What if You Swallowed the Most Venomous Snake Ever?

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What if You Swallowed the Most Venomous Snake Ever?
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  • Mariam M
    Mariam M2 dager siden

    Why am I feeling like a psychopath watching these Arnold videos...or is it the narrator ..or the content creator...Something is not right here, why do they narrate it like the are enjoying it...🥶

  • Titanium Cringe
    Titanium Cringe3 dager siden

    0:05 theres no woman on the left and then suddenly appears

  • Berganza Batres
    Berganza Batres5 dager siden

    do it

  • Aidyn Swing
    Aidyn Swing6 dager siden


  • Orion B
    Orion B8 dager siden

    Arnolds finger is always looses his finger

  • Ryan Noureddine
    Ryan Noureddine8 dager siden

    when will arnold stop losing his wiener fingers

  • GT Playz
    GT Playz8 dager siden

    Thats why you shouldnt eat at a half star retaurant.

  • Rodan The fire chicken
    Rodan The fire chicken12 dager siden

    My theroy: because your stomach acid can’t digest real quick you have to sit until it digests if the snakes bites the inside of your stomach your done for .

  • Freddyfrostpag
    Freddyfrostpag12 dager siden

    🟥◼️🟥◼️ ◼️🟥◼️🟥 🟥⬛️🟥⬛️ ⬛️🟥⬛️🟥

  • Viral Fuliya
    Viral Fuliya14 dager siden


  • 린린
    린린18 dager siden


  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame18 dager siden

    Arnold is cool as hell

  • aliya anwar
    aliya anwar21 dag siden

    the editing is slowly getting lowkey horrifying

  • Alexis McKelvey
    Alexis McKelvey22 dager siden

    1:00 Among us

  • GamebloxYT
    GamebloxYT22 dager siden

    Lobster: yummy blood Arnold: owwww Arnold’s finger:ahhhh

    BURNING EDGE24 dager siden

    Arnold is so lucky and unlucky at the same time because he survived so many problems that's why he is lucky but had to face them is unlucky.

  • Nachocowboy Yt
    Nachocowboy Yt26 dager siden

    Yay goodjob

  • Viktorija .s
    Viktorija .sMåned siden


  • Red Cap
    Red CapMåned siden

    I dont know why but when watch your vid i want to watch it while eating

  • Joey 9999
    Joey 9999Måned siden

    this is how many fingers arnold has lost ⬇

  • Jack leslie
    Jack leslieMåned siden


  • Ranveer Baid
    Ranveer BaidMåned siden

    I am surprised that he never dies

  • SmallPlighting
    SmallPlightingMåned siden

    Who cares if arnold dies he is immortal

  • Christopher Wadlington
    Christopher WadlingtonMåned siden

    TF Did I just watch

  • Faris Al Qudah
    Faris Al QudahMåned siden

    I miss this channel please start posting

  • Krypton
    KryptonMåned siden

    No thanks

  • the lilrax
    the lilraxMåned siden

    Ok but who dies first ?

  • Gabriel Knapp
    Gabriel KnappMåned siden

    1 like equals 1 pray for Arnold's finger

  • Top10
    Top10Måned siden

    Thinking about swallowing a snake gave me goosebumps

  • Highlighted h • 1000 years ago
    Highlighted h • 1000 years agoMåned siden

    Get your a** down her

  • Rebecca Niragira
    Rebecca NiragiraMåned siden

    He is eating snake!!!!!!

  • Jennelyn Cabagnot
    Jennelyn CabagnotMåned siden

    Use code rainaway hhaaaahaaa

  • Gaurav Kumar
    Gaurav KumarMåned siden

    p [ h

    DEATH RõBBèRMåned siden

    Thanks for terrifing me for another tink

  • Ahmad Khurram
    Ahmad KhurramMåned siden

    Why is that arnolds finger always breaks

  • benv
    benvMåned siden

    If it tries to kill you, say “no”. It can’t kill you without your consent.

  • Florin Dumitrascu
    Florin Dumitrascu2 måneder siden


  • Orrin Bourne
    Orrin Bourne2 måneder siden

    I’m not sure I will die at all

  • Robox Normal
    Robox Normal2 måneder siden

    I give the restaurant 10/10 for the best cooked food for the famous test dummy

  • kav
    kav2 måneder siden

    (Commented before watching vid till end) technically the snake dies first due to the digestive acid in your stomach and the venom is weakened by digestion Weakened enough for your immune system to finish it off

  • Alf singh
    Alf singh2 måneder siden


  • Alf singh
    Alf singh2 måneder siden


  • Ricky Silvosa
    Ricky Silvosa2 måneder siden

    Next video what happened if you eat bats

  • Vedant Dogra
    Vedant Dogra2 måneder siden

    Who's that frog mention i didn't find that type of frog on google?

  • unknown user
    unknown user2 måneder siden

    He’s gonna have a very scary poop tonight.

  • DR. BlueYT RBLX
    DR. BlueYT RBLX2 måneder siden

    Arland dont eat the gg

  • I Appear Everywhere XD
    I Appear Everywhere XD2 måneder siden

    You found me

  • Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta
    Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta2 måneder siden

    That's how we have covid 19 today.

  • Seal Fish Doo Doo
    Seal Fish Doo Doo2 måneder siden

    If you eat the most venomous snake he never said you cant kill it and remove the poison Me eating it be like Hmmmmm crunchy

  • creed's Herping channel
    creed's Herping channel2 måneder siden

    The world's most venomous snake specie on earth is the inland taipan

    MEI ZUO2 måneder siden

    brutat vidio hahaha

  • marahplays jore plays alhaj
    marahplays jore plays alhaj2 måneder siden


  • Raied Al-Gailani
    Raied Al-Gailani2 måneder siden


  • blox YT
    blox YT2 måneder siden

    snake must be fer de lance

  • Artis Liepa
    Artis Liepa2 måneder siden


  • Kirk Gordon
    Kirk Gordon2 måneder siden


  • HeyItsThejas
    HeyItsThejas2 måneder siden

    Video: Showing Arnold Swallowed the Most Venomous Snake Ever. Me: D-Did he got Corona Virus? Edit: Snakes also have corona virus.

