What If You Fell Out Of A Spaceship Into Space?

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What If You Fell Out Of A Spaceship Into Space?
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  • Herozero
    Herozero19 timer siden

    Arnold: *fells out of the spaceship* *ARNOLD WAS NOT AN IMPOSTER*

  • Pitten0625 _playz
    Pitten0625 _playz2 dager siden

    *You can’t fall out of a spaceship if there is no spaceship*

  • Na Ni
    Na Ni3 dager siden

    Arnold was Ejected, Arnold was not An Imposter 1 imposter remianing

  • Ben Asher
    Ben Asher5 dager siden

    It was totally funny that he put his butt outside and travelled with his dart 😂

  • Jochem Verhoef
    Jochem Verhoef6 dager siden


  • mani productions
    mani productions6 dager siden

    Lesson learned Always carry a burrito to space

  • ussr_ roblox_engglish
    ussr_ roblox_engglish6 dager siden

    If you alone in space if you get find bye someone you skin gonna be if you guys in space in 211 you guys skin gonna be white

  • Physics Man
    Physics Man7 dager siden


  • Nathaniel Kedrick Nacional
    Nathaniel Kedrick Nacional7 dager siden

    hi Arnold

  • Printer_Man3D
    Printer_Man3D7 dager siden

    1:27 "Let's move on to the second option." B U R R I T O

  • Alsair
    Alsair7 dager siden

    "Arnold was not the imposter"

  • Kontro


    5 dager siden


  • Brent Gabriel Argosino
    Brent Gabriel Argosino7 dager siden

    He fell of the spaceship then arnold was not the impostor

    ΛLΣY DΣV8 dager siden

    when you called sus.

  • Zoe Bel
    Zoe Bel9 dager siden

    Son of a smuk

  • Jackson Boslem V2
    Jackson Boslem V29 dager siden

    More like experienced idiot

  • AydenThings
    AydenThings9 dager siden

    Arnold was not a imposter 1 imposter remains

  • GabeChannel
    GabeChannel9 dager siden

    1:46 just how

  • Matthew Chen
    Matthew Chen10 dager siden

    ah yes tf2 sounds

  • lewisgamer6
    lewisgamer610 dager siden

    *arnold was not the impostors* *2 impostors remain*

  • Ragnar Eikrem
    Ragnar Eikrem11 dager siden

    Now: What if you were not an impostor?

  • Good Day
    Good Day12 dager siden

    i love you

  • Universal Pro
    Universal Pro12 dager siden

    2:07 it makes me laught

  • Jose YT
    Jose YT13 dager siden

    arnold was not the imposter

  • monica quibral
    monica quibral13 dager siden

    The rocket is falcon 9 heavy crew dragon

  • Steamvin
    Steamvin14 dager siden

    Arnold was not the imposter 1 Imposter remains

  • luscious
    luscious14 dager siden

    He’s expecting us to be at least half as smart as an astronaut in training

  • Only console players
    Only console players14 dager siden


    U.K UNITED KINGDOM14 dager siden

    Vidoe: lost in space alone Among us: interesting

  • Nathan Fajril
    Nathan Fajril14 dager siden

    Among us

  • Ian Martinez
    Ian Martinez15 dager siden

    the rest of the crew said he was kinda sus so they voooted him out, he wasnt the impostor

  • Danny Yan
    Danny Yan16 dager siden

    Ooooo :o

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame16 dager siden

    Bear Grylls eat your heart out lmao

  • Saif kabir
    Saif kabir17 dager siden

    shut up

  • Harshit Bisht
    Harshit Bisht17 dager siden

    how was he stoping there is no friction in space

  • Blue Crewmate
    Blue Crewmate17 dager siden

    *Me sees the thumbnail* Me:*Arnold was not The Imposter*

  • Kai
    Kai18 dager siden

    Arnold was not the Impostor. One Impostor remains

  • Overcomplexity
    Overcomplexity20 dager siden

    a hidden comment. amongst the others

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee21 dag siden

    5 years later: what happens when you DIE

  • Jakub Zwiernik
    Jakub Zwiernik25 dager siden

    Video: what if you fell from a spaceship into space Me who is never going to space: Write that down write that down!

  • Okau Hans
    Okau Hans26 dager siden

    "Overnold! Stop Eating Food!"

  • Technological Infiniti limit
    Technological Infiniti limit26 dager siden


  • Dastan
    Dastan26 dager siden

    *Arnold was not the imposter*

  • BlackBox Movies Denpasar
    BlackBox Movies Denpasar27 dager siden

    Arnold was not the imposter There is still 1 imposter

  • Cherrel Binalla
    Cherrel Binalla29 dager siden

    I think the narrator is acting like a pervert

  • Sreeram Experiments
    Sreeram ExperimentsMåned siden

    How many times did he lose a finger?

  • CornyMcCorn
    CornyMcCornMåned siden

    *Arnold was not The Imposter*

  • Tommy Chong
    Tommy ChongMåned siden

    Friday the 13h

  • Ri13H
    Ri13HMåned siden

    1:24 that scream tho

  • Dave Boyer
    Dave BoyerMåned siden


    JOE MOMAMåned siden

    Arnold was not the imposter

  • Fj
    FjMåned siden

    I'd just take my helmet and accept death

  • Khaled Muktadir
    Khaled MuktadirMåned siden

    NANI!? how did Arnold eat the borito trough the helmet?!?!?

