What If You Get Sick With All Diseases Of The World?

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What If The World's Population Increases In 10 Times?: nolocal.info/have/video/bKN7n519tpps24A
What If You Get Sick With All Diseases Of The World?
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  • Yare Yare _
    Yare Yare _5 timer siden

    How did we get here ?

  • Tony Fontaine
    Tony Fontaine11 timer siden

    I don't understand this channel at all

  • BOWSERLAVA1283 Animations
    BOWSERLAVA1283 Animations2 dager siden

    Covid 19 : *its go time*

  • อนันต์ ธาราติกานนท์
    อนันต์ ธาราติกานนท์2 dager siden

    You forgot covid 19

  • Songklot Tantharabandit
    Songklot Tantharabandit2 dager siden

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  • Ahmed baligh
    Ahmed baligh2 dager siden

    Liar coronnaviurs can't to animals

  • jaafar mohammed2009
    jaafar mohammed20093 dager siden


  • Youssef B.A gaming time
    Youssef B.A gaming time4 dager siden

    Arnold :Eats Burrito *Drops it on the floor* Arnold Again:Yep It's okay Brushes it off.2 second later.oh shit tape worms shit.

  • Dean Marks
    Dean Marks4 dager siden

    1:24 That germ Looks like a pickle

  • Talal Al Kooheji
    Talal Al Kooheji4 dager siden

    Borrana virus

  • abbas sayed
    abbas sayed4 dager siden

    1:52 best part😍

  • Konkey_Dong14
    Konkey_Dong145 dager siden

    How did he not die instantly

  • NuggetPlayz YT
    NuggetPlayz YT6 dager siden

    Hello, I’m Mr. Burns!

  • Andrew Toran
    Andrew Toran6 dager siden

    pukeing balhhhhh 1- 1:54 the- there making out UGHLSAG

    MAFIABOSS PLAYS6 dager siden

    Borona virus huh i think i know that sound.

  • Jhun Apostol
    Jhun Apostol6 dager siden


  • BabySnatcher Jaguar
    BabySnatcher Jaguar6 dager siden

    Borona virus? More like. *CORONA VIRUS.*

  • Zafirawidisiidis Akbar
    Zafirawidisiidis Akbar6 dager siden


  • BotAlxnohvr
    BotAlxnohvr7 dager siden

    This is just that one episode of futurama

  • Vik N
    Vik N7 dager siden

    Why does Arnold lose his finger?????

  • Hayden Avellona
    Hayden Avellona7 dager siden

    🅱️arona virus.

  • Kyle Jensen
    Kyle Jensen7 dager siden

    Gotta say thats a PsVr headset for the helmet

  • Robot Cat
    Robot Cat7 dager siden


  • Lichzim The Great
    Lichzim The Great8 dager siden

    Huh. I never knew Mr Burns had another person like him......every disease in the world but none can actually get through.

  • Kevin Shiflett
    Kevin Shiflett8 dager siden

    *unleashes deadly viruses to kill tape worms Antibiotics: “Am I a joke to you?”

  • IntelligentWizard
    IntelligentWizard8 dager siden

    coronavirus 🅱oronavirus

  • Aphen Ma
    Aphen Ma8 dager siden

    2:43 he dosent have nose but can sneeze

  • Travis Nentwich
    Travis Nentwich9 dager siden

    Now everybody’s going to get any kind of disease weather in quarantine.😰

  • Melanie Martinez
    Melanie Martinez9 dager siden

    That's weird that he has to take of his underwear 😳

  • Mary Kihugu
    Mary Kihugu9 dager siden

    Borona viras is corona

  • Gabe the Gamer
    Gabe the Gamer9 dager siden

    Peppa Piggy

  • Afrin Khan
    Afrin Khan9 dager siden

    ;) you can do it though mind wants me

  • JoeOnYT
    JoeOnYT9 dager siden

    Casually eats while all the sickness is in him

  • ussr_ roblox_engglish
    ussr_ roblox_engglish9 dager siden

    1:33 why is borona virus i thoug is corona virus

  • Steven Ona
    Steven Ona9 dager siden

    That was a big sneezing Arnold 😆🤣

  • Warped Jar
    Warped Jar9 dager siden

    You would be drinking a red potion.

  • Pelonchis-tj Coronel
    Pelonchis-tj Coronel9 dager siden

    Hayyyy arnold😅😅

  • JD W
    JD W10 dager siden

    Yes he did

  • Stick Bug
    Stick Bug10 dager siden

    Famous youtubers: *says corona wrong* Arnold: *” s a d h o r c”*

  • Abdul Khaliq
    Abdul Khaliq10 dager siden

    Spanish flu

  • Abdul Khaliq
    Abdul Khaliq10 dager siden

    Arnold is crazy he’s doing everything

    SMOKE TREE OREGON11 dager siden

    Watch in 2x speed lol

  • KxT_5490
    KxT_549012 dager siden

    borona virus xd

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    Ty Xyz12 dager siden

    So kids what do we lern?

