What If You Immerse A Human Body Into Cola For 30 Days?

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  • Nguyen Kylie
    Nguyen Kylie6 timer siden

    Arnold get yo a** out ya pet i got ya suitcase

  • tathabrata saha
    tathabrata saha2 dager siden

    Me eating chocolate watching this

  • Wet Paint enterprises
    Wet Paint enterprises3 dager siden

    Arnold: does one thing His finger: adios

  • trexboi
    trexboi5 dager siden

    i wish i drank all that soda

  • Sita Dhakal
    Sita Dhakal5 dager siden

    hey arnold

  • Peter Moro
    Peter Moro6 dager siden

    Me: drinks cola......stops.......looks at coke....looks back at vid....slowly starts to drink coke. Coke:. >:) Sooooon.... soooon

  • Maung Ko
    Maung Ko6 dager siden

    Me choking while watching this me :ded

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame6 dager siden

    I wonder how Arnold would cope with 30 days of drinking whiskey lol

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  • slothedvibeslmao
    slothedvibeslmao7 dager siden

    Impostors: *takes notes*

  • Robox Normal
    Robox Normal7 dager siden

    I just realize arnold is being cloned (the real arnold was inside the cloning machine) so no wonder why he keeps reviving

  • The Pugging Gamer
    The Pugging Gamer8 dager siden

    It’s not a Arnold video with out him losing an finger

  • tere guille
    tere guille10 dager siden

    G E T Y O U R ASS O U T OF B E D

  • Justin Contreras
    Justin Contreras11 dager siden

    It's the sawmill thing, it's like: breathing without 30 days

  • noobmaster 69
    noobmaster 6913 dager siden

    lol just had diarrhea

  • Dulguun Munkhbayar
    Dulguun Munkhbayar14 dager siden

    Why he always loses his finger

  • zikri sapri
    zikri sapri14 dager siden

    get your A S S out of bed

  • Palágyi Péter
    Palágyi Péter17 dager siden

    Coca zombie

  • Cat The Finicx
    Cat The Finicx17 dager siden

    Arnold get drunk because of coca cola

  • Eliana Burianto
    Eliana Burianto17 dager siden

    What if we don't

    BOIMUNCHLINGS21 dag siden

    Wow nothing happened to arnold

  • Malissa Ratliff
    Malissa Ratliff21 dag siden


  • Patrick Adams
    Patrick Adams22 dager siden

    why is the first thing that happens to arnold is his middle finger getting cut off or something

  • Dustin Kennedy
    Dustin Kennedy22 dager siden

    I love how I’m watching this while drinking Pepsi

  • S Kaur
    S Kaur23 dager siden

    HOW CRAZY AM I going to stay in coke 😡

  • Funtime Torrson
    Funtime Torrson23 dager siden

    1:13 Arnold:NOBODY TOUCH MY 1800'S COKE

  • galactic veemo
    galactic veemo25 dager siden

    Bork I am doge

  • The. doge
    The. doge25 dager siden

    Plot twist is videos dumb

  • wieger jacobs
    wieger jacobs26 dager siden

    Lets get the 10mil

  • Cora Mallon
    Cora Mallon26 dager siden

    Coca Cola 2018 is a bottle

  • lyn viray
    lyn viray29 dager siden

    ok so... arnold is brainwash by coca cola

  • GD fraction
    GD fraction29 dager siden

    Im watching this while drinking tango Me: ._.

  • Belinda Derry
    Belinda DerryMåned siden


  • RosaKittyu Luna
    RosaKittyu LunaMåned siden

    Me: watching this video My mom: drinking cola coca Me: scareds and run away this room My grandma talking me: its not real Me: *IDC*

  • Fortnight pro
    Fortnight proMåned siden


  • Gemma Canonigo
    Gemma CanonigoMåned siden

    Was Arnold a demon? Because I saw him on fire 🔥

  • Fox Scott
    Fox ScottMåned siden

    me:*looks at myself*

  • OwO
    OwOMåned siden

    Pack your shit, you're hoing to brazil

  • メꜱɪʟᴠᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ ꜱʜᴀᴅᴏᴡ ꜰᴀɴメ❼❼❼ budgie
    メꜱɪʟᴠᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ ꜱʜᴀᴅᴏᴡ ꜰᴀɴメ❼❼❼ budgieMåned siden

    i made a website on wix

  • Carmela gorra
    Carmela gorraMåned siden

    did you know too much coca cola kills you

  • jeep biscuit
    jeep biscuitMåned siden

    Gone. Reduced to atoms.

  • Gamer Alien
    Gamer AlienMåned siden

    I would drink it but then I would be drinking my pee after a while

  • Zafirawidisiidis Akbar
    Zafirawidisiidis AkbarMåned siden


  • Heathen
    HeathenMåned siden

    Thabks dude .Peoples will stop drinking coka cola after this

  • Sofia Jamila
    Sofia JamilaMåned siden


  • Cecilia Aguiniga
    Cecilia AguinigaMåned siden

    Vale me: why you mad?

