What If You Spend 24 Hours Inside A Video Game?

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What If You Spend 24 Hours Inside A Video Game?
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  • Can This Potato get 5k subs
    Can This Potato get 5k subs3 dager siden

    U ever heard of VR?

  • Samir Younes
    Samir Younes4 dager siden

    Is this jumanji

  • Cielo Alminana
    Cielo Alminana7 dager siden


  • bruno laska
    bruno laska8 dager siden


  • ussr_ roblox_engglish
    ussr_ roblox_engglish9 dager siden

    What Malaysia im indonesia

  • Majid Molla
    Majid Molla9 dager siden


  • jf veneer
    jf veneer10 dager siden

    i am in malaysia

  • Video traveler
    Video traveler10 dager siden

    I watched it

  • Kiffy Da Kiffy
    Kiffy Da Kiffy11 dager siden

    Lol malaysia meh country

  • Low Connie
    Low Connie11 dager siden

    They made Indonesia into Malaysia.

  • Alex Zender
    Alex Zender12 dager siden

    Im from malaysia

    AUTISTIC KUCHING12 dager siden

    Me when i see Malaysia: Ok at least my country is known by some ppl

  • ツYoungSAV
    ツYoungSAV14 dager siden

    Living in sword art online say less

  • zikry zbd
    zikry zbd15 dager siden

    Im from malaysia

  • Quinny Beatbox
    Quinny Beatbox16 dager siden

    Anyone realize Arnold was underage compared to the girl he found on the dating app lmao

  • superkarlita07
    superkarlita0716 dager siden


  • ninjin0223 Bayasgalan
    ninjin0223 Bayasgalan16 dager siden


  • Zafirawidisiidis Akbar
    Zafirawidisiidis Akbar16 dager siden


  • elektronik game
    elektronik game16 dager siden


  • Zafirawidisiidis Akbar
    Zafirawidisiidis Akbar16 dager siden

    Buat film baru

  • Sonia Hernandez
    Sonia Hernandez17 dager siden

    This is from one of my favorite movies ever.

  • Dreamedcar gaming
    Dreamedcar gaming17 dager siden

    People who got stuck in animal crossing: *Loophole go brr*

  • Zeo • 2020 years ago
    Zeo • 2020 years ago17 dager siden

    1:00 hæœïum

  • I need a life
    I need a life17 dager siden

    My flashbacks : *Jumanji*

    DIAMOND ARMOUR17 dager siden

    Can I live in minecraft I mean like it's way easier

  • Nerd Bacon
    Nerd Bacon18 dager siden

    Now im sad because my dream is to go to the U.S but im in Malaysia :(

  • RandomGamer5936
    RandomGamer593618 dager siden


  • SlimeyStuff
    SlimeyStuff18 dager siden

    2:43 ok now that’s just gay

    SOAP MAN19 dager siden

    if I was stuck in a game and I got to choose it would be called penguin Nothing beats meeting your new puffle in a calm world with tons of games to play

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame19 dager siden

    Arnold is rapidly becoming my new hero lol

  • Legacytrooper_8
    Legacytrooper_819 dager siden

    2:46 haha gaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

  • Guilherme Siffer
    Guilherme Siffer20 dager siden

    This was the last video I watched before my ipad got destroyed

  • A nub
    A nub20 dager siden

    I am here when there were 2.000 M views.

  • Adam alfy channel
    Adam alfy channel21 dag siden

    Im malaysian

  • Nate The Grape
    Nate The Grape21 dag siden

    Everybody gangsta till your little brother Whois horrible at this game and dies all the time starts playing

  • Fakhrusy Syakirin
    Fakhrusy Syakirin21 dag siden

    Wow malaysia thats my place

  • L Schafer
    L Schafer22 dager siden

    Wow your ancestors had ipods back then

    AZZA-DEAN SOULTAN22 dager siden


  • Sharifah Norliza Syed Dawilah
    Sharifah Norliza Syed Dawilah23 dager siden

    Malaysia where i live but whyyyy

  • PAT YT Gaming
    PAT YT Gaming23 dager siden

    Thanks for flag of malaysia🇲🇾

  • Ahmad Dzaky Nur Hanif
    Ahmad Dzaky Nur Hanif23 dager siden


  • the fire dragon
    the fire dragon23 dager siden


  • [No name]
    [No name]23 dager siden

    jumanji lvl 2?

  • HangGangPlays Gaming Area
    HangGangPlays Gaming Area24 dager siden

    Dude Thats From The Bible dude the finger has to be digested lol

  • •t e d d y B e r r y•
    •t e d d y B e r r y•24 dager siden

    He’s playing Jumanji! (Movie)

  • Lingesh Dhamotharan
    Lingesh Dhamotharan24 dager siden

    At 2:46 Arnold looked so funny

  • Iceicless
    Iceicless27 dager siden

    Sword art online

  • VistaOwO
    VistaOwO27 dager siden

    *laughs in minecraft peaceful mode*

  • KirbeeFan 3000
    KirbeeFan 300027 dager siden

    i think before watching this i just watched jumungi

  • Ciphix StudiosYT
    Ciphix StudiosYT28 dager siden

    This is not a game any more

  • Hinohpe3
    Hinohpe3Måned siden


  • Tushar Chy
    Tushar ChyMåned siden

    When I saw the end:well Arnold is gay now :V

  • Princess Mo
    Princess MoMåned siden

    I have I am her son

  • Sengkwai Lee
    Sengkwai LeeMåned siden

    Jumanji in a nutshell

  • 陈艾弥
    陈艾弥Måned siden

    eeee he will bahasa malayu first ?