  • Asa Tsui
    Asa Tsui13 dager siden

    Wait do you mean coronavirus replacing barona virus

  • zikri sapri
    zikri sapri13 dager siden

    I dont think covid 19 is VERY danger

  • Dodger Woods
    Dodger Woods13 dager siden

    1:31 nibbler and alien eggs

  • The All Seeing Cats
    The All Seeing Cats14 dager siden

    Mr. Burns from the simpsons have all disease s known to man Lol

  • Juliks Gaming
    Juliks Gaming14 dager siden

    borona virus LOL

  • Rhonda Johns
    Rhonda Johns14 dager siden

    Did anyone notice in the pic of the title it (wit) instead of with

  • My Guy
    My Guy14 dager siden

    The thumbnail is spelt wrong lol

  • GamerplayZ_YOUTUBE
    GamerplayZ_YOUTUBE14 dager siden

    Everyone dose 5 second rule Me: drops food for a millisecond Me again: ITS DIRTY

  • GamerplayZ_YOUTUBE


    13 dager siden

    If I catch it in air It still dirty

  • M3m3_Fan YT

    M3m3_Fan YT

    13 dager siden

    I’m lucky

  • M3m3_Fan YT

    M3m3_Fan YT

    13 dager siden

    But if I catch it in mid air

  • M3m3_Fan YT

    M3m3_Fan YT

    13 dager siden

    For me it’s only 0.0000000000000000000000000001 second rule

  • M3m3_Fan YT

    M3m3_Fan YT

    13 dager siden


  • Robox Normal
    Robox Normal14 dager siden

    To be honest as i see everybody has 4 fingers but arnold has 3 which is weirdly interesting

  • Techno beings
    Techno beings14 dager siden

    What topic and what it shows😡😡

  • MeepTheSheep
    MeepTheSheep15 dager siden

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  • Karen Elaine Dimapasoc
    Karen Elaine Dimapasoc15 dager siden

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    MR.Spooky Bar15 dager siden

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    Jay Sethiya15 dager siden

    Covid spread because of Arnold 😂😂😂😂

  • axolotl 377
    axolotl 37715 dager siden

    1:31 no one gonna talk about the monkey in a cage and a xenomorph egg and the 2nd having a face hugger?

  • John Alexander
    John Alexander16 dager siden

    Anatomy Park, anyone?

  • Fangz with a Z
    Fangz with a Z16 dager siden

    Love how Arnold has no blood

  • Nishant Sinha
    Nishant Sinha16 dager siden

    when you come 1 month late

  • Timothy Smith
    Timothy Smith16 dager siden

    Arnold doesn't get bothered by the narrator for a few minutes

  • darwisydanish 236
    darwisydanish 23616 dager siden

    Virus GOD

  • Captain Omaha
    Captain Omaha16 dager siden

    Damn I once dropped my uncooked noodles on the ground it give me every plague

  • Jayden Jordan
    Jayden Jordan16 dager siden

    People: Infinity war is the most anticipated crossover ever Me:

  • Sandu alexandru
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    Brother drank the milk from the sock

  • Zoe Mel Monique Miranda
    Zoe Mel Monique Miranda16 dager siden

    coronavirus:D I E Arnold:not today adios!

    Claude THECLAUDEQC17 dager siden

    Doctor:so you have flu, cancer, plague, Ebola, aids,... Arnold: My time has come

  • Shanna Osullivan
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    I found a Peppa Pig keychain

  • Tolu Kusimo
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    Too pervy

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    jose12tr17 dager siden

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    Rajesh Acharya17 dager siden

    Forgot Corona?

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    swift studios18 dager siden

    i ate a tapeworm it almost killed me

  • oiran
    oiran18 dager siden


  • Skinny Daniel
    Skinny Daniel18 dager siden

    Arnold: has every disease mr. burns: *Am i a joke to you*

  • GaLaXy
    GaLaXy18 dager siden

    so u mean the plot of tf2?

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    Ichigoloves anime18 dager siden

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    Hey at least he didn’t lose his fingers this time

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    How much more time for the next video???😶😐😟😭

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    2:42 how I sneeze

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    Skyguy32118 dager siden

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    5 secs or 5 mins

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    Arsenal Script Kiddies19 dager siden

    Zephenniah Mann in a nutshell:

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    Roopnarine Deonarine19 dager siden

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    Because I'm batman19 dager siden

    This vid should have lasted 0:04 seconds and should have just said DEAD

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    Project Destroy19 dager siden

    Narrator: broviruse Me: isn't it supposed to be cronovirus NOlocal:no Me: oh ok

  • Cazie01
    Cazie0119 dager siden

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  • Cazie01
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    cheesepotato319 dager siden

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    Yohann uy19 dager siden

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  • Yohann uy
    Yohann uy19 dager siden

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    Yohann uy

    19 dager siden

    2:52 what happens when I sneeze “breaks windows”

  • Zodiac [GD]
    Zodiac [GD]20 dager siden

    The With on the thumbnail is spelled wit

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    Yendry Abreu20 dager siden

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