What If You Fell Into Jupiter on 1 Nanosecond ?

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What If You Fell Into Jupiter on 1 Nanosecond ?
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  • mrrichard103
    mrrichard10311 timer siden

    0:04 HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Liz O'Neill
    Liz O'Neill18 timer siden

    I didn’t like it when the narrator put your underpants back on you dumba##

  • Thunder Boi
    Thunder Boi20 timer siden

    1:13 " *Arnold is not the impostor* "

  • Tyrese John
    Tyrese John3 dager siden


  • Kavin Pandiarajan
    Kavin Pandiarajan3 dager siden

    Why does Arnold's finger get cut every episode

  • Minnie Mint
    Minnie Mint3 dager siden

    Among Us.❤️👏👍

  • Polly Chubb
    Polly Chubb3 dager siden

    2:48 OMG

  • Oliver Zachary
    Oliver Zachary4 dager siden

    well the grate red spot is actually not a hurricane its a anti-cyclone

  • Dominic Ryder
    Dominic Ryder6 dager siden


  • Menard kyle Corral
    Menard kyle Corral6 dager siden

    2:48 are u sure this is made for kids?

  • Luis Raphale Santiago
    Luis Raphale Santiago6 dager siden

    1:14 arnold was a imposter

  • Dman009
    Dman0096 dager siden

    Is it me or does that thumbnail look like the VS. screen that appears before battles in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

  • aminath fareedh
    aminath fareedh7 dager siden

    first i thauht that the butatti was a konigsegg

  • frike
    frike8 dager siden

    Looks like jupiter grew hes teeth

  • LINDSEY Davidson
    LINDSEY Davidson8 dager siden

    hurry take off the suit, you dont want to get blood on it

  • BlakePlayzGames
    BlakePlayzGames9 dager siden

    narrator: get ur underpants on DUMB*** me: wait this is supposed to be family friendly

  • Jim salad Ears
    Jim salad Ears9 dager siden

    Short awnser nothing one nanosecond is to small to be noticeable and nothing would happin

  • GILBERT Chavez
    GILBERT Chavez9 dager siden

    You sound so mean in the start whait the hole vid >:(

  • Edgar Alfau
    Edgar Alfau9 dager siden

    Fun fact:Every(almost) single planet is named after a god(from Greece,Roman and more)

  • Nate dog1520
    Nate dog152010 dager siden

    I love these videos educational but funny

  • Nathaniel Kedrick Nacional
    Nathaniel Kedrick Nacional10 dager siden

    no arnold

  • Godzilla king the lord Master
    Godzilla king the lord Master10 dager siden

    Arnold loses his thumb😂

  • Ashishee Poo
    Ashishee Poo11 dager siden

    Thank god I found this channel

  • The tower Time
    The tower Time11 dager siden

    Rip Arnold for the voice guy........

  • Starcade X
    Starcade X11 dager siden

    Title: Me: a nanosecond? Nothing would happen.

  • Quaxky
    Quaxky12 dager siden

    “The Great Red Spot. The most powerful hurricane in our solar system.” *Proceeds to show a tornado*

  • Its SyKe
    Its SyKe12 dager siden

    1:15 Arnold was not the impostor

  • Snowy IRL
    Snowy IRL12 dager siden

    bruh isee amold but

  • Linh Linh
    Linh Linh14 dager siden

    1:55 Arnold was not the impostor

  • andreea smit
    andreea smit14 dager siden

    ur to mean to arnold >:(

  • Twitch Coom
    Twitch Coom15 dager siden

    I fear no man But that... thing *Meet Arnold Narrator* It scares me

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame15 dager siden

    Aliens would love Arnold & they'd probably make Arnold their leader lol

  • iPad account Yore
    iPad account Yore17 dager siden

    This is do good and dumb and educational at the same time

    E. I. B- ENGINEERS IN BLACK.17 dager siden

    Arnold was the imposter. A talk of 2020

  • CzechGamer
    CzechGamer17 dager siden

    Try to just say arnold didnt died

  • Sebastion on Yt
    Sebastion on Yt17 dager siden

    At 2:21 Arnold is gone D:

  • Galaxy Wolf-ROBLOX
    Galaxy Wolf-ROBLOX18 dager siden

    1:14 "arnold was not the imposter. 1 imposter remains"

  • DonutDuck
    DonutDuck18 dager siden

    1:20 Arnold was not The Impostor 1 impostor remains

  • Emily Lampietti
    Emily Lampietti20 dager siden


  • Юлия Черноусова
    Юлия Черноусова21 dag siden

    What is a "nanosecond" ?

  • gaming pro
    gaming pro21 dag siden

    Fun fact the great red spot is bigger than earth and its 3 times bigger than earth

  • Brian Blaney
    Brian Blaney22 dager siden


  • مىنى ماليزيا
    مىنى ماليزيا22 dager siden

    1:14 Arnold was not the imposter

  • Ekai
    Ekai23 dager siden

    He just cursed

  • FraziX
    FraziX23 dager siden

    Please post one video again❤️

  • Maurilio Salas
    Maurilio Salas24 dager siden

    300 dead fingers :(

    GAMER BOY24 dager siden

    0:03 haha

  • Spongy Fan1828
    Spongy Fan182826 dager siden

    0:04 when you see it

  • Abid adnan adi khan
    Abid adnan adi khan26 dager siden

    100 million minute sun power very long?

