What If You Dive Into A Tornado?

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What If You Dive Into A Tornado?
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  • rexus gaming3
    rexus gaming33 dager siden

    Do Not...)

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    tiger white4 dager siden

    !xksmzfy hi hi hi Ok I'll k in k

  • RDR2 Yeaaa
    RDR2 Yeaaa5 dager siden

    Fortnite is the best game ever not in 2020 it isn’t

  • ABDULPLAYS Fortnite
    ABDULPLAYS Fortnite6 dager siden

    Fortnite is a best game i play it

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame6 dager siden

    Arnold is almost as funny as Tom, & Jerry

  • Floyd 111
    Floyd 1117 dager siden

    Did I just hear the guys swear

  • Kathy Mitchell
    Kathy Mitchell7 dager siden

    I never had a tornado only when I was 4

  • TY Chuang
    TY Chuang7 dager siden

    No fortnight is cringed

  • TY Chuang
    TY Chuang7 dager siden

    Fortnight is cringed

  • AGlover88
    AGlover888 dager siden

    I was waiting to see arni DRIVE into the tornado thats what the title says 😥 but still good information!

  • Urja Dutta
    Urja Dutta9 dager siden

    First video without the finger popping out

  • oscar casas jr
    oscar casas jr10 dager siden

    Nonstop fortnight n

  • Marcus Hansen Storbank
    Marcus Hansen Storbank11 dager siden

    I thouth the title aaid: *what if you drive into a Tornado* Cuz the thumbnail is Arnold drivning into a tornado

  • Vincent Sergi
    Vincent Sergi12 dager siden

    Fortnight is the game I got mad from winning a victory Royale just ask me what happened and I’ll tell you

  • Hero Brine
    Hero Brine12 dager siden

    It is not Fortnight it is Roblox

  • Falcão Madeira Falcão
    Falcão Madeira Falcão13 dager siden

    Bruh english

  • Roberto Calma
    Roberto Calma13 dager siden

    Fortnite is the best!

  • noobmaster 69
    noobmaster 6913 dager siden

    fortnite was cool in 2018 guys chill

  • kate domondon
    kate domondon13 dager siden

    Why does half of Arnold's vid's dislike like wtf?

  • GachaSteam! Gacha Life & More!
    GachaSteam! Gacha Life & More!14 dager siden

    Fortnite: I am the bestest game ever. ROBLOX: Excuse me?

  • Alibai Makalingkang
    Alibai Makalingkang14 dager siden

    Oh no 🌪️

  • SenseiUttor
    SenseiUttor15 dager siden

    The Fact Arnold Accepted his fate makes him a dude who deserves to lose his finger

  • Alia Jebreen
    Alia Jebreen16 dager siden

    A.k.a. tornadoes are not real

  • quy đầu điện thoại quy đầu điện thoại
    quy đầu điện thoại quy đầu điện thoại16 dager siden

    Tornado wow

  • Tryhard Prime
    Tryhard Prime17 dager siden

    Anyone watching in 2020

  • PokemonButItsAlsoTheDarkNinja
    PokemonButItsAlsoTheDarkNinja17 dager siden

    Is it just me or is fortnite shit

  • Makas_PL
    Makas_PL17 dager siden

    2:12 well this didnt age well...

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf18 dager siden

    hi im here from 2020 and fortnite is so dead now

  • David Torquato
    David Torquato19 dager siden

    *You Need to get out in the open.Well done of course in order to really save your ass* LOL

  • ggrf. co
    ggrf. co19 dager siden

    I disliked Just because of the sponsor

  • - Nexon -
    - Nexon -20 dager siden

    2:09 W H A T T H E H E C K ! !

  • Seanmations // Sean Productions // SP Music!
    Seanmations // Sean Productions // SP Music!20 dager siden

    1:16 Does Arnold’s face look similar to this emoji - - - > 😳 Like if you see it too (I’m not a beggar)

  • Michael The Russian
    Michael The Russian20 dager siden


  • Jimmy Garcia
    Jimmy Garcia20 dager siden

    Imagine tornadoes toke over the world

  • the imagineer

    the imagineer

    3 dager siden

    Took not toke

  • Floyd 111

    Floyd 111

    7 dager siden

    That would be El Reno tornado

  • Mohd Zafar

    Mohd Zafar

    10 dager siden


  • xd clix

    xd clix

    16 dager siden

    That belongs to Jupiter

  • that_masked_one


    16 dager siden

    That was such a bad misspell, I forgot how to spell took

  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez21 dag siden

    0:13 Save your @$$

  • Heloisa Ferreira
    Heloisa Ferreira21 dag siden

    Well... he should not dived into a tornado… Me:uhhh

  • TheBanned_Guy81 Roblox
    TheBanned_Guy81 Roblox22 dager siden

    I Think If Bugatti Chiron ( 500 Km/h ) Dive Into Tornado ( 500 Km/h ) I Think It Will Perfectly Stop

  • Broken Lens
    Broken Lens24 dager siden

    Did he just say fortnite is the best game ever?

