What If You're On A Raft In The Middle Of The Ocean?

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What If You're On A Raft In The Middle Of The Ocean?
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  • Peanutbenny Ben
    Peanutbenny Ben2 dager siden

    0:43 that made me gag

  • Canadian Home Chef
    Canadian Home Chef4 dager siden

    Just like the game raft

  • Holly Hey
    Holly Hey5 dager siden

    Don’t say bad words!

  • Ashishee Poo
    Ashishee Poo8 dager siden

    Can this comment get 1k likes please never even gotten 10 likes ever before

  • calvin nguyen
    calvin nguyen8 dager siden

    can you do arnold wrestles a anaconda?

  • Winner 1835
    Winner 18359 dager siden

    0:00 schools be like

  • Cyan Uranus
    Cyan Uranus10 dager siden


  • J Joslyn
    J Joslyn10 dager siden

    U can use the phone to call for help

  • 987NOOBIE
    987NOOBIE13 dager siden

    1:55 how to survive sharks

  • Bright Bulb
    Bright Bulb14 dager siden

    the crab cut offs arnolds finger again arnold

  • Aaron Ramos
    Aaron Ramos14 dager siden

    Lol don't Lick that arny thats BIRD SHIT LMAO!!!

  • RobloxGames YT
    RobloxGames YT14 dager siden

    Plot twist: the narrator is Arnold that created a time machine 30years in the future

  • Sub Bot Known

    Sub Bot Known

    12 dager siden


  • Farhan Siddique
    Farhan Siddique14 dager siden

    Whatever vids meet Arnold makes are the things that will never ever happen

  • Zafirawidisiidis Akbar
    Zafirawidisiidis Akbar14 dager siden


  • Joaquin Godeyne
    Joaquin Godeyne16 dager siden

    I like how i got a "survival on raft" ad before this started

  • Abdul Wahidi
    Abdul Wahidi17 dager siden


  • Thomas the thermonuclear bomb
    Thomas the thermonuclear bomb24 dager siden

    Anyone ever feel bad for Arnold Cause I don’t

  • Davidscoolsauce
    Davidscoolsauce26 dager siden

    what about wifi?

  • Achilles Billiones
    Achilles Billiones26 dager siden

    There's a wifi in his phone

  • Shang Ye Zhu
    Shang Ye Zhu27 dager siden

    You will not see the world but, the world can still see you

  • Blue The Furry
    Blue The FurryMåned siden


  • keven 101
    keven 101Måned siden

    1:20 remember kids the sun is a deadly laser

  • Halloween 2020 Frinight Full moon werewolf hunting
    Halloween 2020 Frinight Full moon werewolf huntingMåned siden

    “ first you need water” well that’s gonna be a huge challenge

    ROBERT HOLMESMåned siden


  • Tristan Krutz
    Tristan KrutzMåned siden

    0:43 LMAO

  • Nhật Chu Minh
    Nhật Chu MinhMåned siden

    why is his dinner a mermaid??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Rachel Leigh
    Rachel LeighMåned siden

    Hey hey hello hello I want you to shut up

    SANESSMåned siden

    It’s literally all about the game raft

  • Milaan Patel
    Milaan PatelMåned siden

    Always loosing his finger, its sad

  • Kieran Wells 2
    Kieran Wells 2Måned siden

    Arnold was a great player

  • ajay gajbhiye
    ajay gajbhiyeMåned siden

    In this video there were my little pony 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • MsJennyfer23
    MsJennyfer23Måned siden

    he can survive by drink the sea

  • Best Friends Forever In Roblox
    Best Friends Forever In RobloxMåned siden

    You in raft Recives a phone Why not I call a police Instead of playing sticker game lol.

  • Ashok Majumdar
    Ashok MajumdarMåned siden

    How dare you call poor Arnold a JERK.

