What if you Jump From 30,000 ft Without Parachute?

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What if you Jump From 30,000 ft Without Parachute?
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  • Cooked Steak
    Cooked Steak19 timer siden

    Come on. He can search for a parachute for HIS whole LIFE

  • vin tur
    vin turDag siden

    Arnolds hair its like bacon hair

  • Gaming James
    Gaming JamesDag siden

    this vid was on my b day

  • Sebastian Gasga
    Sebastian GasgaDag siden


    CLASH ON INDIA2 dager siden

    This was his first video

  • Veronica Franco Veronica Franco
    Veronica Franco Veronica Franco7 dager siden

    Air Attacks from 30000 ft: RareFried Air, hypoxia

  • Veronica Franco Veronica Franco
    Veronica Franco Veronica Franco7 dager siden

    Journey Will end: 2 min 59 sec

  • Parul Mahajan
    Parul Mahajan7 dager siden


  • Adrian LeDeaux
    Adrian LeDeaux8 dager siden

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, not arnold!

  • Adrian LeDeaux

    Adrian LeDeaux

    8 dager siden

    oh phew.

  • cableup RBLX
    cableup RBLX8 dager siden

    I remember when this was new...

  • Nate dog1520
    Nate dog152010 dager siden

    Who voices Arnold

  • Даниил •
    Даниил •10 dager siden


  • woww wat an AMAZIN day :D
    woww wat an AMAZIN day :D10 dager siden

    So this is the first arnold video?

  • Fighter 3639 YT
    Fighter 3639 YT11 dager siden

    I AM AN OG

  • Fighter 3639 YT

    Fighter 3639 YT

    11 dager siden

    Been here since 30k subs

  • Alejandro Emilio CERVANTES MOTTA
    Alejandro Emilio CERVANTES MOTTA12 dager siden

    i liked the first animation of arnie

  • Sir Nukesalot
    Sir Nukesalot12 dager siden

    1:51 Hahaha Thats Baldi

  • Lily the Child
    Lily the Child13 dager siden

    I remember being here on the first video

  • franz manalo
    franz manalo14 dager siden

    wh...i...just...whaaaat i see two arnold

  • CoolCanMan
    CoolCanMan14 dager siden

    There are 2 arnolds so he might have been cloned alot like the space one.

  • Hiphopbro Skeppy
    Hiphopbro Skeppy14 dager siden

    Arnold looks like a hobo

  • Wølfieee L
    Wølfieee L14 dager siden

    Man, Arnold was ugly. I mean ✨ beautiful ✨

  • rammenokey
    rammenokey15 dager siden

    How peaceful the narration is🙁🙁

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame15 dager siden

    Plot twist Bigfoot catches Arnold & saves him lol

  • innovation trainer • 500 years ago
    innovation trainer • 500 years ago15 dager siden

    I was here since the first day

  • Connor Losee
    Connor Losee16 dager siden

    Oldest vid of channle

  • Ranga Gaming
    Ranga Gaming16 dager siden

    This channel answers all answers in life

  • RandomGamer5936
    RandomGamer593617 dager siden

    Him: a stuffed animal factory Me: U 4GOT THAT ROOFS EXISTS

  • vlademir nootin
    vlademir nootin18 dager siden

    What is this assassin's creed cause the hay stack

  • Jake Thomas
    Jake Thomas19 dager siden

    This video was the beginning of the end.

  • Max JP
    Max JP20 dager siden

    Tip: jump off when you are closer to the ground

  • Some one
    Some one20 dager siden

    Fun fact: this was the first Arnold episode

  • Zombie with No head
    Zombie with No head21 dag siden

    No. O

  • Mette Møller
    Mette Møller22 dager siden

    Evolution of A.R.N.O.L.D He starts with a bear and a bit thin He gets more *T H I C C* Loses his beard and still has his *T H I C C N E S S* And that’s the evolution of A.R.N.OL.D *i think....*

  • BlueTooth
    BlueTooth23 dager siden

    Omg he looks sooo different lol

  • Bahay ni Ace
    Bahay ni Ace23 dager siden

    ime finish your vidoe

  • Wicked
    Wicked25 dager siden

    The day a legend was born

  • Frixual
    Frixual28 dager siden

    first vudei

  • Sa1ty Gam3r
    Sa1ty Gam3r29 dager siden

    He’s says “both” of the aircrafts engines stop working but as you can see there is 4

  • Hello Hello
    Hello HelloMåned siden

    I can’t believe this is 3 years old

  • noob gaming
    noob gamingMåned siden

    The 2020 Arnold is awesome but the 2017 Arnold is not good

  • Greg F.
    Greg F.Måned siden

    Who is the narrator? I forgot his channels name

  • The Winged Hussar

    The Winged Hussar

    Måned siden

    3 Ds on purpose

  • The Winged Hussar

    The Winged Hussar

    Måned siden

    Greg F. Ridddle.

  • otaku anime
    otaku animeMåned siden


    HERO_BRINEMåned siden

    0:14 He said : Both of the planes engines stop working Me : THERE ARE FOUR ENGINES ON THAT PLANE!!!! THEY STILL HAVE TWO ENGINES

  • Diana
    DianaMåned siden

    His wife

  • Diana
    DianaMåned siden


  • Diana
    DianaMåned siden

    Now he's

  • Diana
    DianaMåned siden


  • yes
    yesMåned siden

    Why does Arnold look so different

  • Dragosh X
    Dragosh XMåned siden

    I am laughing at the face he has 😂

  • KH.3.27
    KH.3.27Måned siden


  • Okosun Tom
    Okosun TomMåned siden

    i believe u have a slim chance of survival crashing inside the plane than jumping out of the plane without a parachute..aint no superman.. and in terms of finding a place to fall i notice in hollywood movies when ppl fall from a plane they prefer to fall into a river or stream

  • Gabriel Animates
    Gabriel AnimatesMåned siden

    Remember how dumb arnold sounded like Well... *HE STILL DOES!!*

  • Sean Cushing
    Sean CushingMåned siden


  • M S I
    M S IMåned siden

    *╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭*

  • ronnel galvo
    ronnel galvoMåned siden

    Queen Elizabeth II vs Arnold who will win??