  • Exploiters Wing
    Exploiters Wing24 dager siden

    Hahaha 😹

  • Eli Wolf3
    Eli Wolf327 dager siden

    all:fortnite is the best! me: uhhhhhhh nooooo that's not true. minecraft and undertale are.(unpopular opion)all:DIE! me:nope *does true pasifist route* all:*dies*

  • Eli Wolf3

    Eli Wolf3

    16 dager siden

    this is'nt a joke ok?

  • Liam Brostmeyer
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    👍👍👍 👍👍👍 👍👍👍 👍👍👍

  • Alice Thai
    Alice Thai27 dager siden

    Dont GoTornado 500Km/h

  • Mecha Team Leader
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    Blue Crewmate

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  • Lucasimfat Ly
    Lucasimfat LyMåned siden

    Narrator: Fortnite is the best ever and it have rage people and toxic people on there

  • Nieuwenhuys Family
    Nieuwenhuys FamilyMåned siden

    minecraft is beter

  • Jack Flynn
    Jack FlynnMåned siden

    What he doesn’t have a basement you idiot

  • Leilani A Franqui
    Leilani A FranquiMåned siden

    Roblox is the best night fortnight

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  • Ava Omg
    Ava OmgMåned siden

    Fortnight is the worst game ever nobody likes even playing it Minecraft is the best game ever because you get to play survival or creative

  • ZeiCrystall
    ZeiCrystallMåned siden

    0:24 wen i see the school bully

  • Lozere Exilus
    Lozere ExilusMåned siden


    ATUL JOSHIMåned siden

    Mujhe game chahie kitne MB Mein Hi Kahe To Mujhe download karke do

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  • Supernova Empire Studios
    Supernova Empire StudiosMåned siden

    Some people: Why does he sound like Ridddle? Others: because he is.

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  • Mr. Shiner
    Mr. ShinerMåned siden

    Fortnite ad? Dude cmon.

  • RivenCarriedU
    RivenCarriedUMåned siden

    0:49 anyone get that guy with a dog refrence? SPOILER its Stark From House MD one of his patience who dies because of 13.

  • Aaron diaz
    Aaron diazMåned siden

    2:27 What About Roblox?

  • jjmcgarr
    jjmcgarrMåned siden

    FORNITE SUCKS I DONt like gun GAmes they kill me so fast just when I get in the game

  • jjmcgarr
    jjmcgarrMåned siden

    Arnold as blond hair ok that has something to do about it he’s called blondy if he had blond hair

  • StormieShilo2012
    StormieShilo2012Måned siden

    Thanks for saving him!

  • StormieShilo2012
    StormieShilo2012Måned siden

    Save Arnold Noooow!

  • Christopher Rodriguez
    Christopher RodriguezMåned siden

    How dare you fortnite

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    Cameron WalingMåned siden

    The ad didn’t not age well like fortnite best game more like forknght

  • Aidingames
    AidingamesMåned siden

    99% of this comment section be like: FoRtNiTe iS sO TrAsH when in reality it’s ain’t that bad if you go into creative or even pubs they’re just saying that because they won’t put the time into getting good at the game. What? Someone had to say it.

  • • Losinqq_Cookie • ÚwÙ
    • Losinqq_Cookie • ÚwÙMåned siden

    Him: Fortnite is the best game ever Me: *laughs in roblox*

  • Shimmer Gayle
    Shimmer GayleMåned siden

    Arnold sucked up by a tornado🌪

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    Mr DoorMåned siden

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    Jax Te Amo-RarereMåned siden

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    Kiris HenriquezMåned siden

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    Kiris HenriquezMåned siden

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    Čoko 632Måned siden

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    Hey guys we are going on the morning to pick

  • morrison alfred
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    Hey you guys are good to be working today so you can let your friend be done

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    2 - A3 Shivanshi Mahapatra

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