What if you Spend a NANOSECOND on the Sun?

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  • Makhdi Mukhambetov
    Makhdi Mukhambetov48 minutter siden

    In a black hole

  • Rijan comedy show cartoon
    Rijan comedy show cartoon18 timer siden

    Arnold was looking so cute when he was in fire😍😍 why your finger leave you?

  • Fire MAN Man
    Fire MAN Man6 dager siden

    Take revenge Arnold

  • Angel Princess
    Angel Princess8 dager siden

    Who is watching in corona 2020

  • Stray Kidzz
    Stray Kidzz8 dager siden

    I think u should put him up against godzilla oe kong

  • Martin Valdez
    Martin Valdez11 dager siden


  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith12 dager siden

    Put Arnold on Jupiter

  • Power level vlog 1089
    Power level vlog 108913 dager siden

    0:19 that me when school starts

  • RandomGamer5936
    RandomGamer593614 dager siden

    0:19 I watched this when I was 5 and didn't realize he said a badword XD

  • FOL-18
    FOL-1816 dager siden


  • Baconhair Dude
    Baconhair Dude18 dager siden

    Why dose Arnold loses his finger

  • Duyen Le
    Duyen Le19 dager siden

    Degrrees is 50000000007

  • King Polarbear
    King Polarbear20 dager siden

    U gotta take his finger

  • Nick The Music Snob
    Nick The Music Snob22 dager siden

    Let’s send Arnold to Gliese 436b a planet made of ice but the ice is constantly burning at 439°C.

  • Eli Wolf3
    Eli Wolf324 dager siden

    arnold needs... a fire proof vest.

  • Neeraj N
    Neeraj N24 dager siden

    What if you spent 1 millisecond in the sun

  • Keitheljun Parayno
    Keitheljun Parayno26 dager siden

    Arnold did your profile picture is in Super Tony?! In the video called "Never do this" ?! Super creepy, right?

  • Cherry Lee
    Cherry LeeMåned siden


  • James Sespene
    James SespeneMåned siden

    a normal person: Turns on ac Narrator: Lets go to the sun for a nano second 0W0

  • Christopher Kirby
    Christopher KirbyMåned siden

    Bro ;-;

  • Lieu Luu
    Lieu LuuMåned siden

    Buried alive

  • Corbin Wilsford
    Corbin WilsfordMåned siden

    put that shitbag in a hot fucking tub

  • gabehcuoD suoitneterP
    gabehcuoD suoitneterPMåned siden

    Why is Arnold obsessed with the nano second?

  • Gucci Diego Brando
    Gucci Diego BrandoMåned siden


  • nitin Paunikar
    nitin PaunikarMåned siden

    send him to wr 102 and all of its layers including atmosphere

  • Aron Martinez
    Aron MartinezMåned siden


  • Pewpewpie q: -_- :p
    Pewpewpie q: -_- :pMåned siden

    I think Arnold should spend 1nesc in a scorpions head

  • Tonyearth Wormsally
    Tonyearth WormsallyMåned siden

    Arnold is a survivor

  • Leon Tan
    Leon TanMåned siden

    OHHH! Cloning! Thats how he survives

  • A couple of Dummies
    A couple of DummiesMåned siden

    Save his stem cells and manipulate them to make another Arnold

  • Germanic Warsaw PolandBall Animation Collation
    Germanic Warsaw PolandBall Animation CollationMåned siden


  • Che Fatal
    Che FatalMåned siden


  • Got that Gamer
    Got that GamerMåned siden

    Why dont you have a fan😕

  • Katie Seabolt
    Katie SeaboltMåned siden

    Rrtgf f

  • RobloxNotrealygaming
    RobloxNotrealygamingMåned siden

    Narrator is riddle

  • Divya Shantharam
    Divya ShantharamMåned siden

    💀 world

  • Divya Shantharam
    Divya ShantharamMåned siden

    I want to send him in the

  • Hello Heillo
    Hello HeilloMåned siden

    Now I know how lobsters feel like

  • Xiaoying Wu
    Xiaoying WuMåned siden

    Poor Arnold loose a finger

  • Milly Q.
    Milly Q.Måned siden

    On Second Thought Go Home And Light A Fireplace. It’s Simple..

  • Mourya Rakesh
    Mourya RakeshMåned siden


  • Nephi Lehi Covino
    Nephi Lehi CovinoMåned siden

    put him in a toaster

  • zefyriukas10
    zefyriukas10Måned siden

    Put him above a candle

  • Yan Marocci
    Yan MarocciMåned siden


  • Carrie Broadhead
    Carrie BroadheadMåned siden

    I want a video called arnold takes a trip to pluto

  • JackOS 555
    JackOS 555Måned siden

    Stop swearing in this channel

  • David Games
    David GamesMåned siden

    me to

  • Jaret Beckmann
    Jaret BeckmannMåned siden

    Title, what if you were on the sun for one nanosecond? Reality, stays on the sun for 25 seconds

