What If You Swallowed the Most Vicious Piranha Ever?

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What If You Swallowed the Most Vicious Piranha Ever?
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  • Nightmare wølf
    Nightmare wølf11 timer siden

    Eww I can't believe what happened when he reached to the light 🤢

  • Tan Maria
    Tan MariaDag siden


  • مالك ااعطار
    مالك ااعطار2 dager siden

    I dint like this bc arnoild crys in the end

  • B12 Delacruz, Nathan
    B12 Delacruz, Nathan4 dager siden

    Me:sees the most cursed scene I could ever see even tho it's slightly blurred* Me:(._.)

  • Eco Exo
    Eco Exo7 dager siden

    that scene when he came out was bad

  • DORIme
    DORIme10 dager siden

    I felt bad for arnold at the end :(

  • Andrea Villapol
    Andrea Villapol12 dager siden

    I could see when u censored it bitch

  • CrafterMax HD
    CrafterMax HD12 dager siden

    Why is arnolds therapist Jim Pickens?

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame12 dager siden

    The great escape lol

  • Justin Ys Brothe r
    Justin Ys Brothe r14 dager siden

    IM ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗩᑎYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK!

  • malikorex red
    malikorex red14 dager siden

    2:28 I feel bad

  • Valdemar SPIEGEL
    Valdemar SPIEGEL14 dager siden

    what's a tomagache

    THE GOD17 dager siden

    oh gross

  • Intelligence Smile
    Intelligence Smile17 dager siden

    The title is eating a venomous fish The thing is changing minds

  • Agar. io Gaming
    Agar. io Gaming17 dager siden

    Piranha: (Censored, Eated)

  • Damian Navarro
    Damian Navarro21 dag siden


  • Henry HM
    Henry HM22 dager siden

    I wish the narrator has mercy on Arnold

  • Abhigyan Anand '5b'
    Abhigyan Anand '5b'23 dager siden

    1:30 to 1:46 What a funny thing he did !

    777THASUPREMEGABE77724 dager siden

    A fin is the most good part of- 0:37 I take that back

  • EIectric Airways
    EIectric Airways26 dager siden

    2:09 *I totally did not see Arnold as a fish getting pooped out!*

  • Liz knowles
    Liz knowles27 dager siden


  • 1 Sub before Halloween
    1 Sub before Halloween28 dager siden


  • Teletubbies
    Teletubbies29 dager siden

    the title should be What If The Most Vicious Piranha Ever Swallowed You

  • Tommy Chong
    Tommy ChongMåned siden

    Don’t be in a volcano because the Devil piggy

  • FishyToast
    FishyToastMåned siden

    i actually feel bad for poor arnold :( he ate his own finger :((

  • sonic da ugly hedgehog
    sonic da ugly hedgehogMåned siden

    I actually felt sorry for Arnold when he cried 🥺

  • Messi P
    Messi PMåned siden

    First thing how did you get the piranha into your body alive?? You eat it without chewing??

  • Halloween 2020 Frinight Full moon werewolf hunting
    Halloween 2020 Frinight Full moon werewolf huntingMåned siden

    I tried to hold my breath for a long time when he said hold your breath, all I can say is I’m glad he filled the water

  • Katie Satie
    Katie SatieMåned siden


  • Katie Satie
    Katie SatieMåned siden


  • John Daniel Losito
    John Daniel LositoMåned siden


    JOE MOMAMåned siden

    That better not be Jim pickens

  • Not gonna upload Haha get noob
    Not gonna upload Haha get noobMåned siden

    Dinosaurs have stronger bite forces Than piranhas

  • Leon São Paulo
    Leon São PauloMåned siden

    nossa que incrível

  • Tulay Kahraman
    Tulay KahramanMåned siden


  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph StalinMåned siden

    Have you made the decision to fire your editor?

  • Alyana Rodriguez
    Alyana RodriguezMåned siden

    bruh i hate the video

  • salma farah
    salma farahMåned siden

    Oh god, I watched the uncensored version.

  • Jax Te Amo-Rarere
    Jax Te Amo-RarereMåned siden

    Why Arnold is crying for no reason?????

  • Cheryl Dodgson
    Cheryl DodgsonMåned siden


  • Colin Cayden
    Colin CaydenMåned siden


  • Elijah Jackman
    Elijah JackmanMåned siden


  • Ayam Chelloy
    Ayam ChelloyMåned siden


  • Jax Te Amo-Rarere
    Jax Te Amo-RarereMåned siden

    Why Toby pooped out Arnold????

  • lpalaguachi2
    lpalaguachi2Måned siden

    Imagine watching this video on a television, and then your parents come right in time, seeing the butt which is not censored that well

  • Al Socks
    Al SocksMåned siden


    MINNIE SOGOODMåned siden

    I don t like tobby

  • Iliketurtles o why
    Iliketurtles o whyMåned siden

    the blured part was arnold pooping out that piranha out

  • Jenalyn Formeloza
    Jenalyn FormelozaMåned siden

    Shes a bekey

  • Moumita Chatterjee
    Moumita ChatterjeeMåned siden

    I see that he was doing potty in tht seen

    UNGORN ENFYSMåned siden


  • Cyber Tech
    Cyber TechMåned siden

    1:55 when she is Waiting and then you shoot your Monster D in her...

