What if You Were At The Nuclear Explosion Area?

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What if You Were At The Nuclear Explosion Area?
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  • Normal Person
    Normal PersonDag siden

    My man just said 'Attention, all gamers, Arnold is stuck in War Robots, and needs your help.'

  • darren morris
    darren morris3 dager siden

    Why does Arnold alllways loses his finger

  • apu AdiVaShi
    apu AdiVaShi6 dager siden

    Working or not

  • Herry Gao’s
    Herry Gao’s6 dager siden

    You can’t get more roebucks

  • Joel Perez
    Joel Perez7 dager siden


  • Nugget
    Nugget7 dager siden

    lol the bender at the end made me laugh

  • Rayyan Syed
    Rayyan Syed7 dager siden

    Arnold is funny

  • Dillon Tidysilver328
    Dillon Tidysilver32811 dager siden

    I love AD

  • Noobslayer98
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  • Ty Briscoe
    Ty Briscoe15 dager siden

    Y’all going to get a little bit

  • Ashley jennings123
    Ashley jennings12315 dager siden

    Put your finger up to make Arnold cried for his life because his finger keep getting cut off

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame15 dager siden


  • Carissa
    Carissa15 dager siden

    Utuyfyyrytr yt? 7y7747474746646647646601101001100100110

  • gold barley bakeshop
    gold barley bakeshop16 dager siden

    Arnold is.....immortal

  • Jamison Pryor
    Jamison Pryor16 dager siden

    I love war robots

  • Toasty Boy
    Toasty Boy17 dager siden

    I like how they slide into the sponsor so smoothly

  • Danny Ollua
    Danny Ollua17 dager siden

    Wake your skinny ass up

  • shadow hybrid7766
    shadow hybrid776621 dag siden

    Bruh make a blast protection netherite chestplate

  • zach_playz12
    zach_playz1221 dag siden

    who killed the arnold in war robots?

  • Wolomjared
    Wolomjared22 dager siden

    I wanna punch the narrator for torturing arnold so much.....

  • asean owen
    asean owenMåned siden

    1:59 G.I Patton from War Robots

  • Gordon Hartfiel
    Gordon HartfielMåned siden

    I love war robots but what if there was a nuke in it?

  • AutoXD
    AutoXDMåned siden

    yoo kim jong un will nuke ur whole country dont miss with his face eh

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer JohnsonMåned siden

    I think I heard them say the a word

  • Hamimah Bt Omarudin
    Hamimah Bt OmarudinMåned siden

    You have that game

  • JackTheNice Noob 20 years ago
    JackTheNice Noob 20 years agoMåned siden


  • Ryan Here
    Ryan HereMåned siden

    Can you have 15 minutes to escape the radio active Scott soul

  • JackOS 555
    JackOS 555Måned siden

    Oh hell gosh darn it

  • Rovelyn Acevedo
    Rovelyn AcevedoMåned siden

    How about going the world of superheros

  • Ahmed Elmashax
    Ahmed ElmashaxMåned siden

    Not again... that robot game is like arnolds raid shadow legends

  • JackTheNice Noob 20 years ago
    JackTheNice Noob 20 years agoMåned siden

    2:03 did u see bender

  • JackTheNice Noob 20 years ago
    JackTheNice Noob 20 years agoMåned siden


  • Vincent Caudle
    Vincent CaudleMåned siden


  • JackTheNice Noob 20 years ago
    JackTheNice Noob 20 years agoMåned siden

    1:53 Oh heck gosh darn it Arnold your stuck back in the universe of robots

  • Shah Rizal Supian Suri
    Shah Rizal Supian SuriMåned siden

    why did everytime arnold and her finger always got off

  • Gashaw Abebe
    Gashaw AbebeMåned siden

    Fucking asshole

  • Gashaw Abebe
    Gashaw AbebeMåned siden

    Bitch duck niga

  • abhinav iyer
    abhinav iyerMåned siden

    I played war robots I bought garret and vitayez robots

  • GD fraction
    GD fractionMåned siden

    2:03 it's bender!!!!

  • Jose Flores
    Jose FloresMåned siden

    Aaaaaa is☢☢☢😢😯😯😢😢😢😢👈👉👉👈😭😭💥💥💥

  • Nicholas Glisson
    Nicholas GlissonMåned siden

    If I git it will you shut up

  • Francisco Mendoza
    Francisco MendozaMåned siden

    999 nuclears is the end

  • Waterboye007 ARBOY007
    Waterboye007 ARBOY007Måned siden

    You say to much bad words

  • Lida-Mari Vlok
    Lida-Mari VlokMåned siden


  • mae b
    mae bMåned siden

    update: the chinese missile were now fired in west Philippine sea, declaring a superiority against US

  • Yoongi’s pet rock
    Yoongi’s pet rockMåned siden

    Shower with his clothes on 😑

  • Pat_Playz
    Pat_PlayzMåned siden

    I already played war robot it was amazing just like the sponsor 'Go Get the game!'