  • MrSketch420
    MrSketch420Måned siden

    I'm a kid😈

  • MrSketch420
    MrSketch420Måned siden

    just kidding😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • MrSketch420
    MrSketch420Måned siden

    🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 what I'm a grown up

  • MrSketch420
    MrSketch420Måned siden

    you bet your right😉

  • Linas Gruzdys
    Linas GruzdysMåned siden

    Tastes like poo

  • Rozy Tuteja
    Rozy TutejaMåned siden

    2:18 he was on the land

  • Frosty - Žach
    Frosty - ŽachMåned siden

    arnold always lose his finger 😂

  • Shepherd
    ShepherdMåned siden

    Arnold:touches anything His fingers:bye have a great time

    BOBO CHUNGIMåned siden

    Not that Arnie that’s bird shi# 😂

  • FiShI
    FiShIMåned siden

    not that arnold thats bird shit xD

  • Araceli Aure
    Araceli AureMåned siden

    2:18 he just teleport with the chest makes nno sense How did he get out too

  • muhammad suzairi
    muhammad suzairiMåned siden

    trap on boat but happy bacuse of a sticker

  • Thomas Sorskaar
    Thomas SorskaarMåned siden

    What is Arnold doing this s***

  • Thomas Sorskaar
    Thomas SorskaarMåned siden

    fat in a b**********************

  • Thomas Sorskaar
    Thomas SorskaarMåned siden

    What the f*** is this m************ s*** doing

  • Thomas Sorskaar
    Thomas SorskaarMåned siden

    Can you stop this Arnold the main go to a f****** death

  • Thomas Sorskaar
    Thomas SorskaarMåned siden

    are you sure this Arnold men is going to poop in the world like s***

  • Rajesh Devi
    Rajesh DeviMåned siden

    R is Akhya Singh

  • Rajesh Devi
    Rajesh DeviMåned siden

    2:08 Hi Alex 🦁

  • Rajesh Devi
    Rajesh DeviMåned siden

    I like this soooooooooooo much 😃😃😃😃😃😃👍👍👍👍👍

  • cute swiny UWU
    cute swiny UWUMåned siden

    1:13 s*it arni

  • cute swiny UWU
    cute swiny UWUMåned siden

    0:21 is this a meme

  • Rein Byatt
    Rein ByattMåned siden

    I love how he has such a nice voice but he's mean to arnold

  • Queenie Fajardo
    Queenie FajardoMåned siden



    *laughs in raft: the game*

  • J Marcus Miranda
    J Marcus MirandaMåned siden

    Narrator said no soul HIM?

  • Jake Goh
    Jake GohMåned siden


  • kaseynix66
    kaseynix66Måned siden

    This is like the game raft

  • Nelson Lou
    Nelson LouMåned siden


  • Zafirawidisiidis Akbar
    Zafirawidisiidis AkbarMåned siden


  • Nathius White
    Nathius White2 måneder siden

    Nemo in Latin means no one or nobody and that also Nemo the fish's name so Nemo technically doesn't exist

  • Nathius White

    Nathius White

    2 måneder siden


  • Jack H
    Jack H2 måneder siden

    Hi Arnoold

  • Michael Lanser
    Michael Lanser2 måneder siden

    At the end of the video remember how he got a phone and a solar panel he could just call help he doesn’t have to just sit there and play that game

  • itsJacobjake
    itsJacobjake2 måneder siden

    Anyone noticed Arnold doesn't have a beard?

  • Jordy Ger
    Jordy Ger2 måneder siden

    I'm sad

  • Jordy Ger
    Jordy Ger2 måneder siden


  • Chip The Amazing
    Chip The Amazing2 måneder siden


  • Edgar Aguilar
    Edgar Aguilar2 måneder siden

    When I watch these videos Arnold figure fell off

  • Big Pappy
    Big Pappy2 måneder siden

    He is not going anywhere near the land

  • Adam Varga
    Adam Varga2 måneder siden

    2:16 why is arnold in a chest and when looking over quidd is on land?!?!?!

    DARK LIGHT2 måneder siden

    Can't Arnold just call for help with the phone that quid gave him

  • Liam A
    Liam A2 måneder siden

    can you make a longer video pls

  • SmokinLogs
    SmokinLogs2 måneder siden

    “not that, Arnie, that’s bird shit” IM DEAD LMFAO 😂😂😂💀

  • Streaming Account
    Streaming Account2 måneder siden

    hey 6you can only survive 7 dayswthout food or water

  • Jürgen Abu Chacker-Meier
    Jürgen Abu Chacker-Meier2 måneder siden

    The first Video in my life, when I liked to see a commercial in it!

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    ISpank MyKids2 måneder siden


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    you can make saity water into clean drinking water wow i didn't know that

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    Tibet Gumus2 måneder siden

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  • RomanJC
    RomanJC2 måneder siden

    0:05 not a soul around you? What about that bird that just landed on your raft?