember watching this she changed so much

  • Robert Styles
    Robert Styles8 dager siden


  • GILBERT Chavez
    GILBERT Chavez9 dager siden

    Now the zombies know how to get out lol

  • XxKill KonkxX
    XxKill KonkxX10 dager siden

    0:01 uh oh

  • Winner 1835
    Winner 183512 dager siden

    This is why I will put all these things inside my coffin

  • Mr. Juan
    Mr. Juan13 dager siden

    they put a really heavy duty vault around the coffins cheap ones are made of plastic and sealed with vault tape and expensive ones are made of a concrete mixture that is fitted to the bottom half of the vault. in conclusion you aren’t getting out

  • JUN의장난감천국
    JUN의장난감천국13 dager siden


  • Remainlang Bareh
    Remainlang Bareh13 dager siden


  • Aaron Gaming
    Aaron Gaming14 dager siden

    They say some people were buried alive In a coffin back in 1996 but he couldn't get out and he ran out of oxygen And died there

  • Penguin Poggers
    Penguin Poggers14 dager siden

    *No More Dentist Appointment for This Guy, Hehe.*

  • ・
    14 dager siden


  • Godzilla king the lord Master
    Godzilla king the lord Master16 dager siden

    0:08 creator of meet arnold (riddle) :he's in a coffin

  • seeguts Fishworthy
    seeguts Fishworthy17 dager siden

    Arnold looks different

  • HetFloortje
    HetFloortje17 dager siden

    Remember the time before this channel became a massive sponsor? Yeah me too...

  • BlueDark 27

    BlueDark 27

    16 dager siden


  • André Henrique
    André Henrique18 dager siden

    Voz feia da porra, prefiro a versão brasileira

  • vasiljevic Zara
    vasiljevic Zara18 dager siden


  • Hotcake Studios
    Hotcake Studios18 dager siden

    Fact:How can you get knuckles and towel

  • Purple
    Purple19 dager siden

    When I die put me in a cheap coffin and give me brass knuckles so if I am alive I can escape

    NITESH KUMAR19 dager siden

    I came here after watch buried movie😭😭😭😭

  • Araav Playzs
    Araav Playzs21 dag siden

    If youget bitten by a bloodworm

  • William Herman Javier
    William Herman Javier22 dager siden

    I thought u will suffocate from lack of oxygen

    CHONG ZI KANG Moe23 dager siden

    1:03 r.i.p. aronid🤣🤣🤣

  • Lucid
    Lucid26 dager siden

    Cheese 🧀

  • 2-D
    2-D27 dager siden

    Remember when Arnold had a beard

  • Noah Bennett-Rivers
    Noah Bennett-Rivers27 dager siden

    he's not supposed to be in a coffin when he's alive

  • Heather Bigelow
    Heather Bigelow27 dager siden

    Arnold looks diofferent

  • Okau Hans
    Okau Hans29 dager siden

    Arnold - oh uh Arnold - *trying to escape*

  • Aysia Simon
    Aysia SimonMåned siden

    These videos answer the type of questions that prevent you from sleeping at night. Now I can sleep in peace.

  • Amy
    AmyMåned siden

    Make another video please about whales

  • Yashas Ks
    Yashas KsMåned siden

    If only it were so easy

  • SMG7 /TWASercetSquare The Green
    SMG7 /TWASercetSquare The GreenMåned siden

    Oh no its On Down because its die before. Now Heart Its Return

  • SkyHappyBlack
    SkyHappyBlackMåned siden

    congrats U Get 3 MILLION SUBS :D

  • sparky_sparkie
    sparky_sparkieMåned siden

    hey remember me!!!

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  • Rachman Family
    Rachman FamilyMåned siden

    Rip arn###

  • seserty gh
    seserty ghMåned siden

    Wait Arnold had a knuckle the whole time?

  • Marsy 8
    Marsy 8Måned siden

    I like it

  • Schlorpian
    SchlorpianMåned siden

    His animations was bad no offense and his animations now are way better

  • Gustavo Cuevas
    Gustavo CuevasMåned siden

    ☢️⚠️ nuke ⚠️☢️

  • Toxican Gaming
    Toxican GamingMåned siden

    that stupid milltary

  • Rhys Morgan
    Rhys MorganMåned siden

    What if your name is Arnold

  • SRS 3
    SRS 3Måned siden

    Who is watching on 2020

  • NotCarsonPlayz
    NotCarsonPlayzMåned siden


  • Andrew Torres
    Andrew TorresMåned siden

    ): rip my favorite NOlocalr cus the don't upload videos he dead

  • Gabriel Liong the Dust News Guy
    Gabriel Liong the Dust News GuyMåned siden

    "Arnold your such a loser that i have to pay fir your fuberal twice" -Riddle

  • Zeburjn Keith Sanciangco
    Zeburjn Keith SanciangcoMåned siden

    Arnod Coffin

  • Marta Vieglina
    Marta VieglinaMåned siden

    hey arnold, what would happen if we were sucked in by a black hole?