  • Zackiraptor
    ZackiraptorMåned siden

    I did not know that

  • Taj Clayton
    Taj Clayton2 måneder siden

    Arnold always loses a finger poor Arnold each like = 1 more life for Arnold

  • Marika Ozoliņa
    Marika Ozoliņa2 måneder siden


  • Marika Ozoliņa
    Marika Ozoliņa2 måneder siden


  • Karen Xu
    Karen Xu2 måneder siden

    In lava for a nanpsceond

  • Katrell Blue
    Katrell Blue2 måneder siden

    in pussy

  • foxxie jester
    foxxie jester2 måneder siden

    who else saw Arnold in the video

  • noren singha
    noren singha2 måneder siden


  • Derek Miller
    Derek Miller2 måneder siden


  • Tenzin Nyandak
    Tenzin Nyandak2 måneder siden

    If I can jump into a volcano in a nano second I will be safe and no lava in my body

  • ROSHAN !
    ROSHAN !2 måneder siden

    We love arnold being invincible

  • Yiğit Hasan Kavuk
    Yiğit Hasan Kavuk2 måneder siden

    meanwhile the devil just inside the sun, chillin': this place is pretty warm, feels nice, doesent it lucifer? lucifer behind the devil: yup, it does.

  • Varunraj Dhawan
    Varunraj Dhawan2 måneder siden

    What is a kelvin

  • Carmelo Joseph
    Carmelo Joseph2 måneder siden

    How about do you put them in the microwave for three minutes

  • Diana Games
    Diana Games2 måneder siden

    А чо я тут делаю?

  • gunnar 64
    gunnar 642 måneder siden

    What was the point of dreaming of dressing up in a pirate

  • Michele Pauquette
    Michele Pauquette2 måneder siden

    Arnold always loses a finger

  • Fish Po0kins
    Fish Po0kins2 måneder siden

    Dosent he sun burn u instantly hat then u disppear

    PAT SEPULVEDA2 måneder siden

    Make another video of him staying in the sun for one holosecond or one nonosecond

  • STIX Gaming
    STIX Gaming2 måneder siden

    i miss classic arnold

  • Lucas ilagan pro
    Lucas ilagan pro2 måneder siden

    how about a yocto second

  • Mike Erin Clem
    Mike Erin Clem2 måneder siden


  • Entertainment Gala 2
    Entertainment Gala 22 måneder siden

    F's in chat for Arnold

  • Seph Cousins
    Seph Cousins2 måneder siden

    0:38 who saw the sun demon

  • Atheshan Prabakaran
    Atheshan Prabakaran2 måneder siden


  • Hanzosaurus rex
    Hanzosaurus rex2 måneder siden

    0:18 arnold screaming

  • Sasa Moza
    Sasa Moza2 måneder siden


  • Apartus
    Apartus2 måneder siden

    *F in the chat for Arnold’s finger*

  • 321sweetgirl
    321sweetgirl2 måneder siden

    EVER 1 LIKE =how many times you have to KILLLLL arnold but theb pleas dont fully kill him

  • Donnett Albert
    Donnett Albert2 måneder siden


  • Aastik Dixit
    Aastik Dixit2 måneder siden

    One day on future earth

  • yariel paul
    yariel paul2 måneder siden


  • Maitreya Karandikar
    Maitreya Karandikar2 måneder siden

    the biggest sun

  • Naseera Mirash Kareem
    Naseera Mirash Kareem2 måneder siden

    Send him to moon



    2 måneder siden

    You liked your own comment

  • Alinnah Beaufont
    Alinnah Beaufont2 måneder siden

    Still missing the finger 😔😔😔

  • godzilla and sid the squid
    godzilla and sid the squid2 måneder siden

    He's dying HA!!! XD

  • Alinnah Beaufont
    Alinnah Beaufont2 måneder siden

    if iron mans helmet is in there it means iron man is gone 😂😂😂



    2 måneder siden

    You liked your own both comments

  • Alinnah Beaufont

    Alinnah Beaufont

    2 måneder siden

    I love it

  • Alinnah Beaufont
    Alinnah Beaufont2 måneder siden

    I love Arnold my fun is Arnold😍😍

  • sup dayeet
    sup dayeet2 måneder siden

    bruh just give him a fucking jacket

  • lisa tombs
    lisa tombs3 måneder siden

    Season 1 Episode 3

  • lisa tombs
    lisa tombs3 måneder siden


  • lisa tombs
    lisa tombs3 måneder siden

    Take him away 1

  • lisa tombs
    lisa tombs3 måneder siden

    Season 1 Episode 3

  • Wenchi Chiu
    Wenchi Chiu3 måneder siden

    i didnt know the sun had a devil... 0:37

  • Mohammed Hisham
    Mohammed Hisham3 måneder siden

    what if he fell into a pool full of the deadliest acid?

  • sekar dhana
    sekar dhana3 måneder siden

    Always die , die , die what is this 👺👺👺👺👹👹👹👹😷😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Elijah Mehretab
    Elijah Mehretab3 måneder siden

    Maybe send him to the future when everybody is dinosaur robots

  • Unstoppable AJ
    Unstoppable AJ3 måneder siden

    all arnold channel always say meet arnold😁😁😁

  • Unstoppable AJ
    Unstoppable AJ3 måneder siden

    Arnold have only 3 fingers😎😎😎

  • Unstoppable AJ
    Unstoppable AJ3 måneder siden

    is that satan

  • Unstoppable AJ
    Unstoppable AJ3 måneder siden

    send arnold ocean😎😎😎😎

  • Unstoppable AJ
    Unstoppable AJ3 måneder siden

    I watched all the arnold channel😎😎😎😎