  • dedeghan is JD
    dedeghan is JDMåned siden

    Lol I didnt know you can move when you fart in space XD😂😂😂

  • Dehanded
    DehandedMåned siden

    Instructions were unclear, ended up sending 100000 year old vampire into space

  • Enming Zhao
    Enming ZhaoMåned siden


  • Jamary Rivera
    Jamary RiveraMåned siden

    He poop

  • CanTheGamerTR
    CanTheGamerTRMåned siden

    Among us

  • Anya Baez
    Anya BaezMåned siden

    Arnold is told to press the green button Arnold: i think I should press the purple one

  • Annanth Sangwan
    Annanth SangwanMåned siden

    1:53 lol

    SANESSMåned siden

    XDDD 2:08

    SANESSMåned siden

    Arnold’s Qi:1

  • wes on ipad
    wes on ipadMåned siden

    I have been on your channel ever since the first 100k

  • Annanth Sangwan
    Annanth SangwanMåned siden

    2:02 what if the balloon poped

  • Rovelyn Acevedo
    Rovelyn AcevedoMåned siden

    In the past he losses one finger now it is two

  • TimeGrowing
    TimeGrowingMåned siden

    Leave your bitch alone 🤣🤣, I'm tired instead of him

  • hafsal K
    hafsal KMåned siden

    the most unlucky man arnold

  • HackplayZ192
    HackplayZ192Måned siden

    why he have only 3 Fingers?

  • Pamela Gonzalez
    Pamela GonzalezMåned siden

    Wtf did Arnold poop

  • Amanda Yip
    Amanda YipMåned siden

    Press the green button but tye purple one

  • Danielius Ramoska
    Danielius RamoskaMåned siden

    Why arnold fingers down??

  • kyle 1678
    kyle 1678Måned siden

    Why are you not my teacher

  • Germanic Warsaw PolandBall Animation Collation
    Germanic Warsaw PolandBall Animation CollationMåned siden

    *poops* ohhhhhh we could use that to

  • joseph O'byrne
    joseph O'byrneMåned siden

    Just don't make him die any more times or I will fucking report the channel

  • VilmerG
    VilmerGMåned siden

    This...is not how space work

  • Ton Say
    Ton SayMåned siden

    Crew Dragon Falcon Heavy, very very rare

  • Charlie Janis
    Charlie JanisMåned siden

    2:22 Arnold pooped

  • Gabb Euri Roa
    Gabb Euri RoaMåned siden

    He said *stretch*

  • Tanee's World
    Tanee's WorldMåned siden

    In every video Arnold loses his fingers

  • capapofa
    capapofaMåned siden

  • Kaidoz Nosense
    Kaidoz NosenseMåned siden

    this is esacly like the song mayday

  • Jean Manimbo
    Jean ManimboMåned siden

    he fart and poop

  • Yoongi’s pet rock
    Yoongi’s pet rockMåned siden

    How did he turn all the way around just to fart???

  • Jeremy Jeremy clyke jr.
    Jeremy Jeremy clyke jr.Måned siden


  • Jeremy Jeremy clyke jr.

    Jeremy Jeremy clyke jr.

    Måned siden


  • Jeremy Jeremy clyke jr.
    Jeremy Jeremy clyke jr.Måned siden


  • שר הביטחון של אורי ורד
    שר הביטחון של אורי ורדMåned siden

    2:26 I didn't expect him to talk about the show yet i tought about the episode all the time

  • Judith Resurreccion
    Judith ResurreccionMåned siden

    A add age of ###

  • Crissy Lopez
    Crissy LopezMåned siden

    20:10 HAHA

  • Leenabora Bhuyan
    Leenabora BhuyanMåned siden

  • Nehal Thapa
    Nehal ThapaMåned siden

    I feel bad for Arnold he need to be happy 🤣🤣

  • Shane Fowler
    Shane FowlerMåned siden


  • Li Wei
    Li WeiMåned siden

    I Chose The 2nd Option!

  • Sathishkumar Modem
    Sathishkumar ModemMåned siden

    2:8 🤣🤣

  • Josi Zhang Δ[!OOF¡]Δ
    Josi Zhang Δ[!OOF¡]Δ2 måneder siden

    Fun Fact : If the video start, its always say *Meet Arnold*

  • CUZ Gaming!
    CUZ Gaming!2 måneder siden


  • Austin Guardian
    Austin Guardian2 måneder siden

    I laugh so hard when he's fingers came off

  • Susheela VV
    Susheela VV2 måneder siden

    Arnold is immortal

  • water bottle!!!
    water bottle!!!2 måneder siden


    2018 MUHAMMAD AMMAR BIN MOHAMAD SHA2 måneder siden

    Your a sicko for torturing arnold

  • Purple Daniel Gamer
    Purple Daniel Gamer2 måneder siden

    My uncle worked on that episode of love death robots

  • Gaute Primberg Strand
    Gaute Primberg Strand2 måneder siden

    You know that Newtons 3. law didn't got explains right in this video. He only needed to trow the burrito in the different direction. It would maybe go slow, but he would not stoped