  • Jose Flores
    Jose FloresMåned siden


  • Rizzy Agpaoa
    Rizzy AgpaoaMåned siden

    Hell oh hell you connot show arnolds butt

    HERB HERBERTMåned siden


  • Eli Whitesides
    Eli WhitesidesMåned siden

    Ok.... The uncersored one is weird...

  • Rizzy Agpaoa
    Rizzy AgpaoaMåned siden

    You cannot show the butt,.

  • Heather Goodall
    Heather GoodallMåned siden

    At 2:28 he cries waaah 😭

  • FooxKidd but what?
    FooxKidd but what?Måned siden


  • Doge Boy
    Doge BoyMåned siden


  • Terence Tan
    Terence TanMåned siden

    He eat his finger

  • Toby O'Mara
    Toby O'MaraMåned siden

    Oh my god the piranhas name is my name Toby what the heck!

  • Samuel Weah
    Samuel WeahMåned siden


  • Mathias Ditlefsen
    Mathias DitlefsenMåned siden

    You can cover the but butt not the middle finger

  • Milly Q.
    Milly Q.Måned siden

    I- don’t know what to say... I’m Suprised. 😖

  • Eli Appleton
    Eli AppletonMåned siden

    Do you know smg4 has much more subscribers than you

  • Ranak Pabbi
    Ranak PabbiMåned siden

    Look at the but lol

  • Audrey Hicks
    Audrey HicksMåned siden

    Arnold just put the middle finger dude arnold savage literally🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👁👄👁

  • David A
    David AMåned siden

    Poor arny

  • Shenera Sam
    Shenera SamMåned siden

    Who else always has a fish that dies in like 1 sec my other fished ate his friend and both of em went oof

  • Piotr Potacie
    Piotr PotacieMåned siden

    Who ate a Fish like arnold

  • sarah tucker
    sarah tuckerMåned siden

    He is so dumb and has

  • sarah tucker
    sarah tuckerMåned siden

    Arnold is a sucker

  • Maria analisa Velasco
    Maria analisa VelascoMåned siden

    2:10 i can see that

  • Max Arrowood
    Max ArrowoodMåned siden


  • christine alandy
    christine alandyMåned siden


  • 33 Tejash Agarwalla
    33 Tejash AgarwallaMåned siden

    really you call your fish tobi, tobi from naruto the masked obito

  • deepthireddy deepthireddy1302
    deepthireddy deepthireddy1302Måned siden


  • Shahrokh Banaei
    Shahrokh BanaeiMåned siden

    Are you sure about this

  • Maria analisa Velasco
    Maria analisa VelascoMåned siden

    0:00 same as arnold thats dont have water

  • Maria analisa Velasco

    Maria analisa Velasco

    Måned siden

    Reply it now

  • Tr1xxLe 033
    Tr1xxLe 033Måned siden

    Lol a fish shows middle finger 0:37

  • infinitely floper
    infinitely floper2 måneder siden

    Its better not to say

  • infinitely floper
    infinitely floper2 måneder siden

    What happened to Toby I wanna know about tell me what happened to cry and had a

  • te boli kun
    te boli kun2 måneder siden

    He poop

  • Hamilton Lee
    Hamilton Lee2 måneder siden


  • Danial Fx
    Danial Fx2 måneder siden


  • SFS Builder
    SFS Builder2 måneder siden

    Worst censoring in history, i knew what happend

  • nan zhang
    nan zhang2 måneder siden


  • Aydros Hassan
    Aydros Hassan2 måneder siden


  • Abigail Baragrey
    Abigail Baragrey2 måneder siden

    Toby: ooh finger nom Arnold: you sun of a...

  • MissLavenderPony


    Måned siden


  • Skritz -
    Skritz -2 måneder siden

    Lol Arnold went 🖕

  • M J
    M J2 måneder siden

    i fell bad at the end when we crys

  • Parkinson Children
    Parkinson Children2 måneder siden

    They didn't Pixie so that scene Enough They have to make you like 8 Bit

  • DR. BlueYT RBLX
    DR. BlueYT RBLX2 måneder siden

    Fish: i had fucking dream lol arland: ok lol

  • George rudolph Tiu
    George rudolph Tiu2 måneder siden

    o my god wow

  • George rudolph Tiu
    George rudolph Tiu2 måneder siden


  • samantha avila
    samantha avila2 måneder siden

    You are I love you I see here are you do that you Mam

  • Tiffany Palacios Zapata
    Tiffany Palacios Zapata2 måneder siden


  • SmokinLogs
    SmokinLogs2 måneder siden

    1:56 OH NO

  • I Appear Everywhere XD
    I Appear Everywhere XD2 måneder siden

    I appear