What If You Talk On The Phone 48 Hours Long?

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What If You Talk On The Phone 48 Hours Long?
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  • Rachel De Borja
    Rachel De Borja19 timer siden

    Im folower

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame3 dager siden

    I pity sales people who are constantly talking on their phones lmao

  • Cracked_
    Cracked_4 dager siden

    *Your my bitch*

  • Kobe Jelley
    Kobe Jelley7 dager siden

    Well my record of 38 hours is better.

  • クリスチャンプレイズ3CristianPlays3 ツ
    クリスチャンプレイズ3CristianPlays3 ツ10 dager siden

    0:23 Narrator: Of course you do! You work for me, Arni! *Y O U R E M Y B I T C H!*

  • gaming pro
    gaming pro14 dager siden

    Arnold lost his finger 200 times

  • Danny Yan
    Danny Yan14 dager siden

    2:20 meltdown

  • Danny Yan
    Danny Yan14 dager siden

    0:58 he burned his head

  • Ethiopian Mapper
    Ethiopian Mapper14 dager siden

    2:24 CLAY

  • Its The Oddz
    Its The Oddz14 dager siden

    Stop torturing Arnold

  • Rugved Churi
    Rugved Churi14 dager siden

    What if you stay in white torture room for a year

  • Questionable World
    Questionable World15 dager siden


  • Andrea Villapol
    Andrea Villapol17 dager siden

    Poor phone

  • Andrea Villapol
    Andrea Villapol17 dager siden

    Poor arnold

  • mark Rain
    mark Rain18 dager siden

    i chalage arnold to not lose he's frickin finger pls

  • Austin Hagans
    Austin Hagans18 dager siden

    Summaries my sister giantly

  • Beast 0p
    Beast 0p19 dager siden

    ik this is old but the video say 48 or 2 days not 5

  • Zaine Velupillai
    Zaine Velupillai19 dager siden


  • MLG call of duty Player
    MLG call of duty Player22 dager siden


  • boss titan
    boss titanMåned siden

    This video is telling us to battle watch this video and stop using phone by which we cannot watch his videos (impossible)

  • TheNoob
    TheNoobMåned siden

    Ur my bi t h c

  • Colin Cayden
    Colin CaydenMåned siden

    0:46 Algicosathlon Navy when he shoots a tazer shot at Yellow or Crystal or Lavender

  • Colin Cayden

    Colin Cayden

    Måned siden

    0:47 not 0:46

  • Colin Cayden
    Colin CaydenMåned siden

    2:20 when Jsab Blixer’s Triangle shoots pink lasers

  • ELShiBoPuSian
    ELShiBoPuSianMåned siden

    Arnold always lost a finger :'v

  • Samantha Massey
    Samantha MasseyMåned siden

    My mom does that every nighr

  • Jacob The Vyonder aka JTV Studios
    Jacob The Vyonder aka JTV StudiosMåned siden

    I will censor this video due to explicit.

  • Amy Contreras
    Amy ContrerasMåned siden

    He always loses a finger

  • [Nathaniel gayo]
    [Nathaniel gayo]Måned siden


  • Cecilia Aguiniga
    Cecilia AguinigaMåned siden

    Vale me:HAHA why out Arnold in bus

  • a3403567
    a3403567Måned siden

    The robot is such a jerk

  • salma farah
    salma farahMåned siden

    *"You work for me arny." *Your my bitch!"

  • Strong Caramel
    Strong CaramelMåned siden

    I followed you in the app please give me it

  • M Özbalci
    M ÖzbalciMåned siden


  • Rovelyn Acevedo
    Rovelyn AcevedoMåned siden

    Wow that time shoot in the leg that's funny hahahahaha

  • Poopgirl Suates 875 YT
    Poopgirl Suates 875 YTMåned siden

    High tension AM Radio!

  • Crimsonz. exe
    Crimsonz. exeMåned siden

    My mom in an argument with me about to lose : 0:25

  • Elizabete Tavares
    Elizabete TavaresMåned siden

    Narrator: *UR mAh BiSh*

  • Porolander Cooking with Shazia Begun
    Porolander Cooking with Shazia BegunMåned siden

    Some one challenge me and my max ou Ming in war robots I literally win every match with it

  • Ronald Weisen
    Ronald WeisenMåned siden

    48 hours its 2 days

  • Michelle Vergel de Dios
    Michelle Vergel de DiosMåned siden


  • Cursedminecraft Pig
    Cursedminecraft PigMåned siden

    Pentagon Diamond Square. Yourfingergon

  • Itz Senti
    Itz SentiMåned siden

    Wait who's Arnold talking to on the phone

  • Sniper
    SniperMåned siden

    *U R M A H B E T C C C H*

  • zefyriukas10
    zefyriukas10Måned siden

    Hmm. Weird.

