What If You Drop a Human Body To Piranhas?

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What If You Drop a Human Body To Piranhas?
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  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame6 dager siden


  • Izza Fatima Khan
    Izza Fatima Khan8 dager siden

    Hhahahahahah thet old pirhana

  • Juan Moreno
    Juan Moreno10 dager siden


  • makeila kquincy
    makeila kquincy10 dager siden

    1:42 makes me shock and i said "OMG!!!!!"

  • Cyclic Productions
    Cyclic Productions12 dager siden

    My smrt boi

  • Ketchup Likes Stuff
    Ketchup Likes Stuff15 dager siden

    Arnold: *I fear no man. But that thing* *Narrator* *scares me.*

  • Md Tarequzzaman
    Md Tarequzzaman16 dager siden


  • lukejoseph Britanico
    lukejoseph Britanico17 dager siden

    Meet kupal

  • saud saad
    saud saad24 dager siden

    piranha eating meet arnold

  • saud saad

    saud saad

    24 dager siden

    piranhas eating meet anold

  • Vibe Check
    Vibe CheckMåned siden

    1:42 don’t look if your a guy also WHY

  • Well Idk
    Well IdkMåned siden

    He won't give birth

  • Sebastian Paredes
    Sebastian ParedesMåned siden

    He could say goodby kids

  • Marcus Allen Garcia
    Marcus Allen GarciaMåned siden

    _Arnolds hair has left the world_

  • Blue The Furry
    Blue The FurryMåned siden


  • ZeiCrystall
    ZeiCrystallMåned siden

    1:41 wen my dog sees and indroder

  • Depressedhamster
    DepressedhamsterMåned siden

    1:42 this has gone too far

  • Danalbert Solayao
    Danalbert SolayaoMåned siden

    Always his fingers hahaha

  • 5Fah yt
    5Fah ytMåned siden

    1:42 /:

  • a3403567
    a3403567Måned siden

    The scuba diver was arnolds brother

  • Yeet Tube
    Yeet TubeMåned siden

    Ah yes the most yerrifying piranha of all. The gay fish.

  • Total roblox Player
    Total roblox PlayerMåned siden

    R.I.P arnolds fingers and his pingas

  • Raquel Ferotti
    Raquel FerottiMåned siden

    And Arnold's a stupid piece of Monk

  • Raquel Ferotti
    Raquel FerottiMåned siden

    I even hate your hair too

  • Jair Alves Carneiro
    Jair Alves CarneiroMåned siden

    Thank you

  • Philippe Blink Segovia
    Philippe Blink SegoviaMåned siden

    1:02 the crocodile is cute hahaha

  • Armino Lucas Rupert Matteo Randrup

    Armino Lucas Rupert Matteo Randrup

    Måned siden


  • Bas
    BasMåned siden

    Why does Arnold lost is finger all the time

  • Abcforturnips
    AbcforturnipsMåned siden


  • Katie Satie
    Katie Satie2 måneder siden

    He gasped u dear water and I’d not drown what t heak

  • Austin Guardian
    Austin Guardian2 måneder siden


  • Susheela VV
    Susheela VV2 måneder siden

    Again Arnold loses his finger

  • xX Vane Xx
    xX Vane Xx2 måneder siden

    Bro what if arnold was a real person...

  • Indi Le
    Indi Le2 måneder siden


  • Vanessa Coppola
    Vanessa Coppola2 måneder siden

    Press f in chat for croc or alligator get him uber eats that grass doesn’t look good see the expression of his or her face:(

  • kim szpara
    kim szpara2 måneder siden

    Why did my discount ended!?

  • Matthew Z
    Matthew Z2 måneder siden

    1:57 thats a radioactive barrel from the nuclear silo

  • Classic Miner1
    Classic Miner12 måneder siden

    Why are people saying that there were " bad " episodes? I'm seriously confused.

    CHICKEN NUGGIES2 måneder siden

    1:20 you better watch out cuz u getting the metal part of the belt

  • Dan Petroy
    Dan Petroy2 måneder siden


  • LaneTheSavageHomie
    LaneTheSavageHomie2 måneder siden

    Me:( looks at subs) (Creepy music starts playing) Me: *there all RealLifeLore viewers*

  • Chezman
    Chezman2 måneder siden

    Meet Arnold is gay

  • The Mobile Legend
    The Mobile Legend2 måneder siden

    This man hates Arnold’s fingers

  • Meet Arnold
    Meet Arnold2 måneder siden

    $2 E7

  • divels girb
    divels girb2 måneder siden

    1:45 ahhhhh cencored

  • Julian Andrey Rufin
    Julian Andrey Rufin3 måneder siden

    0:46 there's somebody's arm

  • 415 Tho
    415 Tho3 måneder siden


  • Tony Robert
    Tony Robert3 måneder siden


  • The Red Roblox Ninja
    The Red Roblox Ninja3 måneder siden


  • Devoniski
    Devoniski3 måneder siden

    All fun and games for the piranhas until we start fishing them with steel nets

  • Mahafizul Molland and
    Mahafizul Molland and4 måneder siden


  • Recr Off
    Recr Off4 måneder siden

    Google almost like boble

  • Asher Ngoi
    Asher Ngoi4 måneder siden


  • Hypex Switch
    Hypex Switch4 måneder siden

    Oh finger up I did it in real life just say like someone idiot will put the finger up in real life

  • Gracelyn's Opinions
    Gracelyn's Opinions4 måneder siden

    Arnold : Other episodes : loses 1 finger This episode : loses 3 fingers

  • G B
    G B4 måneder siden

    Pirana:eats arnolds pp everbody: feels the pain

    EPIC TAZ4 måneder siden

    1:41 Dont

  • Some random Weeb
    Some random Weeb4 måneder siden

    *ryoma hoshi death flashbacks*

  • Suaad Saif
    Suaad Saif4 måneder siden

    This is Amazon Rainforest

  • Kenzo Hauck
    Kenzo Hauck4 måneder siden

    Seriously you let him die create the clone of arnold or something

  • Jarne Scherens
    Jarne Scherens4 måneder siden

    1:42 ummm that’s eh. A weird piranha

  • pro ninja jae
    pro ninja jae4 måneder siden

    0:09 15 different kinds of corona?

