What if You Became President of North Korea for 1 DAY?

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What if You Became President of North Korea for 1 DAY?
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  • Meet Arnold
    Meet ArnoldÅr siden

    What would YOU do if you were the president of North Korea?🤔

  • Fauzia Bajwa

    Fauzia Bajwa

    Dag siden

    I would destroy the country

  • Bloxpro


    5 dager siden

    Free people

  • TV YT In The House

    TV YT In The House

    16 dager siden

    Join Egypt

  • rec_ed Roblox

    rec_ed Roblox

    18 dager siden

    Free everyone, turn the country trade free, make it anti communist, try to become rich and a lot more

  • Kian_derman YT Streamer BTW

    Kian_derman YT Streamer BTW

    18 dager siden

    *be the president of North Korea*

  • Йордан Евтимов
    Йордан Евтимов16 timer siden


  • KennyIsClumsy
    KennyIsClumsyDag siden

    0:34 ???

  • Ali Askar
    Ali Askar2 dager siden

    1:40 among us

  • PeskyRobloxPlayer
    PeskyRobloxPlayer5 dager siden

    So wait people take the president's poop and pee for health check? *Disgusting.*

    KEITH CHENG7 dager siden


  • Heller Tech
    Heller Tech8 dager siden

    2:07 *looks in corner* **W h y**

  • Alejandro Emilio CERVANTES MOTTA
    Alejandro Emilio CERVANTES MOTTA8 dager siden

    pause in 2:32 cuz the pose of arnold is like: chill out baby XD

  • Lucca Ticcioni
    Lucca Ticcioni9 dager siden

    One of the guards miss fired

  • trollcurry
    trollcurry9 dager siden

    1:39 among us crewmates????

  • hanz plays
    hanz plays9 dager siden

    every time arnold loses a finger😂😂😂

  • Joaquin Miranda
    Joaquin Miranda9 dager siden

    I DONT

  • Rhiego ryan perez
    Rhiego ryan perez10 dager siden

    Why arnold always loses afinger

  • damien makanjuola
    damien makanjuola10 dager siden

    0:03 rubic cube already triggering me

  • Nik Greek
    Nik Greek10 dager siden

    *Like this is ever gonna happend* SoMeBoDy OnCe ToLd Me

  • Dragon69 Joshua
    Dragon69 Joshua10 dager siden

    In indonesia has more than 100,000,000 pepole

  • Gman vlogs and other stuff
    Gman vlogs and other stuff11 dager siden

    He lost like 5 billion fingers

  • Woo Shi
    Woo Shi11 dager siden

    I would tell everyone that I'm the best gamer of all time

  • Bestun Karim
    Bestun Karim11 dager siden


  • Noe Mendez
    Noe Mendez13 dager siden

    0:54 Is this a fortnite reference

  • Yea let’s Play
    Yea let’s Play13 dager siden

    every vedio he loses his finger

  • just some troll videos
    just some troll videos13 dager siden

    Meet arnold who died from covid 19

    DRUNK MEME13 dager siden

    Years being single

    BAD SANTA13 dager siden

    How this guy has so much intel on North Korea's president🤨

  • Black Mech
    Black Mech13 dager siden

    Control the army to kill real Kim and let the citizens free.

  • SF RenegadeX
    SF RenegadeX14 dager siden


  • SF RenegadeX
    SF RenegadeX14 dager siden


  • Dank Dandelion
    Dank Dandelion14 dager siden

    2:01 the hangover reference btw it's the tiger

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame14 dager siden

    North Koreans would love Arnold as supreme leader lol

  • Blue IS SUS
    Blue IS SUS14 dager siden

    1:40 Wtf they doing task in toilet Among us in nutshell

  • RGZI
    RGZI15 dager siden

    1:40 among us astronaut

  • Idk Ill commit suicide
    Idk Ill commit suicide15 dager siden

    i would just nuke the entire world

  • Silas
    Silas16 dager siden

    president??? you mean dictator right?

  • Arlo Cordell
    Arlo Cordell17 dager siden

    Let people have sex all they want, if you are angry over having sex you are probably a child who is experiencing divorce and/or not fun to be around.