  • Pedro Saucedo
    Pedro SaucedoMåned siden

    I play war robot i like this viedo

  • Miguel Rochette
    Miguel RochetteMåned siden

    Instant 3 dans for jobs sommtime and everything ok

  • Caide Li
    Caide LiMåned siden

    U;ifugilwlgiyvuihw4uyyy97p4w7p4gwr7p9g4rwp97w4rp4f7979perfw93wfr7r7f9qpeprfq79eqr97powfeougbiwiepufbg9pgeqr7pqertg 9p7grt3qt7r8peq | |

  • Nehal Thapa
    Nehal ThapaMåned siden

    Arnold is your B**** and you are our B**** because you work for us

  • Freddyfrostpag
    FreddyfrostpagMåned siden

    I would like a Arnold rare and Pepsi

  • s stefix tv hd
    s stefix tv hdMåned siden

    what 🤣 0:23 0:23 0:23

  • chrissydor
    chrissydorMåned siden

    Stop tormenting ArnoldBitch

  • Karen Xu
    Karen Xu2 måneder siden

    You killed arnold

  • Rose Mae Quintero
    Rose Mae Quintero2 måneder siden

    ummmm 1 l l V

  • Lucia Perez
    Lucia Perez2 måneder siden

    hes lost his finger a lot of times

  • melvin rojas hidalgo
    melvin rojas hidalgo2 måneder siden

    Meet to caal

  • Katie Chiaravalloti
    Katie Chiaravalloti2 måneder siden

    I play that on my I pad it broke and I lost all my stuff :(

  • Half Roblox
    Half Roblox2 måneder siden

    Instead words they put worlds

  • Ethan GD
    Ethan GD2 måneder siden


  • Erin Killinger
    Erin Killinger2 måneder siden

    What if Arnold visited half life 2?

  • SmokinLogs
    SmokinLogs2 måneder siden

    Do you even have a job? YOU WORK FOR ME, YOU’RE MY BITCH!

  • Lord Beeerus God of destruction
    Lord Beeerus God of destruction2 måneder siden

    Its like you treat arnold bad😟😔

  • Classic Miner1
    Classic Miner12 måneder siden

    "What If You Talk On The Phone 48 Hours Long? " 1:20 "On the third day-" hol' up

  • duster 369
    duster 3692 måneder siden

    *your my bitch*

  • Danny Aniston
    Danny Aniston2 måneder siden

    He didn't say 'Meet Arnold'

  • adi irsyad
    adi irsyad2 måneder siden

    war robots sucks

  • shinra kusakabe
    shinra kusakabe2 måneder siden

    I delete war robots and I install it it still have my old account and robots!

  • Rebecca Turner
    Rebecca Turner2 måneder siden

    1:37 15,000 Worlds to 3,000 Worlds Because of a typo, Arnold has just Thanos’d 12,000 planets.

  • Devin Schodron
    Devin Schodron2 måneder siden

    so meny it is strang

  • Roblox Nation Gaming
    Roblox Nation Gaming2 måneder siden

    0:25 was your my bitch WTF....

  • Saad The One
    Saad The One2 måneder siden

    The thumbnail is my mum on the phone

  • Stella the elf
    Stella the elf2 måneder siden

    But 48 hours is 2 days, why did you said day 3 ? XD

  • Mr. Troll
    Mr. Troll2 måneder siden

    Why don't we just attach phones to us next we're stupid enough to do it everyone is useless and relies on there phone instead of thinking for themselves

  • James Zhuang
    James Zhuang2 måneder siden

    I won't download the game no matter how awesome your voice is.

  • yanhaizhongyu
    yanhaizhongyu2 måneder siden

    Arnold on the subway? 2:30

  • Nireek Jenkins
    Nireek Jenkins2 måneder siden


  • Nireek Jenkins

    Nireek Jenkins

    2 måneder siden

    More like Liffion

  • Nireek Jenkins

    Nireek Jenkins

    2 måneder siden


  • riya saini
    riya saini2 måneder siden

    I like your videos

  • Jean Marc Cyma
    Jean Marc Cyma2 måneder siden


  • A Small World
    A Small World2 måneder siden

    I have talked on the phone for 10

  • MERCILESS mafia
    MERCILESS mafia2 måneder siden


  • scourage Absol edition
    scourage Absol edition2 måneder siden

    “You’re my bish”

  • Meet Arnold
    Meet Arnold2 måneder siden

    $1 E23

  • Mark Pinon
    Mark Pinon2 måneder siden

    I love game war robbots

  • S Choi
    S Choi2 måneder siden

    I have war robots

  • Frances
    Frances2 måneder siden

    0:25 hey arnie 🅈🄾🅄🅁 🄼🅈 🄱🄸🅃🄲🄷ت︎

  • Mike S.
    Mike S.2 måneder siden

    My mom holds the phone for my dad so 😎

  • Jenny Chi
    Jenny Chi2 måneder siden

    2:12. Wow. It’s so big

  • music beat
    music beat3 måneder siden

    You are my bitchh

  • Adin Zafir Nurković
    Adin Zafir Nurković3 måneder siden

    25 precent of car accidents have been of phone Other 75 precent is for other reasons Drive while talking, Its safer

  • Ako
    Ako3 måneder siden

    I thought it said 48 hours Not 3 days Because 48 hours its 2 days

  • Popcorn Player
    Popcorn Player3 måneder siden


  • crystal _love
    crystal _love3 måneder siden


  • alessandro ccama
    alessandro ccama3 måneder siden

    like if they recognized big smoke

  • Moonhattre lyrics

    Moonhattre lyrics

    Måned siden

    Lol I thought it was biggie smalls

  • Barbara Cody
    Barbara Cody3 måneder siden


  • bagus sudharmayasa

    bagus sudharmayasa

    Måned siden

    Explain why

  • Lalit Kumar
    Lalit Kumar3 måneder siden

    1:48 All parents need to know this fact

  • Enen Chua
    Enen Chua3 måneder siden

    Wow he lost a finger again!

  • ꧁caleb tutit꧂
    ꧁caleb tutit꧂3 måneder siden

    2:28 drawing man

    FROSTY3 måneder siden

    Please help me for getting 20 subs

  • The Brothers
    The Brothers3 måneder siden

    He says for 42 hours but it’s a week

  • DownerRBLX
    DownerRBLX3 måneder siden

    This is the first time u sweared


    Arnold is Immortal