  • On Wednesdays we wear pink
    On Wednesdays we wear pink4 måneder siden


  • Aamir Ali
    Aamir Ali4 måneder siden

    Will he svive

    GAMER ROB4 måneder siden

    1:41 ouch that made me weak

  • Richard Asistido
    Richard Asistido4 måneder siden

    1:42 WAT

  • Maven Quach
    Maven Quach4 måneder siden

    1:32 shows butt and 1:42 shows a piranha biting his private

  • Lay sopheap
    Lay sopheap4 måneder siden

    What? Arnold’s **** Again?

  • Lay sopheap
    Lay sopheap4 måneder siden

    I Saw A Green Fish Holding A 🏳️‍🌈 Rainbow Flag

  • Michael Spann
    Michael Spann4 måneder siden

    "put your finger up if u like this vi-" me: *puts middle finger up*

  • No just no
    No just no4 måneder siden

    1:42 r.i.p penes 2018-2019

  • Moses Kaujama
    Moses Kaujama4 måneder siden

    I LOVE YOUR Videos

  • ivanjosh raymundo
    ivanjosh raymundo4 måneder siden

    Can you stop killing arnorld losing finger is okay but killing him im feeling bad for him

  • Susan Aque
    Susan Aque4 måneder siden

    Hey arnold can you fight godzilla

  • eutrader74
    eutrader744 måneder siden

    1:41 they ate Arnold's babies

  • Apple Waller
    Apple Waller5 måneder siden

    wow is arnold is subribe is 10909000 000000

  • Sok Kabeh
    Sok Kabeh5 måneder siden

    Piranha tidak memakan manusia hidup

  • The Orange •2001
    The Orange •20015 måneder siden

    So noone gonna talk about what happen at 1:42

  • Mark Gomez
    Mark Gomez5 måneder siden

    Meet Arnold

  • wafira mohamed
    wafira mohamed5 måneder siden

    Give him a break

  • El Sufi Eddy
    El Sufi Eddy5 måneder siden

    Is Arnold dead

  • ataris abiyyu
    ataris abiyyu5 måneder siden

    Why piranhas eat peanus on arnold

  • JustsMink
    JustsMink5 måneder siden

    1:41 THE HECK

  • Sandamali ruvan kumari
    Sandamali ruvan kumari5 måneder siden

    10M Subs

  • Tom Nook
    Tom Nook5 måneder siden

    Lion vs 100 piranhas: *lion wins* You know why? He lead them outside the water

  • *bee emoji* Save the Bees
    *bee emoji* Save the Bees5 måneder siden

    "What if you drop a human body to piranhas?" Do you even english?

  • Joshua Owens
    Joshua Owens6 måneder siden

    Stupid Arnold

  • Mareme Ndoye
    Mareme Ndoye6 måneder siden

    You just killed Arnold didn't you

  • CoolBoyAlexander7
    CoolBoyAlexander76 måneder siden

    1:48 Piranha 1: Great job dude! Piranha 2: Thanks! Piranha 1: What do we do about the skeleton though? Piranha 2: IDK

  • Dr Paperbottom
    Dr Paperbottom6 måneder siden

    They don’t deserve that they are disgust me!! 😡😡

  • Lord Roy 88
    Lord Roy 886 måneder siden

    To all you dumbasses who are angry about the ads: *THE BETTER ANIMATION THE MORE MONEY THE NEED*

  • Lexie_Amongus Awtsgege
    Lexie_Amongus Awtsgege6 måneder siden

    Flamingo:(laughing form siren head) Siren head:(grabs flamingo) Flamingo:re me Siren head:im with bridge worm with white skin Me:jezz i have nu admin Flamingo:A Cave :3 Me:wheres siren head Flamingo:(bullys siren head) Siren head:(me editing letters cry cry cry cry) Me:wait u dont know with the black skin is cartoon cat Flamingo(dont know) Me:there to much monsters i am still going die Siren head:stop making admin Flamingo:(laughs) Everyone:(runs)

  • rafi Munahid
    rafi Munahid6 måneder siden

    1:42 OFF HE BITE HIS ewww

  • robloxkid2020 kid YouTuber
    robloxkid2020 kid YouTuber6 måneder siden

    And how arnold survive?????

  • Luigui Vasquez
    Luigui Vasquez6 måneder siden

    I love arnold

  • Sixin
    Sixin6 måneder siden

    0:11 that looks like pokemon!

    SH*T PRODUCTION6 måneder siden

    Censored why

  • Croc Plays
    Croc Plays6 måneder siden

    I clicked away when the alien said:Hey snot where are we?and then said Snot was beginning to talk but all he said was “Aghheeh” before I clicked way and I started laughing

  • siva ristro
    siva ristro6 måneder siden


  • Mr. Floop
    Mr. Floop6 måneder siden

    When someone takes the term eating u know what to seriously 1:42

  • mel
    mel6 måneder siden

    Arnold: *chilling in boat* Arnold: *sees narrator* Arnold: Ah shit, Here we go again....

  • Devin Rowlison
    Devin Rowlison6 måneder siden

    Anordolds ass has left the chat