What If You Live 1000 Years?

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What If You Live 1000 Years?
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  • Brady Quinn
    Brady QuinnDag siden

    1000 years Looks at game news GTA 5 ON PS200

  • coolcoll
    coolcoll2 dager siden

    in 1000 years ill be dead

  • hello there
    hello there3 dager siden

    0:50 PS40 😂

  • darren morris
    darren morris3 dager siden

    Stop loseing your finger arnold

  • The Lamb Sauce
    The Lamb Sauce6 dager siden

    Finally Arnold becomes Wise.

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame6 dager siden

    The future isn't ready for Arnold lol

  • Gavin5gbh Ringer
    Gavin5gbh Ringer6 dager siden

    I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee8 dager siden

    0:51 ps40

  • Zach P
    Zach P9 dager siden

    Stop making comment jokes its anoying like (Me:: )

  • Shahnaz Sultani
    Shahnaz Sultani10 dager siden

    I am watching this in 2020

  • MasterZze
    MasterZze11 dager siden

    Today I learned that Arnold has a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bedroom

  • bubbie Tube
    bubbie Tube11 dager siden

    It's Always Mobile games!

  • MOHAMED Yeslem
    MOHAMED Yeslem12 dager siden

    A thousand years is not enough a million is enough

  • rocket royale exposer
    rocket royale exposer13 dager siden

    Fun fact people stop grow at age 20 and women at 18 i thinck 🤨

  • Fivenightsatrobloxj Gaming
    Fivenightsatrobloxj Gaming13 dager siden

    Why dose Arnold’s finger come off all the time

  • Foxo Thepirate
    Foxo Thepirate13 dager siden

    That's alot of money just to be advertising once

  • Destroyer Nightmare God X
    Destroyer Nightmare God X14 dager siden

    Arnold didn't even say one word before in his life right anyways

  • Epic gamer boi Game review
    Epic gamer boi Game review14 dager siden

    Give arny a break

  • Jamie Crabb
    Jamie Crabb14 dager siden

    U can see wall e in the background 0:00

  • Ketchup Likes Stuff
    Ketchup Likes Stuff15 dager siden

    0:02 welp, it’s confirmed. *The narrator is Ridddle*

  • GirdleMcSturtle
    GirdleMcSturtle15 dager siden

    Statue of liberty for height, football fields for lenght, toyota corolla for weight and mcdonald's ice cream machine for lightyears, best measurement system in entire galaxy.

  • Jace Alucard Salvador
    Jace Alucard Salvador16 dager siden


  • Atharv Gowerdhan
    Atharv Gowerdhan16 dager siden

    Why is everything “what if” always bad!?

  • Glitchie
    Glitchie16 dager siden

    Narrarator: "Your hair will be the equal length to 10 statues of liberty" Me: That's a whole lot of liberty.

  • Connor McAlister

    Connor McAlister

    Dag siden

    Hey we will have more freedom then anyone now.

  • im not verified : [

    im not verified : [

    9 dager siden


  • imlimpoism
    imlimpoism16 dager siden

    so, this is what queen elizabeth did.

  • Md Tarequzzaman
    Md Tarequzzaman16 dager siden

    *Who else is here in 3020?*

  • Deva Dragon
    Deva Dragon17 dager siden

    i like the fact that there is a ps40 in the future

  • Deva Dragon

    Deva Dragon

    17 dager siden

    let just hope gta 5 is not gonna be in ps40

  • Lucid Death
    Lucid Death17 dager siden

    Why did the vending machine look like COD juggernog?

  • Gloria Ramirez
    Gloria Ramirez17 dager siden

    tell me how the it is in your day

  • Ropin’ Dutch
    Ropin’ Dutch17 dager siden

    If only Arthur can do this-

  • axolotl 377
    axolotl 37718 dager siden

    0:00 look at Arnold's poster

  • King Jose Villanueva
    King Jose Villanueva18 dager siden

    i play war robots!