  • Evan Tremblay
    Evan TremblayMåned siden


  • hfandgkrsyjsvmfjjsfjitsjdgmfuzhvn
    hfandgkrsyjsvmfjjsfjitsjdgmfuzhvnMåned siden

    this is just explaining the effects of cocaine without being demonetized

  • spencer tussing
    spencer tussingMåned siden

    Make a video about how about call being you are

  • Germanic Warsaw PolandBall Animation Collation
    Germanic Warsaw PolandBall Animation CollationMåned siden

    The narrator

  • Joaquin Iñigo Santos
    Joaquin Iñigo SantosMåned siden

    Ok I drink water coke and beer

  • ItzTooCrazy RBLXz
    ItzTooCrazy RBLXzMåned siden

    Fun Fact: This comment is a fun Fact

  • Draupadi Sarkar
    Draupadi SarkarMåned siden


  • DORIS Maric
    DORIS MaricMåned siden

    Wix was my online class for English in quarantine :/

  • szymon stasiak
    szymon stasiakMåned siden


  • szymon stasiak
    szymon stasiakMåned siden

    Wanna skip the video? Press here ⬆️⬆️⬆️

  • Foxin King
    Foxin KingMåned siden

    Me: i new cola was evil

  • The Vault The Official Channel
    The Vault The Official ChannelMåned siden


  • GD Fayo
    GD FayoMåned siden

    0:32 look at all those chickens!

  • Tut Chang
    Tut ChangMåned siden

    Why did you say ass

  • planemod
    planemodMåned siden

    0:45 large amount of- *breath*

  • Kevin Le
    Kevin LeMåned siden

    this drenc coca-cola 1 drenc!!

  • Manjari Thapa
    Manjari ThapaMåned siden

    i dont wanna die1111!111111! uiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiuiy

  • vito lorizzo
    vito lorizzoMåned siden

    116000th like

  • Kenrick Lagunas
    Kenrick Lagunas2 måneder siden

    What happen you drink Coca-Cola

  • Zafirawidisiidis Akbar
    Zafirawidisiidis Akbar2 måneder siden


  • tiger li
    tiger li2 måneder siden

    then you would drink it all

  • Donna Smith
    Donna Smith2 måneder siden

    Meet hot song 😍 xn

  • Aubrey Kempf
    Aubrey Kempf2 måneder siden


  • elenor eliazo
    elenor eliazo2 måneder siden


  • Josephine Guerrero
    Josephine Guerrero2 måneder siden

    The beginning is cruel poor Arnold

  • Shadow_Gaming
    Shadow_Gaming2 måneder siden

    I heard that the first coca cola was made with cocaine

  • Jay Lai
    Jay Lai2 måneder siden

    Which link

  • Rudy Castro
    Rudy Castro2 måneder siden


  • Krabztakrabz
    Krabztakrabz2 måneder siden


  • GmanCasey
    GmanCasey2 måneder siden


  • Doneka Semple
    Doneka Semple2 måneder siden


  • DaGaminGod Lol
    DaGaminGod Lol2 måneder siden

    How much times arnolds finger fell off ⬇️

  • Joshua Sanchez

    Joshua Sanchez

    2 måneder siden

    7? Dam😔

  • SmokinLogs
    SmokinLogs2 måneder siden

    he is in love with the coca

  • Glitch Piggy Player
    Glitch Piggy Player2 måneder siden

    that scientists is poor there science Is actually Don work so she is poor guy

  • Riyadh Ali Raslan
    Riyadh Ali Raslan2 måneder siden

    So is ... cola drug?

  • EZ Bomb
    EZ Bomb2 måneder siden

    *get ur **-ass-** out of **_bed_*

  • Replay it? 2015
    Replay it? 20152 måneder siden


  • O7 Plays
    O7 Plays2 måneder siden

    0:16-Get ur a** out of bed

    DAVE PLAYS ROBLOX OG2 måneder siden

    Well thats how you make beer

  • Faith Locke
    Faith Locke2 måneder siden

    There is a .S.W.A.T. Team

  • Supersoto5
    Supersoto52 måneder siden

    Original Hol up

  • blox YT
    blox YT2 måneder siden

    coca cola is the only soda that has more caffeine than cofee

  • Gamer Callaway
    Gamer Callaway2 måneder siden

    Can you do a Arnold vs SCP 173? please

  • azman jamrin
    azman jamrin2 måneder siden


  • Mohamed Vishal
    Mohamed Vishal2 måneder siden


  • Um Fatoom
    Um Fatoom2 måneder siden


  • YouKnowWho!
    YouKnowWho!2 måneder siden

    Didnt the first Coca Cola have cocaine? That might be why if you bathed in it, you'd feel that way.

  • A Drepressed Leon
    A Drepressed Leon2 måneder siden

    Why does Arnold always lose his finger tf xD

  • Vjollca Bajgora
    Vjollca Bajgora2 måneder siden

    It was sponsored by cocacola better

  • N train Productions MTA
    N train Productions MTA2 måneder siden

    🤢 🦺 🩳 This construction worker is throwing up

  • Mark daniel Noto
    Mark daniel Noto2 måneder siden

    How many fingers are removed?

  • Meera James
    Meera James2 måneder siden


  • Alek Svere
    Alek Svere2 måneder siden

    Whats coca cola? Did you mean cokane cola?

  • i make random comments
    i make random comments2 måneder siden

    Type 2 diabetes