  • Ethan Fleming
    Ethan Fleming2 måneder siden


  • Ethan Fleming
    Ethan Fleming2 måneder siden


  • Honey_ Splash
    Honey_ Splash2 måneder siden

    Arnold's last meal.

  • Achintya Dass
    Achintya Dass2 måneder siden

    So this is how covid was invented.

  • Meet Arnold
    Meet Arnold2 måneder siden

    In This Episode Arnold Eats Nasty Foods

  • Shad Moore
    Shad Moore2 måneder siden


  • 劉建生
    劉建生2 måneder siden

    1000000000000000 like of japan

  • Rishav Golu
    Rishav Golu2 måneder siden

    What will happen if you swallow a leech? Will you die?

  • Squishyboii 676
    Squishyboii 6762 måneder siden

    Ok i just saw that

  • MC EmPac
    MC EmPac2 måneder siden

    Why does the narrator sound like paul heyman

  • Corey Gilliam
    Corey Gilliam2 måneder siden

    Why in almost every video Arnold loses a finger

  • Isaac Agnew
    Isaac Agnew3 måneder siden


  • Brother John Adrian
    Brother John Adrian3 måneder siden


  • Daniel Zheng
    Daniel Zheng3 måneder siden

    what animal can kill a whole city where the poeple live

  • Melissa Yoder
    Melissa Yoder3 måneder siden

    I was sprised that people were even at his funnel

  • Alangamez YT
    Alangamez YT3 måneder siden

    And Frog vs arnold

  • Keerthana Agapu
    Keerthana Agapu3 måneder siden

    Oh my God man!

  • •M̸a̸y̸C̸a̸t̸ A̸m̸i̸n̸a̸t̸i̸o̸r̸•
    •M̸a̸y̸C̸a̸t̸ A̸m̸i̸n̸a̸t̸i̸o̸r̸•3 måneder siden

    Why he lose finger always

  • Martin portela
    Martin portela3 måneder siden


  • fishygamer v1
    fishygamer v13 måneder siden


  • Karem Amigon
    Karem Amigon3 måneder siden

    Otfyy ya hoddc j jdvbd Blvd de.desimoswrenejomllndjlmrefnjjknxsjkjnvdkn CifckjjoiecoiojjdUsn HUHJJJIKIJIIJJUJJJJJJJJeufinniewonjjwfhouinnow

  • Vegeta Base
    Vegeta Base3 måneder siden

    Goes to china - japanese samurai in the bavlground

  • Zenda64
    Zenda643 måneder siden

    Either Arnold is a masochist or riddle is a sadist lmao poor Arnold

  • Maricel Ram
    Maricel Ram3 måneder siden


  • Ojas Garg
    Ojas Garg3 måneder siden

    Arnold never eat a bat

  • Julian Andrey Rufin
    Julian Andrey Rufin3 måneder siden

    1:33a bone

  • Julian Andrey Rufin
    Julian Andrey Rufin3 måneder siden

    0:07 she teleport

  • Julian Andrey Rufin
    Julian Andrey Rufin3 måneder siden

    0:11 w ewe e want 😂😂

  • Suraj Mandal
    Suraj Mandal3 måneder siden


  • Mohd Hairy Jasemi
    Mohd Hairy Jasemi3 måneder siden

    Why that women give that frog and the snake??

  • Mohamed Reda Naimi
    Mohamed Reda Naimi3 måneder siden

    i like snaks the only snake that i dont eat are common garter snakes

  • Rosalina Ramos
    Rosalina Ramos3 måneder siden

    Hey guys we listen this meet arnold he want to say the troth for awor body this is the truth and thank you 😊😊😊😊

  • Apple
    Apple3 måneder siden

    JjijghvifouuhafiuGwvoafighwro hugiuelhywiljblkjenfauaijncpiusjijrlnoug

  • tickthetatman8
    tickthetatman83 måneder siden

    Hes a god like bich

  • Shard Of Glass
    Shard Of Glass3 måneder siden

    Meet the sad man who loses his finger every single episode.

  • Bikki Gurung
    Bikki Gurung3 måneder siden


  • Ugnius 10pubgpro
    Ugnius 10pubgpro3 måneder siden

    Make more videos

  • Doodie Bumpsess and Angel Wyee
    Doodie Bumpsess and Angel Wyee3 måneder siden

    1:37 *DORIME*

  • Sarbil Devi

    Sarbil Devi

    2 måneder siden

    @Doodie Bumpsess and Angel Wyee What the..

  • Doodie Bumpsess and Angel Wyee

    Doodie Bumpsess and Angel Wyee

    2 måneder siden


  • Sarbil Devi

    Sarbil Devi

    3 måneder siden

    Minecraft siren

  • Daeshaun Reckley
    Daeshaun Reckley3 måneder siden

    Do you like it when he ate a snake is disgusting I don’t want to I don’t want that to happen to me that’s just crazy

  • The Red Roblox Ninja
    The Red Roblox Ninja3 måneder siden

    Every video, Arnolds finger comes off

  • Don Jobies
    Don Jobies3 måneder siden


  • Adi gunner
    Adi gunner3 måneder siden

    Hiper Maria

  • Nayamat jaggs
    Nayamat jaggs4 måneder siden

    Arnold is stupid how can he eat snak and frog