  • Narida 2791
    Narida 279118 dager siden

    1000 years later and they only have a ps40 smh wow Sony you slow

    OBSERVING ILLUSION19 dager siden


  • 987NOOBIE
    987NOOBIE19 dager siden

    stop killing arnold

  • 1234pro gaming
    1234pro gaming19 dager siden


  • perrep
    perrep20 dager siden

    This channel is too sexuslized. And I don't like it

  • kaveri R
    kaveri R20 dager siden

    Oma va shin doro

  • Plasdeck
    Plasdeck21 dag siden

    Lol Arnold Schwarzenegger in the background

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame21 dag siden

    Imagine the amount of reefers you'd get to smoke over 1000 years lol

  • reyhaan alvaro
    reyhaan alvaro21 dag siden


  • 20th century Fox Lmao
    20th century Fox Lmao22 dager siden

    0:50 PS40

  • Lukas Muhonen
    Lukas Muhonen24 dager siden

    Why there is wall-E and why robots look weird why

  • Ehe te Nandayo
    Ehe te Nandayo25 dager siden

    1:59 lord boxman lol

  • Spongy Fan1828
    Spongy Fan182825 dager siden

    Add “What if you live For 2000yrs

    HMM BLEEP26 dager siden

    bro if i could live for 1,000 yrs that would be amazing

  • Embiz
    Embiz26 dager siden

    then you would be 1000 years older

  • White Among us
    White Among us27 dager siden

    Meet arnold: your brain can hold up to 2.5 Pb “My brain also forgetting test answers

  • Rachel O'Donnell
    Rachel O'Donnell27 dager siden


  • Lo Mane
    Lo Mane29 dager siden

    I’m going to cryopreserve my body

  • Walter Hernandez
    Walter HernandezMåned siden

    All of you go to 2:00 and you will see boxman from ko

  • Michael Davison
    Michael DavisonMåned siden

    There are historical documents recording early humans living +-800 years old. Its documentation is widely available in the most published book in the world.

  • lucas the best and the coolest
    lucas the best and the coolestMåned siden

    He says : meet Arnold What he means : meet our living test dummy whom we will kill for the 999th time witch I cursed PERMENETLY CAUSE IM AN EVIL DEMON WHO LIKES TO KILL ARNOLD FOR MY AMUSMENT!!!!!!!

  • Bd Agarwal
    Bd AgarwalMåned siden

    What if Arnold lost his memory like by the thing in hospital..

  • ᴅɪᴇɢᴏ ᴍᴀᴛɪ́ᴀs
    ᴅɪᴇɢᴏ ᴍᴀᴛɪ́ᴀsMåned siden

    W-War robots!?

  • Jacob Joel Estrada
    Jacob Joel EstradaMåned siden

    9:29 futurama planet express ship

  • DingZang
    DingZangMåned siden

    This channel has their way of getting our hopes down...

  • Shrayansh Cariappa
    Shrayansh CariappaMåned siden

    Meet Arnold and the Arnold behind him

  • lucas the best and the coolest
    lucas the best and the coolestMåned siden

    Year 10000 Robot kid "mommy, can I get a human for a pet?" Robot mom " sure bobby-1952270, witch one? The hipster? The jock? The normie? The noob? The pro? Or the nerd?" bobby-1952270 "the clown one, it only costs $999999999.99

  • lucas the best and the coolest
    lucas the best and the coolestMåned siden

    Won't you forget stuff when your brain is full?

  • Tommy Chong
    Tommy ChongMåned siden

    The whole military go in if you are a giant creature the military is going to blow over the place

  • Mazin Mubarak
    Mazin MubarakMåned siden

    0:49 PS40

  • Traquelia Cooper
    Traquelia CooperMåned siden

    ✋ my stomach hurt. Dude sounds like he was just hanging on struggling harder & hard w/ every breath

  • Kai Murphy
    Kai MurphyMåned siden

    There is a terminator poaster in the background in his room

  • Abdullah Ayham Karim
    Abdullah Ayham KarimMåned siden

    i did downloa

  • Roblox Sammy Alt
    Roblox Sammy AltMåned siden

    Arnold: YES I AM THE OLDEST PERSON! The doctor (Doctor who ): Hold my Fish fingers and custard...