  • Arlo Cordell

    Arlo Cordell

    17 dager siden

    No free healthcare, only very, very expensive healthcare so citizens or immigrants who are in the medical field do superb work and feel lucky. Healthcare costs should be based on calculations of a computer and the person's lifestyle.

  • Arlo Cordell
    Arlo Cordell17 dager siden

    Let people who excel at computer games like DOTA (DOTA is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) regulate on those who consistently make mistakes and/or are spiteful towards other for no reasons; this creates fear and reduces prison overpopulation and is a health order.

  • Arlo Cordell
    Arlo Cordell17 dager siden

    Take Trump-esque policies to those who squander the natural resources and do the same to those who do not~°°♡

  • Arlo Cordell
    Arlo Cordell17 dager siden

    Give nuclear weapons to Mexican women but the codes to their men.

  • Arlo Cordell
    Arlo Cordell17 dager siden

    "Use the military strength that constantly forces the peninsula to stay on the nation to take Japan, then tax them as a pseudo-independent nation."

  • Arlo Cordell

    Arlo Cordell

    17 dager siden

    Make a television show about breaking stuff that people like after knowing they deserve it; put it on NOlocal.

  • Batata Cósmica
    Batata Cósmica17 dager siden

    Meet arnold: what would *YOU* do if you were the president of the North Korea?🤔 Most of people: "I would free the people" "I would be friends with south Korea" Some random guy: I would f$#& my sister

  • Lo Gan
    Lo Gan17 dager siden

    You mean dictator?

  • StealthyZombo
    StealthyZombo17 dager siden

    rip kim jun ung

  • Daniel Freeman
    Daniel Freeman17 dager siden


  • FlamingosAre Cute
    FlamingosAre Cute17 dager siden

    Did anybody else notice when he was Donald Trump he pranked Kin Jong Un and when he went to the meeting as Kin Jong Un he was pranked. I'm starting to think everybody in his world is him just being tortured

  • CatWithAGun ThatWillKillYou
    CatWithAGun ThatWillKillYou18 dager siden

    bruh i love your animations

  • Addy Roy
    Addy Roy18 dager siden

    I will make my own religion and be happy with everyone

  • ANY thing
    ANY thing18 dager siden

    hello gays!! i am a youtuber to . but i can not Understand what Kind of video should I make ........ if You are reading my comment Please help me to 1k .......................... :

  • Roopnarine Deonarine
    Roopnarine Deonarine19 dager siden

    This is how many time arnold has lost his figure | v

  • Hussnain Shah
    Hussnain Shah19 dager siden

    Anyone seen fallout shelter dude

  • Shawn avery Forever
    Shawn avery Forever19 dager siden

    What if you became president of north america for one day? Me: destroy the world and society, watching everyone in pain as i laugh

  • Xlage
    Xlage19 dager siden


  • Debora Martin
    Debora Martin20 dager siden

    My birthday is on January 10 so that’s when it almost come up

  • The Begginer
    The Begginer20 dager siden

    Kim is a hacker bc he made a mansion out of bedrock in survival mode

  • Zafir Reza the mum's boy
    Zafir Reza the mum's boy20 dager siden

    Funny channel

  • TheWeirdNamedCaptain
    TheWeirdNamedCaptain21 dag siden

    How much times Arnold Lost his finger

  • Rift Time Studios
    Rift Time Studios21 dag siden

    so the title is a question so imma put my own answer, Get rid of all the nuclear weapons and make the country become way better, changing laws and making living conditions a ton better and then i send assasains after the *Old* leader

  • とkちk
    とkちk21 dag siden


  • gaming pro
    gaming pro21 dag siden

    He need to speak korean so then they will beilive you

  • ty noob
    ty noob21 dag siden

    Trump just got covid

  • William Herman Javier
    William Herman Javier22 dager siden

    0:05 he is baby

  • mohd yusni mohd ariffin
    mohd yusni mohd ariffin22 dager siden

    25 million huh that’s nothing try keeping 35 million people at the country name Malaysia

  • Overcomplexity
    Overcomplexity23 dager siden

    a hidden comment. amongst the others

  • Xavieron
    Xavieron24 dager siden


  • Retard productions Chicken Obama boi
    Retard productions Chicken Obama boi24 dager siden

    Among Us reference

  • Frandy's Weather Channel
    Frandy's Weather Channel24 dager siden

    Tell everyone about ACTUAL AMERICA

  • Oka Ruto
    Oka Ruto27 dager siden

    In the beginning is fallout boy in background

  • legendary craig
    legendary craig27 dager siden

    If I was iwould nuke the whole world

  • shreyash agrawal
    shreyash agrawal28 dager siden

    President? You mean a dictator

  • Thamuz ?
    Thamuz ?29 dager siden

    01:39 Me: vote yellow he's an impostor!!!

