What If You Spend 1 Nanosecond In The Volcano?

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  • ROBLOX Admin
    ROBLOX Admin41 minutt siden

    steve dead by lava

  • Mini TanqR
    Mini TanqR3 timer siden

    0:06 i saw the portal gun

  • vin tur
    vin tur23 timer siden

    his clothes is still not burned

  • JO - 02RC 893036 Cooksville Creek PS
    JO - 02RC 893036 Cooksville Creek PSDag siden

    Every episode we meet arnold he always loses his middle finger

  • Not_Guardian
    Not_GuardianDag siden

    0:51-0:55 Arnold Goe's Super Sayian.

  • Kavin Pandiarajan
    Kavin Pandiarajan2 dager siden

    another finger loss

  • RebelSimRacer
    RebelSimRacer2 dager siden

    okay this episode is racist

  • matheus lira
    matheus lira4 dager siden


  • Arthrosis
    Arthrosis6 dager siden

    Arnold did blackface

  • Sheldon Plankton*
    Sheldon Plankton*7 dager siden

    0:37 what happened to Arnold’s beard

  • Ae z
    Ae z7 dager siden


  • Sheldon Myatt
    Sheldon Myatt7 dager siden

    In 2020 we are probably gonna be killed by a volcano

  • frike
    frike8 dager siden

    What if arnold was at epicenter of nuclear explosion

  • bountykillah359
    bountykillah35910 dager siden

    Is that what you really think black people like me look like?

  • noob gaming
    noob gaming11 dager siden

    Poor arney

  • John Grevsten
    John Grevsten12 dager siden

    Interesting portal gun

  • Ghoulyz
    Ghoulyz14 dager siden

    I loved the portal thing 0:14

  • loven jhon ocot
    loven jhon ocot14 dager siden

    Can you pls give Arnold a good day?

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez15 dager siden

    Give Arnold a chance

  • Maya_ Playz
    Maya_ Playz15 dager siden

    Arnold Always Losed His arms Andthe narrator Is just Like: Wacthing

  • R4NDUM
    R4NDUM16 dager siden

    1:30 so much enthusiasm! 😂

  • Angel Okyere
    Angel Okyere16 dager siden

    So is nobody gonna talk about the racist African part in the video likeeee????

    TECH AK16 dager siden

    *His finger is like Lizard tail.*

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame19 dager siden

    Arnold is awesome as hell lol

    木WARCAR木ツGAMING19 dager siden

    What if Arnold got kicked in the nut ?

  • Twinks Twinkie
    Twinks Twinkie20 dager siden

    He was there for much longer than 1 nanosecond

  • Tobletporter
    Tobletporter20 dager siden

    You'll still survive, but the guy that threw you there will lose his arm, and the volcano will erupt, then, the rock next to the volcano will also fling to the sky with you and the man and the man will kill you by yeeting you to space.

  • stranger
    stranger21 dag siden

    spend 90 seconds in burning lava, I don't think so.

  • Юлия Черноусова
    Юлия Черноусова21 dag siden

    What if arnold lands on the sun

  • Kaleem Ullah
    Kaleem Ullah21 dag siden

    What’s up I don’t how are you doing mate

    AARYAN BHARDWAJ22 dager siden

    dry arnold

  • Duyen Le
    Duyen Le22 dager siden

    Degrees is1200

  • Nagito Komaeda
    Nagito Komaeda24 dager siden

    This is really racist. Not ok.

  • LukaGelutashv
    LukaGelutashv25 dager siden

    This guy hates africa little too much

    YOUTUBER27 dager siden

    What if arnold only have cure of covid19?

  • Alice Thai
    Alice Thai27 dager siden

    Dont Go To Lawa 1200C

  • Shane Matthew Mesa
    Shane Matthew Mesa28 dager siden


  • Umutpory Games!
    Umutpory Games!Måned siden

    could he just use the way of crouch

  • king forever007
    king forever007Måned siden

    Stop bullying arny 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Katie Satie
    Katie SatieMåned siden

    Every episode has one time he lost his finger

  • Filip Rzany
    Filip RzanyMåned siden

    RIP pants

  • Muzna Muzna
    Muzna MuznaMåned siden

    Ok i love it :)

  • Muzna Muzna
    Muzna MuznaMåned siden


  • Akintoba Okewusi
    Akintoba OkewusiMåned siden

    That is so Racist, he said he was Africa and they are all Black

  • Normal Profile

    Normal Profile

    Måned siden

    but most people in africa are black..

  • Jack Flynn
    Jack FlynnMåned siden

    Rip his finger

  • Karen Papio
    Karen PapioMåned siden

    I like when you call arnold

  • Tabassum Towhid
    Tabassum TowhidMåned siden

    Arnold awlays lost his one finger

  • Josh Dawson
    Josh DawsonMåned siden


  • Kim Lowman
    Kim LowmanMåned siden

    Bruh just Drink a potion of fire resistants

  • Kim Lowman

    Kim Lowman

    Måned siden

    Sorry my brother is a Minecraft pro

  • Liviousia _Suki
    Liviousia _SukiMåned siden


  • Atha syand
    Atha syandMåned siden

    1:22 me:oh,no one talks/care about that

  • Eli Lewis
    Eli LewisMåned siden

    What if him meets siren head

  • Rolando Martínez Espinosa
    Rolando Martínez EspinosaMåned siden

    Title: What if You Spend 1 Nanosecond in The Volcano? Arnold: goes to volcano for 20 seconds

