What if You Were Sent in the USA in Year 2100?

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What if You Were Sent in the USA in Year 2100?
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  • Mr Mc Cluckins
    Mr Mc Cluckins7 timer siden

    Pandemic, hmmmm. Familiar.

  • Neily Fortado
    Neily Fortado14 timer siden

    Me: why Does every video arnold needs to lose his middle finger every time like why

  • Grant Elsing
    Grant ElsingDag siden

    This video predicted our future,

  • AWIRE9966_09onpc
    AWIRE9966_09onpcDag siden

    1:11 There Could be Pandemics...... 2020: WE ARE IN A HUGE PANDEMIC!!!

  • WilliamTheGamer
    WilliamTheGamerDag siden


  • Igor K.
    Igor K.Dag siden

    btw the QR code at the end is his instagram, good luck

  • gerald waidelich
    gerald waidelichDag siden


  • Charles John Hale
    Charles John Hale2 dager siden

    Did you see a half life 3 poster

  • Aldrian Purganan
    Aldrian Purganan2 dager siden

    1:44 hmmmmm S C A N

  • Jason Breland
    Jason Breland2 dager siden

    How do you do it.

  • DR .copycat
    DR .copycat2 dager siden

    oh sh!* he warned us all

  • Uriel Longoria Cruz
    Uriel Longoria Cruz3 dager siden

    arnold no lo pongas en ingles

  • Mini -Aztĕc The Båt-
    Mini -Aztĕc The Båt-3 dager siden

    Please someone gimme the link to the qr code at the end please

  • ThatOneRandom Kid

    ThatOneRandom Kid

    3 dager siden


  • ThatOneRandom Kid

    ThatOneRandom Kid

    3 dager siden


  • High Five
    High Five3 dager siden

    Half Life 3 comes out 21/12/2100 Me: 💀

  • Masterwolf 2020
    Masterwolf 20203 dager siden

    Ha we in danger

  • eathan myers
    eathan myers4 dager siden

    2100 among us 2

  • Julia 101
    Julia 1015 dager siden

    You just predicted 2020 my friend Global-warming New killer bomb‘s and-pandemic! Bb

  • christian alimagno
    christian alimagno5 dager siden

    ok i pree it now

  • helrazor 77
    helrazor 775 dager siden

    narrator : [tells a bunch of things that could go wrong] 2020: write that down , write that down . And start with the pandemic EDIT : 3 likes , and thus my popular phase hase begun

  • emmanuel paalisbo
    emmanuel paalisbo5 dager siden

    Hmmm true

  • Jason Sanchez
    Jason Sanchez5 dager siden

    I think him mentioning a pandemic doomed us all

  • Psychic Gaming
    Psychic Gaming6 dager siden

    Half life 3 on the ps14 . HA!

  • WallKnight07
    WallKnight076 dager siden

    I like how Arnold loses his finger every videos

  • Andrew Toran
    Andrew Toran6 dager siden

    omg who is watching in 2020? THERE IS PANDEMICS wll actully tiny tine pandemic virus covid-19: >:0

  • ツ Savage Clapzz
    ツ Savage Clapzz6 dager siden

    FOrtnite is the best game ever

  • Ashish bro
    Ashish bro6 dager siden

    Legends literally scan that qr code

  • RDR2 Yeaaa
    RDR2 Yeaaa7 dager siden

    Who else is watching in 2100? -->

  • Blue Bee
    Blue Bee7 dager siden

    I’m not pressing the bell or subscribe button

  • craig from default army
    craig from default army7 dager siden

    i scannend the QR code at the end and..... Well i was surprised

  • Aaron Vanegas’s
    Aaron Vanegas’s8 dager siden

    There is no 2100 thes only 2099 and then 3000

  • Bubble Animation Gameing
    Bubble Animation Gameing8 dager siden


  • Bricelur
    Bricelur8 dager siden

    They got pansemics right

  • Troy Poyel
    Troy Poyel8 dager siden

    What the

  • Shobhit Dutta
    Shobhit Dutta8 dager siden

    Pandemic; yep he was right

  • Rayyan Shaikh
    Rayyan Shaikh9 dager siden

    Bro u predicted Pandemic. 😟😟😱😱

  • Dracula LQ
    Dracula LQ9 dager siden

    Pan..pan...pandemic.....how did you know!