  • Dani himawan
    Dani himawan29 dager siden


  • Steven Lee
    Steven LeeMåned siden

    0:32 무의미한 텍스트!

  • Vryllyn
    VryllynMåned siden

    Hi Arnold

  • Jacob Joel Estrada
    Jacob Joel EstradaMåned siden

    1:23 don’t make think I saw that 69

  • Vic Valiente
    Vic ValienteMåned siden

    i like ng tela too

  • Tomage
    TomageMåned siden

    Why does Arnold's fingers get often off?

  • Rida Kembar
    Rida KembarMåned siden

    Who is King jong Un is President Korea utara

  • Jack Flynn
    Jack FlynnMåned siden

    Can ARNold have a second of sleep

    AZ VLOG GG GG ASTROMåned siden

    Pls subscribe him like: 8.9 billion subscribers to make he happy

  • Aiyaan S
    Aiyaan SMåned siden

    I like you Arnold your the best I hope you reach till 10 million subscribers I will be happy about that in makeup video about what will happen when the earth's core was cold and freezing

  • N Springer
    N SpringerMåned siden

    Wow I would do what I want

  • RixyZ
    RixyZMåned siden

    How is poor Arnold still alive after all we’ve put him through

  • pizza face
    pizza faceMåned siden

    What do you meen here?

  • Jeff Nicholson Li
    Jeff Nicholson LiMåned siden

    Why the finger

  • Meyllin Martell
    Meyllin MartellMåned siden


  • Morfe Rongcales
    Morfe RongcalesMåned siden

    Release all nuc to China😂to blast them off.

  • anArGYa yajnapradipa
    anArGYa yajnapradipaMåned siden

    rip hand 1 like= RIP hand

  • Sleepy Guy
    Sleepy GuyMåned siden

    Long answer: this video Me: just make real good Freinds too work for you and basically start doing what ever you want as long as they agree with you and everybldh else agrees with you

  • Myra Cudia
    Myra CudiaMåned siden

    Why did trump hired Assasin stormtroopers

  • Christian Younadim
    Christian YounadimMåned siden

    Arnold has officially gotten the world record for the most amount of fingers lost in a lifetime.

  • blue enderboy.K
    blue enderboy.KMåned siden

    Kim jong un is very fat

  • lil boi
    lil boiMåned siden

    the usa has been givng food aid to north korea but north korea doesnt know were the food is coming from

  • unknown Ajay
    unknown AjayMåned siden


  • salma farah
    salma farahMåned siden

    "An electrical fence." Bird: has a seizure*

  • DaUltimatePotato
    DaUltimatePotatoMåned siden

    I will get then to nuke ourselves, then no more North Korea, but of course i will bring to citizens to South Korea first.

  • Xxyoutoozxx
    XxyoutoozxxMåned siden

    If I was the North Korea president I will make a war we shall kill Japan they made covid19

  • Rudraksh Sharma

    Rudraksh Sharma

    21 dag siden

    Nobody MADE COVID-19. It is natural. And the origin was not from Japan, it was China.

  • Jorja Lillis
    Jorja LillisMåned siden


  • Rovelyn Acevedo
    Rovelyn AcevedoMåned siden

    How about Philippines president

  • Rovelyn Acevedo
    Rovelyn AcevedoMåned siden

    I love you Arnold

  • Rovelyn Acevedo
    Rovelyn AcevedoMåned siden

    Make it the president of philipines

  • neon leon
    neon leonMåned siden

    nuke the jails and alliance with south korea and make law making me president of north korea for life YEET

  • Peter Mathiasen
    Peter MathiasenMåned siden

    0:07 behind Arnold there a toy (can’t remember)