  • tracelace
    tracelaceMåned siden

    Hey arnold

  • foxy the leader
    foxy the leaderMåned siden


  • DatJhit Diesel 💰🏃‍♂️
    DatJhit Diesel 💰🏃‍♂️Måned siden

    What if Arnold got caught lacking by the opps

  • Liam A
    Liam AMåned siden

    oh and are talking about terraria

  • Liam A
    Liam AMåned siden

    Richboy_4 i do not think Arnold knows about that potion

  • Gloire Mananga
    Gloire ManangaMåned siden


  • Heng Wangjie
    Heng WangjieMåned siden

    1:22 man rip

  • Cany
    CanyMåned siden

    Lol. I just seen daily dose of interest video and a man puts his hand for like 0.5 seconds in lava basically and nothing happens

  • Peter Mathiasen
    Peter MathiasenMåned siden

    0:51 goku mean arnold

  • A180CombatBowser Game pro
    A180CombatBowser Game proMåned siden

    poor arnold

  • Michael Hardy
    Michael HardyMåned siden

    Sex charge Arnold test

  • Romeo Gabriel Tumabcao
    Romeo Gabriel TumabcaoMåned siden

    *Finger loses arnold*

  • Draupadi Sarkar
    Draupadi SarkarMåned siden


  • Khaled Muktadir
    Khaled MuktadirMåned siden

    Remember the*bacon hairs*

  • Khaled Muktadir

    Khaled Muktadir

    Måned siden

    Plz remember the *bacon*hairs*

  • Danny Aniston
    Danny AnistonMåned siden

    Fun fact: You can drink lava but only once

  • DoomsDave Gaming
    DoomsDave GamingMåned siden

    I'm Nigerian and that's racist 0:30 Yes I am black

  • Mr. Yagoobian

    Mr. Yagoobian

    Måned siden

    @DoomsDave Gaming Yeah

  • DoomsDave Gaming

    DoomsDave Gaming

    Måned siden

    @Mr. Yagoobian that's How the rest of the world see Africa So disrespectful

  • Mr. Yagoobian

    Mr. Yagoobian

    Måned siden

    It was kinda racist. But it's not really a big deal

  • DoomsDave Gaming

    DoomsDave Gaming

    Måned siden

    @Mr. Yagoobian 😰 Thanks

  • Mr. Yagoobian

    Mr. Yagoobian

    Måned siden

    Nobody cares

  • David Earle
    David EarleMåned siden

    I Swear to God how many times has Arnold lost his finger

  • Mohammed Ashfak
    Mohammed AshfakMåned siden

    This man hates Arnold's finger

  • Ajay Keshri
    Ajay KeshriMåned siden

    The Arnold always loose his one finger

  • Pang Kim Teck
    Pang Kim TeckMåned siden

    just wear boots has fire walker like netherine

  • Yoongi’s pet rock
    Yoongi’s pet rockMåned siden

    Sensible course? But why

  • Tom Jackson
    Tom JacksonMåned siden

    Isn't he always loosing a finger

  • Xanderplayz
    XanderplayzMåned siden

    Stop being racist

  • JackOS 555
    JackOS 555Måned siden

    Arnold gets scared by a portal gun

  • Jurassic park fan
    Jurassic park fanMåned siden

    Does Arnold Always loses his finger

  • How to - Tutorials
    How to - Tutorials2 måneder siden

    At the first, he was sleeping in ICU Poor Arnold, you use him always for experiment 👍

  • Argad Argad
    Argad Argad2 måneder siden

    Why are you fucking racist?

  • humano animaçoes
    humano animaçoes2 måneder siden

    I'm me brazilian

  • Gaming and more
    Gaming and more2 måneder siden

    Ye at da end t said “ put up your finger” so I did middle finger at Arnold

  • Indriyani Rasyid
    Indriyani Rasyid2 måneder siden


  • Undertime
    Undertime2 måneder siden

    He always loses his finger

  • Susheela VV
    Susheela VV2 måneder siden

    Again Arnold loses his finger

  • Susheela VV
    Susheela VV2 måneder siden

    Is 1 nanosecond so long 😂

  • Melanie Pohl
    Melanie Pohl2 måneder siden


  • Kieran lee wells
    Kieran lee wells2 måneder siden


  • Supremo Alamat
    Supremo Alamat2 måneder siden

    Arnold IS IN THE LAVA

  • Wouulouuned
    Wouulouuned2 måneder siden


  • TheyPunchedMyNeck
    TheyPunchedMyNeck2 måneder siden

    he lost his pants

  • arsalan Fiaz
    arsalan Fiaz2 måneder siden


  • cwak'o must di
    cwak'o must di2 måneder siden

    1:03 well the really dark skin is not raciest but why the lips

  • Bemals Dvanitha
    Bemals Dvanitha2 måneder siden

    0:29 😂😂😂😂 africans😂😂😂

  • s•p•o•o•k•t•o•b•e•r
    s•p•o•o•k•t•o•b•e•r2 måneder siden

    What u showed as "Africans" is RACIST

  • Nathan A GONZALES
    Nathan A GONZALES2 måneder siden

    0:31 *lol*

  • B Fröger
    B Fröger2 måneder siden

    Bruh just drink a fire resistance potion

  • kronos kitten
    kronos kitten2 måneder siden

    0:29 that looks rasict why you making them have big lips and making them act dumb its not good oh

  • psalm17 games and friends
    psalm17 games and friends2 måneder siden

    𝙸 𝚑𝚊𝚝𝚎 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚍𝚒𝚎

  • Haranox
    Haranox2 måneder siden

    *Arnold abuse*