  • Tiger Zash
    Tiger Zash9 dager siden

    This cane to fast not 2100 but 2020

  • Windows 10
    Windows 1010 dager siden

    1:11 Pandemics. and the video is from 2019. How is that possible.

  • Leon Andrean

    Leon Andrean

    4 dager siden

    yeah its future it can be good or bad

  • Alex Thao30
    Alex Thao3010 dager siden

    Why the f*** does meet Arnold always loses his FINGER!?!?!?!?!?!?

    MIHIR MODHA10 dager siden

    no that many people saw the half life three poster

  • MxngoBerrie
    MxngoBerrie10 dager siden

    “Nuclear war, global warming, pandemic” 𝟸𝟶𝟸𝟶 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚒𝚖𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛...

  • Samoyed Squad
    Samoyed Squad10 dager siden

    Nobody Nobody!!! He said what if a pandemic happened And this was in 2019

  • a face you can trust
    a face you can trust10 dager siden

    my god shut up, yall go crazy over the word "pandemic"

  • pinnacle
    pinnacle11 dager siden

    pandemics he says i will hire you to be my psychic

  • Frehiwot Desta
    Frehiwot Desta11 dager siden

    Im saeke

  • Frehiwot Desta
    Frehiwot Desta11 dager siden

    Guys do not panic I’m a sake

  • Reeve Kook
    Reeve Kook12 dager siden

    Well, that QR code really had nothing on it.

  • Jared Dominguez
    Jared Dominguez12 dager siden

    How did they know covid 19 will happen

  • mountain
    mountain12 dager siden


  • thilaga vikram
    thilaga vikram12 dager siden

    Ps1,2,3,4,5 in 2020 but in 2100 ps14

  • yeet productions
    yeet productions13 dager siden

    Geuss that'll do

  • Afiq Aiman
    Afiq Aiman13 dager siden

    Nah im not gonna press it

  • Ejay__ Quichocho
    Ejay__ Quichocho13 dager siden

    DAMN I SCAN THE QR and I look at the Picture then I faint no wonder it says "oh there’s nothing here"

  • Ejay__ Quichocho

    Ejay__ Quichocho

    13 dager siden

    ALSO IM 40 years old so yea imma un subscribe

  • Ivy Zhu
    Ivy Zhu13 dager siden

    Hell no

  • Yash Kerkar
    Yash Kerkar13 dager siden

    I m actually watching during pandemoc

  • Ensigamer
    Ensigamer13 dager siden

    My parent saw that

  • Roopnarine Deonarine
    Roopnarine Deonarine13 dager siden

    Pandemics,this mans a phsycic

  • The Joshua Vlog
    The Joshua Vlog13 dager siden

    well the pandemic saved use a little time from global warming but ya we are all domed

  • Hit tha Pookie foo
    Hit tha Pookie foo13 dager siden


  • CoolIssa1Gaming
    CoolIssa1Gaming14 dager siden

    And yet mcdonalds still has a broken icecream machine.

  • Gavin Berns
    Gavin Berns14 dager siden

    pandemics are our future

  • Filcken Gaming
    Filcken Gaming14 dager siden

    How do you know this

    NOT SUS14 dager siden

    When will Arnold find his freedom?....