  • Enhbold Otgonbaatar
    Enhbold OtgonbaatarMåned siden

    Use standard metric system not feet and mile

  • Refractory Beauty Co
    Refractory Beauty CoMåned siden

    ⊙﹏⊙ I'm so nervous about meeting Arnold!

  • Bailey Bruckner
    Bailey BrucknerMåned siden


  • Germanic Warsaw PolandBall Animation Collation
    Germanic Warsaw PolandBall Animation CollationMåned siden


  • Germanic Warsaw PolandBall Animation Collation
    Germanic Warsaw PolandBall Animation CollationMåned siden

    He dose not care about Arnold

  • Maulan Wong
    Maulan WongMåned siden

    Anyone watching 3 years later?

  • Jaijai Cahatian

    Jaijai Cahatian

    Måned siden


  • Maulan Wong
    Maulan WongMåned siden

    Planes do not fly at exactly 30,000 feet maybe 29,995 feet or 30,006 feet but not exactly 30,000 feet

  • Greater Canada

    Greater Canada

    Måned siden

    why did you say this, why was this something that had ri be expressed

  • Michael Hardy
    Michael HardyMåned siden

    M to F change test

  • ppt36
    ppt36Måned siden

    I remember when Arnold had a little beard

  • Sisterandbother Roblox plays
    Sisterandbother Roblox playsMåned siden

    I love this channel so much!!!!

    J8DEN TUBEMåned siden

    . M Mm Mm Mm J M

    J8DEN TUBEMåned siden

    Back in my days this was the only upload of this channel

    PIXAL GAMINGMåned siden

    Why andlno face like this XD

  • liana kr
    liana krMåned siden

    Why is Arnold's hair different from all the other videos?🤔?

  • Greater Canada

    Greater Canada

    Måned siden

    this video is 3 years old

  • Wednesday Frogge
    Wednesday FroggeMåned siden

    In the other videos he looks different in this video he looks very weird

  • Greater Canada

    Greater Canada

    Måned siden

    this video is 3 years old

    QUINNYBEANMåned siden

    I love how the narrator is so calm during all this

  • Faris Sandra
    Faris SandraMåned siden

    How many I can fly

  • Demi Dennett
    Demi DennettMåned siden

    0:44 spooky winking skeletons and shivers down your eyes

  • thechezychez
    thechezychezMåned siden

    like they say: push a man off a plane with a parachute and he does it once, but dont and he be flying for the rest of his life.

  • Jalal Abdel Samad
    Jalal Abdel SamadMåned siden

    POV: you’ve been watching meet arnold for 2 hours and you can’t stop

  • Mohd Zafar

    Mohd Zafar

    10 dager siden


  • Greater Canada

    Greater Canada

    Måned siden

    POV: Yes

  • kidjas11
    kidjas11Måned siden

    First vid

  • Void TNT
    Void TNTMåned siden

    Oldest video ever😏 .....

  • K P V Swamy
    K P V SwamyMåned siden

    But what if you open a bag and use it as a parachute

  • Abbas Aljafer
    Abbas Aljafer2 måneder siden

    Arnold back then oof

  • Rohan Asrani
    Rohan Asrani2 måneder siden

    So this is where it all started!!

  • Carter
    Carter2 måneder siden

    Me looking back at this video and the old design of Arnold

  • The Scoop animation
    The Scoop animation2 måneder siden

    Old arnold was ugly

  • jayjay1221x2 and 1baby_Talkbaby's World
    jayjay1221x2 and 1baby_Talkbaby's World2 måneder siden

    A legend has been born

  • Hanisah 51
    Hanisah 512 måneder siden


  • George D
    George D2 måneder siden

    Ahh, arny with a beard

  • pegaweegee
    pegaweegee2 måneder siden

    Before War Robots

  • Derek Miller
    Derek Miller2 måneder siden


  • Pedro Solis
    Pedro Solis2 måneder siden

    God damn old Arnold looks fucking weird

  • springbun gaming
    springbun gaming2 måneder siden

    You look look like baldi

  • Angelo Napoli
    Angelo Napoli2 måneder siden

    *and the start of a miserable had begun.*

  • AngryBirdNate06
    AngryBirdNate062 måneder siden

    The beginning of Arnold's suffering

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  • yanhaizhongyu
    yanhaizhongyu2 måneder siden


  • yanhaizhongyu
    yanhaizhongyu2 måneder siden


  • Ammy
    Ammy2 måneder siden

    He changed so much in 3 years

  • Abdullah imran al Khan
    Abdullah imran al Khan2 måneder siden

    Arnold die live die live die live 8000,00000, years later I’m still alive

  • Joanna Ch
    Joanna Ch2 måneder siden

    Arnold looks so diffrent here.

  • Michele Pauquette
    Michele Pauquette2 måneder siden

    Old Arnold looks weird

  • yanhaizhongyu
    yanhaizhongyu2 måneder siden