    777THASUPREMEGABE77727 dager siden


  • lyn viray
    lyn viray29 dager siden

    ok arnold dont go back again in jupiter

  • Kyriacos Pieri
    Kyriacos PieriMåned siden

    Will grow teeth as well?

  • ToxicDJLEE
    ToxicDJLEEMåned siden

    Hey you dumbass put your underpants back on NOlocal: DEMONITIZED

  • adam justine madelo
    adam justine madeloMåned siden

    why arnold break hands

  • Corbin Wilsford
    Corbin WilsfordMåned siden

    wtf man????

  • Mr Matthew Kosamu
    Mr Matthew KosamuMåned siden

    That is a big boy hurricanes

  • Trevon Rolle
    Trevon RolleMåned siden

    Meet Arnold more like hey Arnold 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • tracelace
    tracelaceMåned siden

    I don't think he can respond

  • tracelace
    tracelaceMåned siden

    Hi Arnold

  • Miguel Lopez
    Miguel LopezMåned siden

    No bad word

  • golden stance car
    golden stance carMåned siden

    Wow love the ending when he comes out of his suit DEAD AND BLOODY

  • Tpzal
    TpzalMåned siden

    Arnold: 'Goes to jupiter' Me: WOAH I WANNA GO THERE TOO Arnold: "loses thumb" Me: oh wait nvm

  • Joaquin Content
    Joaquin ContentMåned siden

    How many fingers did arnold loose?

    SMERKPERK KINGMåned siden

    2:48 I did NOT NEED TO SEE THAT 🤮

  • Kristifer Morency
    Kristifer MorencyMåned siden

    2:48 he's dead

  • Alyana Rodriguez
    Alyana RodriguezMåned siden

    not good

  • Alyana Rodriguez
    Alyana RodriguezMåned siden


  • TheoBG Duran
    TheoBG DuranMåned siden

    A new video dat he his tiny and someone eat he'm

  • salma farah
    salma farahMåned siden

    tHiS iS hUmAn aBuSe

  • Zackfron Leaf Lim
    Zackfron Leaf LimMåned siden


  • Ahmed Elmashax
    Ahmed ElmashaxMåned siden

    That e ding

  • Joel Davie
    Joel DavieMåned siden

    Aronald probaby as the most painful life of any character I've ever seen. Poor thing.

  • Rovelyn Acevedo
    Rovelyn AcevedoMåned siden

    Well that's was confusing

  • Patti Morfe
    Patti MorfeMåned siden

    I would just turn to Ash

  • Sha alam Saer
    Sha alam SaerMåned siden


  • Zombie with No head
    Zombie with No headMåned siden


  • Rick rolled
    Rick rolledMåned siden

    2:48 well this was pretty grotesque lmao

  • shourya kuchibotla
    shourya kuchibotlaMåned siden

    From GOD OF WAR

  • shourya kuchibotla
    shourya kuchibotlaMåned siden


  • Chandramouli Kandika
    Chandramouli KandikaMåned siden

    See I like this communication

  • Chelsea Hoover
    Chelsea HooverMåned siden


    YESSER YESSERMåned siden

    Glizzy glizzy

  • Coreyanne Tankersley
    Coreyanne TankersleyMåned siden

    What is the big red spot came to earth

  • Cosme Pero-Sanz
    Cosme Pero-SanzMåned siden

    arnorld ofen looses his finger.

  • Uganda Da killer
    Uganda Da killerMåned siden

    His thumb is always coming off

  • julice 1314
    julice 1314Måned siden

    0:05 Did the narrator say a bad word?

  • Sean Geraldo
    Sean GeraldoMåned siden

    Arnold is Fell to jupiter

  • Benjamin Kim
    Benjamin KimMåned siden

    I heard a swear just as i came here

  • Reemet Kriis
    Reemet KriisMåned siden

    good you space but fire

  • Reemet Kriis
    Reemet KriisMåned siden


  • ABS-CBN CH11 Fan
    ABS-CBN CH11 FanMåned siden

    Well i see arlnold cuted his finger at jupiter but he didin't screm. Phew!😌🙆‍♂️

  • puggygod 12
    puggygod 12Måned siden

    hey you dumbass put your underpants back on

  • Zaniel Josef Estares
    Zaniel Josef EstaresMåned siden

    Jupiters gravity is 20x stronger than earth you can only live in jupiter 1 seconds because your falling 😱

  • Creeper Gamer XD
    Creeper Gamer XDMåned siden

    0:05 XD

  • Michael Fox
    Michael FoxMåned siden


  • Michael Fox
    Michael FoxMåned siden

    Stop trying to correct me keyboard

  • Michael Fox
    Michael FoxMåned siden


  • Michael Fox
    Michael FoxMåned siden

    The la noiture noire

  • Michael Fox
    Michael FoxMåned siden

    I'm sure that bugatti is the bugatti le noiure the 20 million dollar one

  • sami imad
    sami imad2 måneder siden

    what arnold in the mercury