  • When you
    When you14 dager siden

    Not that much people pressed the bell

  • Lallubhai Gohil
    Lallubhai Gohil14 dager siden

    Funny but damm true

  • World of Figures Official
    World of Figures Official15 dager siden

    If you scan the QR code, you realized the world is saved by @tagi_berta

  • The terrarian Gamer4030
    The terrarian Gamer403015 dager siden

    You are right there

  • Wolf Pack
    Wolf Pack15 dager siden

    Who remembers the first time Arnold finger came off

  • Johana Navarro
    Johana Navarro15 dager siden

    Sorry but I can't find the bell

  • isli G
    isli G15 dager siden

    HL3 IS OUT! 0:35

  • Bobbley Wigs
    Bobbley Wigs15 dager siden

    Who else watching this old thing in 4020 at mars

  • KookeePenguins
    KookeePenguins15 dager siden


  • John Artazo
    John Artazo15 dager siden

    uhhhh.... how did you predict the future????

  • Zelo FZ
    Zelo FZ16 dager siden

    I took a big shii about

  • MileHigh Miles
    MileHigh Miles16 dager siden

    It's 2031 now

  • *ice melon*
    *ice melon*16 dager siden

    I KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO BE SAVED BY WE'RE GOING TO BE SAFE BY ########################## Jk(:

  • Emmanuel Lopez
    Emmanuel Lopez16 dager siden

    yoy been saved by nothing arnaled has big teethhhhhuydfchxj fjkdx vuijkgcxu

  • AGamerObbiest or Artist
    AGamerObbiest or Artist16 dager siden


  • Yusuf Sekandari
    Yusuf Sekandari16 dager siden

    Pandemic you got that one right ;)

  • MRSamiboi
    MRSamiboi16 dager siden

    pandemic is no future anymore

  • Ezra Shah
    Ezra Shah16 dager siden

    1:11 Are you surprised that you got that right?

  • Stonks
    Stonks16 dager siden

    Why does this kid always lose his finger

  • BruhMickeyproductions
    BruhMickeyproductions16 dager siden

    Why is no one talking about the bar code?

  • shido pitzel
    shido pitzel16 dager siden

    0:36I love that there is a reference for half life 3 (that never coming) in

  • Elizabeth Garcia
    Elizabeth Garcia17 dager siden

    If we save by nothing we can do nothing

  • DC Rosens
    DC Rosens17 dager siden

    1:12 You Predicted The Future

  • Boba_cloud
    Boba_cloud17 dager siden

    “From a pandemic “ HOW WE NOW HAVE A PANDEMIC IN 2020

  • Aaron Hill
    Aaron Hill17 dager siden

    that qr code at the end is a link to a Instagram account in many videos

  • anite fox
    anite fox18 dager siden

    I swear people say Trump's skin color is orange

  • Deja


    4 dager siden

    It is

  • Ben Mann
    Ben Mann19 dager siden

    Vault 111

  • Ben Mann
    Ben Mann19 dager siden

    Vault 111

  • imsoproxlol Imsoproxlol
    imsoproxlol Imsoproxlol19 dager siden

    * names Arnold * 29 years old * eats a lot * fat * has 7 followers * Twitter name meet Arnold * nerd * 2 likes * 6 videos * he plays with toys made in Kuwait * love watching girls book * iQ - 0,5 * he lives with his mom * has a prosthetic finger On his left hand

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame19 dager siden

    Arnold is exactly what the future needs lol

  • עופר שמואלי
    עופר שמואלי19 dager siden

    What Does The QR Say/Show?

  • Barbara J.
    Barbara J.19 dager siden

    1:44 nothing dont mind me

  • cheesepotato3
    cheesepotato320 dager siden

    I would be pleased to have went south and to a time i probably wont be in because i doubt ill live to 93 years old plus why would i wanna be in America if they insult my country alot.

  • Emily Lampietti
    Emily Lampietti20 dager siden


  • Gulten
    Gulten21 dag siden

    "But it all could turn out quite different, Nuclear War, global warming, pandemics" thats today

  • Sambhab Kumar Bala 41
    Sambhab Kumar Bala 4121 dag siden

    1:43 If you scan this code then you can go to tagadi_berta account on Instagram.

  • Anna Kobylanka
    Anna Kobylanka21 dag siden

    100 years from now