  • John Kerby Abilar
    John Kerby AbilarMåned siden

    I have war robots

  • Jose Campos
    Jose Campos2 måneder siden

    😐don,t even think about it

  • jepjep japitana
    jepjep japitana2 måneder siden

    i thought this was family friendly :(

    JUAN ARTHELL FURY2 måneder siden

    Watta lucky guy🤣

  • Abhay Gurjar
    Abhay Gurjar2 måneder siden

    1:42 Pakistan 😂😂

  • James Cokinos
    James Cokinos2 måneder siden

    When you got sponsors you really let him have it

  • The T Gamer Guy
    The T Gamer Guy2 måneder siden

    1:36 That map doesn’t look right. It is missing: Canadian Archipelago 🇨🇦 Central America 🇧🇿 🇭🇳 🇳🇮 European Union 🇪🇺 United Kingdom 🇬🇧 Sumatra 🇮🇩 Java 🇮🇩 Sulawesi 🇮🇩 Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬 New Guinea 🇮🇩 New Zealand 🇳🇿 Japan 🇯🇵 Caribbean Islands 🇨🇺 🇭🇹 🇯🇲 Philippines 🇵🇭

  • yusuf yonis
    yusuf yonis2 måneder siden

    am i the only one who put their thumb up

  • iisxnsxt
    iisxnsxt2 måneder siden

    "Wake your skinny ass up" got me cracking up 😂

  • master of car drive simulator multiplayer UWU
    master of car drive simulator multiplayer UWU2 måneder siden

    0:44 oooooooooooooooooom

  • Stormtr00per4901
    Stormtr00per49012 måneder siden

    Arnold is a dumbass

  • Rimpa Kaur
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  • Mehrad 234
    Mehrad 2342 måneder siden

    That guy predicted the pandemic a year ago

  • Jorge Cotrinax
    Jorge Cotrinax2 måneder siden

    La voz en español es mas cómica este tipo tiene vos de comercial de tv

  • Susheela VV
    Susheela VV2 måneder siden

    This time also Arnold loses his finger

  • DR. BlueYT RBLX
    DR. BlueYT RBLX2 måneder siden

    5:00 arlond has father 5:01 arlond's father: What am my done 5:02 arlond: it's ok 5:03 THE END

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    cash wolf game Lady2 måneder siden

    Robots it doesn't want to be wrong

  • Louis Phrasany Weekend Chronicles
    Louis Phrasany Weekend Chronicles2 måneder siden


  • SCP- 046
    SCP- 0462 måneder siden

    Can you atleast give Arnold a break 😂

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    I love war robots

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  • Khant Hte
    Khant Hte2 måneder siden

    It's like giving a thumbs up to nuclear blast

    ROHAN BENJAMIN SRI HARI SSC2 måneder siden

    🌍----------- end of the world...

  • Dawon Williams
    Dawon Williams2 måneder siden

    I love war ropots

  • B Fröger
    B Fröger2 måneder siden

    Bruh just drink some milk so the nuclear effect is away

    CHICKEN NUGGIES2 måneder siden

    1:05 that one guy who wants Arnold’s finger to keep falling off

  • Aeron Cortiñas
    Aeron Cortiñas2 måneder siden

    Hey ty for the free resources

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    I got war robots

  • Ramzel Medina
    Ramzel Medina2 måneder siden

    0:07 That's the president of North Korea

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    Did you see the ugly and hideous G.I Patton 2:02

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    Congrats on 3 million subs!!

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    Bruh 😝

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    1:24 his hands are rokakaka fruits

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  • Galactic Empire of Sagittarius mapping
    Galactic Empire of Sagittarius mapping2 måneder siden

    Man Germany isn't a nuclear power

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    get him here

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    Unfortunategames2 måneder siden

    The nuclear attack is like fallout

  • Josh The food critic
    Josh The food critic2 måneder siden

    Another universe where Arnold survived a atomic war

  • newbe pork
    newbe pork2 måneder siden

    I download the robot thing

  • 劉建生
    劉建生2 måneder siden

    nuclaear bomb is a nbc!

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  • Jerhame'el Shem Salenga
    Jerhame'el Shem Salenga3 måneder siden

    Am I The Only One Who Hears Seven Thousand Five Hundred Mega Tons And See 7000Mt?

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    godzilla and sid the squid3 måneder siden


  • Mike S.
    Mike S.3 måneder siden

    ... maybe

  • Haden and Jaeden Adventures
    Haden and Jaeden Adventures3 måneder siden

    2:02 I know of it and I have been playing for 3 months and I use 5 bots, Ares, Fenrir, scarab leech, experimental Loki, and the Titan Kid with 2x retaliator and 1x cataclysm

  • i dont know why but my pfp looks weird

    i dont know why but my pfp looks weird

    2 måneder siden

    How much u paid

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    Eric Cisneros Jr3 måneder siden

    you’re a noob

  • Annabelle Soliven
    Annabelle Soliven3 måneder siden

    i really like when kim jong just blow up the world

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    Thanks Arnold

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    He stay roasting Arnold's