  • Jack Flynn
    Jack FlynnMåned siden

    The main question is just why

  • Reynaldo Limbaga Vlog
    Reynaldo Limbaga VlogMåned siden

    Hello, my friend Arnold I'm here watching your very beautiful video

  • Tyler Oflaherty
    Tyler OflahertyMåned siden

    Do a face reveal now

  • Lucas Ferrare
    Lucas FerrareMåned siden

    I would choose in Minecraft creative

  • Minecraft Animation And Gameplay Fan
    Minecraft Animation And Gameplay FanMåned siden


  • Totally not the impostor
    Totally not the impostorMåned siden

    0:32 this explanation gives me Among Us vibes

  • kennova stop motion
    kennova stop motionMåned siden

    I don't trust those dating apps

  • Mohd Fitri
    Mohd FitriMåned siden

    Im malaysia

  • Arfa Vlog
    Arfa VlogMåned siden

    I love this because Malaysia is my country I love Meet Arnold

  • Russel Festin
    Russel FestinMåned siden

    I wacht jumanji next level to soso

  • whydoesnothingwork
    whydoesnothingworkMåned siden

    Arnold is 19?

  • Habiba Khatun
    Habiba KhatunMåned siden

    Its like sword art online

  • Halim Bachok
    Halim BachokMåned siden


  • Halloween 2020 Frinight Full moon werewolf hunting
    Halloween 2020 Frinight Full moon werewolf huntingMåned siden

    Lol the ending

  • Siti Oppo3355
    Siti Oppo3355Måned siden

    this game just light jumanji

  • F8keP0tato
    F8keP0tatoMåned siden

    Is it just "me" or does everyone say me?

  • Cyclic Jellie
    Cyclic JellieMåned siden

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:Eyes of Heaven.I really want to meet the Joestars irl.

  • Cyclic Jellie

    Cyclic Jellie

    6 dager siden

    @mason martin I never said I would

  • mason martin

    mason martin

    6 dager siden

    You wouldnt survive

  • Op gaming XD
    Op gaming XDMåned siden

    What if we became a Arnold

  • Armino Lucas Rupert Matteo Randrup
    Armino Lucas Rupert Matteo RandrupMåned siden

    I like the last part 😂😁

  • April Rostrata
    April RostrataMåned siden

    Where's the land of Philippines?

  • Cathy G
    Cathy GMåned siden

    Id prefer being stuck in Mega Man 6 for 24 hours Yes, I love the series

  • AmmarRizqi Syarifuddin
    AmmarRizqi SyarifuddinMåned siden

    Malaysia huh i live in malaysia

  • bhanu ganta
    bhanu gantaMåned siden

    In App Store there’s a game of Jumanji

  • Daanish Ahmad
    Daanish AhmadMåned siden

    this is jumanji

  • Daanish Ahmad
    Daanish AhmadMåned siden

    this is intresting

  • Xxiblackman
    XxiblackmanMåned siden

    Im front malaysia too

  • Norbaiti Jamaludin
    Norbaiti JamaludinMåned siden

    im malaysia

  • HeyInterf
    HeyInterfMåned siden

    BRASIL ;-; '-'🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👍🏾👏🏾

  • am I a anime guy?
    am I a anime guy?Måned siden


  • Phuong Nguyen
    Phuong NguyenMåned siden


    UNKNOWN YTMåned siden

    Malaysian or game

  • haider abbass
    haider abbassMåned siden

    Arnold got fooled again poor Arnold

  • Alexandru Diac
    Alexandru DiacMåned siden


    AKITAH ADAMMåned siden

    That Malay? I'm in malay

  • Joe steven Pugarin
    Joe steven PugarinMåned siden

    jumanji lol

  • New66 Malania
    New66 MalaniaMåned siden

    Or not

  • Slender13A5
    Slender13A5Måned siden

    Which game would you guys like to be stuck in?

  • deepanshu shahari
    deepanshu shahariMåned siden

    the only vid id not like

  • One more time
    One more timeMåned siden

    So kinda like jumanji?

  • Lorly Caperida
    Lorly CaperidaMåned siden

    yay arnold didnt lose a finger this time!

  • Shannon Booker
    Shannon BookerMåned siden


  • Some Bearded Dragon On a Ipad
    Some Bearded Dragon On a IpadMåned siden

    I prefer being in the DOOM

  • neon leon
    neon leonMåned siden

    id prefer being stuck in league of legends for 24 hours. even if i die, ill respawn. and ill get to play with poros!

  • CalebDavion Gaming
    CalebDavion GamingMåned siden


  • Nickgaming777 Murillo
    Nickgaming777 MurilloMåned siden

    I’d rather be stuck in r6