  • austin isaac
    austin isaacMåned siden

    So you can punch a hole big enough to crawl out with a brass knuckle?

  • TVR10
    TVR10Måned siden

    Plase post more videos

  • kid 115
    kid 115Måned siden

    The old animation style

  • Andrew Escobedo
    Andrew EscobedoMåned siden

    "You're such a loser we have to pay for your funeral twice" *DAMN*

  • sophie cooper
    sophie cooperMåned siden

    Who is breathing heavily whatching this video (like if you are)

  • AirbusPlays.
    AirbusPlays.Måned siden

    Literally nobody: Soccer skin players when they have a shotgun: 1:02

  • Jungle Berry
    Jungle BerryMåned siden

    know here are few things that i know for sure 1. This is most popular video on this channel 2. You are reading comments 3. You are reading this after August 2020

  • A very fat pug.

    A very fat pug.

    Måned siden


  • Kathy Harris
    Kathy HarrisMåned siden

    Arnold's Finger left the chat

  • Adventures of Matt a channel with content
    Adventures of Matt a channel with contentMåned siden

    Arnold was probably calm because he was being coffin danced

  • Kate Oder
    Kate OderMåned siden


  • Kate Oder
    Kate OderMåned siden

    Nope I not watching dis

  • zefyriukas10
    zefyriukas10Måned siden

    So this is what the old Arnold looked like...

  • Dancing triangle
    Dancing triangleMåned siden

    1:05 burn

  • King Of Gaming
    King Of GamingMåned siden


  • Manjari Thapa
    Manjari ThapaMåned siden

    :) I like this video a lot!

  • Joanne Poulsen
    Joanne PoulsenMåned siden

    This is done

  • Seer Khenkhamlane
    Seer KhenkhamlaneMåned siden


  • John Vallsäter
    John VallsäterMåned siden

    So so boring

  • Rose Lina
    Rose LinaMåned siden


  • White subscribe
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  • vlogger bros
    vlogger brosMåned siden

    This reminds me the movie buried

  • KSYV_ 8647
    KSYV_ 86472 måneder siden

    This is the first video I watched in this channel

  • galia slapak
    galia slapak2 måneder siden


  • julius tengson
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  • Mark Evon Zachary Urzo
    Mark Evon Zachary Urzo2 måneder siden

    Are you kiddin me soldier?

  • Hey It me
    Hey It me2 måneder siden


  • Sophia Marie Cruz

    Sophia Marie Cruz

    2 måneder siden

    He uploads frequently. So wait

  • Barbara J.
    Barbara J.2 måneder siden

    Just fucking do /gamemode 3 and fly out.

    EST KING TR2 måneder siden

    king Turkey

  • Siana Hika
    Siana Hika2 måneder siden

    He looks like the dad 2020 arnold

  • khoi tram
    khoi tram2 måneder siden

    Why your videos are so short????

  • Edged Piberius
    Edged Piberius2 måneder siden

    Ah back when they made good videos

  • sharky plays
    sharky plays2 måneder siden

    I wish more videos would be made

  • mohammed ahmed
    mohammed ahmed2 måneder siden

    That’s a big twist in the end

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    It’s a Friendly truck! - Roblox and more!2 måneder siden

    I had a nightmare once that I accidentally traded my bio blade for some other things in mm2 Boy was I relived that I woke up

  • Susheela VV
    Susheela VV2 måneder siden

    Again Arnold loses his finger

  • chaser spoopy
    chaser spoopy2 måneder siden

    Coffin Dance

  • Syed Mikaeil
    Syed Mikaeil2 måneder siden

    this guy has 23million views and 2million followers

  • Blanca Ortiz
    Blanca Ortiz2 måneder siden

    How does 21M people but this channel has 3.1M subs?

  • Ashok rawal
    Ashok rawal2 måneder siden

    Justice for arnold

    ARYAN AHIRRAO2 måneder siden

    hello satwik

  • Silvia Mendoza
    Silvia Mendoza2 måneder siden

    Arnold :dies Me:*sings coffin dance*

  • Johanny Siri
    Johanny Siri2 måneder siden

    how many times has arnold lost a finger

  • galia slapak
    galia slapak2 måneder siden

    Is arnold was changed

  • the running man
    the running man2 måneder siden

    Your videos are amazing keep up the great work

  • rafael montesa
    rafael montesa2 måneder siden

    i subscribe