  • Sonam Lama
    Sonam LamaMåned siden

    We need metal bones and we won’t die in future metal bones would be possible or should I say titanium

  • Revelation
    RevelationMåned siden

    Wait 1- don’t you lose hair the older you get 2- don’t you actually shrink also

  • master of car drive simulator multiplayer UWU
    master of car drive simulator multiplayer UWUMåned siden

    0:50 Ps40 wOw

  • Romie Solis

    Romie Solis

    Måned siden


  • Basics in Accounting STD 11 &12 ISC &CBSE
    Basics in Accounting STD 11 &12 ISC &CBSEMåned siden

    I hope all people live for unlimited lifi

  • Rovelyn Acevedo
    Rovelyn AcevedoMåned siden

    I hope 10000 00000000 age

  • 정찬 스파러 & 로블유저
    정찬 스파러 & 로블유저Måned siden

    0:28 앜 표지판에 거시기라고 써저있엌ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Mason Dominate Peralta
    Mason Dominate PeraltaMåned siden

    Is 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Mason Dominate Peralta
    Mason Dominate PeraltaMåned siden

    Meat Arnold

  • LincolnGameTube
    LincolnGameTubeMåned siden

    Who sees the PS40 if you saw it you eye is good

  • Svenee GT
    Svenee GTMåned siden

    The all saied were saied Mohammed he lived for 3k years a.nd thus is real

  • Belinda Law
    Belinda LawMåned siden

    No at fifty years you stop growing

  • ElitexGuest
    ElitexGuestMåned siden

    0:50 is no one inorge ps40

  • Gashaw Abebe
    Gashaw AbebeMåned siden

    Stop saying bitch you fucking bitch

  • Ali Mian
    Ali MianMåned siden

    @0:50 PS50

  • pinde24r old day old town
    pinde24r old day old townMåned siden

    So much funny and dummy

  • pinde24r old day old town

    pinde24r old day old town

    Måned siden

    So funny

  • Ethan Wiebe
    Ethan WiebeMåned siden

    I like how you hid the ps40 in the background





  • Лучшие новинки!!!
    Лучшие новинки!!!Måned siden

    Im russin

  • CursedPea
    CursedPeaMåned siden

    the oldest person really lived for 1800 yrs no matter how surprising it sounds its really true

  • Dete Dete
    Dete DeteMåned siden

    0:50 ps40 THE FUTURE!

  • Synx's son
    Synx's sonMåned siden

    0:50 top left PS40

  • angel angel dust
    angel angel dustMåned siden

    ARNAE! ,,,,

  • charlie the gamer711
    charlie the gamer711Måned siden

    I see that ok ko reference there sneaky future

  • The Bird Post
    The Bird PostMåned siden

    Il u know kick a whole house down

  • zefyriukas10
    zefyriukas10Måned siden

    2200 He is crazy cuz he rubbed his butt on a building -and usually, he loses a freaking finger

  • muhammad suzairi
    muhammad suzairiMåned siden

    cant he add more brain

  • Raiden Liggett
    Raiden LiggettMåned siden

    No one actually noticed Connor wow 2:00

  • iiPoxz :p
    iiPoxz :pMåned siden

    Kids in 1000 years be like Anyone here in 120/19/3 In Googol years Anyone here in 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/19/3?

  • master of car drive simulator multiplayer UWU
    master of car drive simulator multiplayer UWUMåned siden

    1:07 the arnes butt

  • GIAN Flashback122
    GIAN Flashback122Måned siden

    Ps40 in 0:50

  • daisy vance
    daisy vance2 måneder siden

    katherine pierce be like

  • Jake Hernandez0718
    Jake Hernandez07182 måneder siden

    I wonder arnolds finger gets cut or something

  • Joycie A. Kho
    Joycie A. Kho2 måneder siden

    But the heart will beat 30 billion