What if you Were Sent to a BLACK HOLE?

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    KUMAR M S2 dager siden

    Put more videos 👍

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame6 dager siden

    Arnold will be back in billions of year's time, when the blk hole collapses, & Arnold is scattered all across the universe, where multiple versions of Arnold will evolve into not so intelligent life lol

  • Ninaad Bhat
    Ninaad Bhat6 dager siden

    Who saw the "Get da Wambulance" in the captions at 0:17??

  • Frosty the bunny! and mango the toucan!
    Frosty the bunny! and mango the toucan!19 dager siden

    Never. Going. To. A. Black. HOLE. -_-.

    TRIPLE ARMY GAMING19 dager siden

    Please make some big video it finish very fastly

  • Twinks Twinkie
    Twinks Twinkie20 dager siden

    Arnold: *dying* Narrator: *stretch*

  • Andrew Kere
    Andrew Kere24 dager siden

    If he enters he will be destroyed to ash

  • Niraj kumar
    Niraj kumar24 dager siden

    I will go to the court You killed Arnold so many times with different styles.😢😢

  • Michael Tong
    Michael TongMåned siden

    Y, . Kooky 7o H Jim L,hi

  • Grey pencil Creations is the best
    Grey pencil Creations is the bestMåned siden

    0:44 how Arnold lost his finger immunity?!

  • Steven Israel
    Steven IsraelMåned siden

    Give them =doller or a 🍬🍭 so they don't play with the aunno

  • Mimi523
    Mimi523Måned siden

    That was fast

  • Milaan Patel
    Milaan PatelMåned siden

    When did he loose his finger?

  • game dude

    game dude

    29 dager siden

    When he gets in the black hole

  • Simfranz Dauz
    Simfranz DauzMåned siden

    Poor arnold

  • frances wu
    frances wuMåned siden

    Even you have 3 million subscribers!

  • Conner RE 044 #2
    Conner RE 044 #2Måned siden

    #2: Burh

  • Sean Geraldo
    Sean GeraldoMåned siden

    Arnold sent to outer space

  • Ibrahim Asim
    Ibrahim AsimMåned siden

    Do you play war robots

  • Eveyln _7
    Eveyln _72 måneder siden

    Kwi Kejskils

  • Charlie Boggiano
    Charlie Boggiano2 måneder siden


  • Government of Arstotzka
    Government of Arstotzka2 måneder siden

    Wait, he can travel through time? I just !are a theory: If he can travel through time, we can't specifically know, if his body ages, or everything around him changes. If everything around him changes, he can hypothetically, through the Space-Time Continuum return to the moment before he entered the black hole, even before he entered the space! So, he TECHNICALLY can escape. If he doesn't want to, there is a thing, that his body ages. However, he can age on just minutes, even seconds. So theory №2 is: he can return to the moment BEFORE he ran out of oxygen, and therefore, he can travel how long he wants. Bang. No need to thank me. (I expect *Nobel prize* for best phylosophyc theory)

  • chinmay


    Måned siden

    Bruh you dont have complete info how things work...black hole warps space time in such a manner that the singularity (the centre of blackhole kinda) is literally in your future..no matter what you do...and you can avoid you future.. And for your second theory..time will flow the same for him...its the relative difference at which time passes that makes it a time travel...so yeah.. even the part no. 2 theory is wrong

  • Erin Killinger
    Erin Killinger2 måneder siden

    He’s gonna make a Arnold clone

  • Senseless Network
    Senseless Network2 måneder siden

    Really liked this art style and narration!

  • Hanisah 51
    Hanisah 512 måneder siden


  • Mega Intruder
    Mega Intruder2 måneder siden

    This channel is provided us misinformation about a black hole. Why some(7.3b)humans are immature about universe ?

  • Colded Wolf
    Colded Wolf2 måneder siden

    If arnold is real he’s gonna be emo.

  • Nathan A GONZALES
    Nathan A GONZALES2 måneder siden

    0:18 Not me: Not Anyone: Not Earth: Not Even Black Holes: Captions: call the wambulance

  • Parakeet animation studio
    Parakeet animation studio2 måneder siden

    Arnold’s finger came off!

  • coolerbrian23
    coolerbrian232 måneder siden

    Not mean

  • coolerbrian23
    coolerbrian232 måneder siden


  • 劉建生
    劉建生2 måneder siden

    Black hole is in bfb battle for bfdi

  • The StompArtist
    The StompArtist2 måneder siden


  • Greg GAlin
    Greg GAlin2 måneder siden


  • Alinnah Beaufont
    Alinnah Beaufont3 måneder siden

    Send Arnold to Australia

  • godzilla and sid the squid
    godzilla and sid the squid3 måneder siden

    How did he lose his finger okay

  • godzilla and sid the squid
    godzilla and sid the squid3 måneder siden

    Near the black hole Wiki turns into a spaghetti I mean Arnold did

  • Unstoppable AJ
    Unstoppable AJ3 måneder siden

    its time to send arnold to heven this time😊😊😊😁😀

  • Jupider Playz
    Jupider Playz3 måneder siden

    Idk if the narrorator is a piece of shit and funny or nice and informative

  • Pranay Sundar
    Pranay Sundar3 måneder siden

    Plz make more video

  • Subigya Thewolf
    Subigya Thewolf3 måneder siden

    Where is his thumb is it all okay?

  • Newton cho
    Newton cho3 måneder siden

    Great game

  • Raphael Gotama
    Raphael Gotama3 måneder siden


  • Fortnite Yeer
    Fortnite Yeer3 måneder siden


  • Mark-Tracey Jones
    Mark-Tracey Jones4 måneder siden

    Being sucked in to a black hole is my biggest fear

  • Johnny x-ray renegade
    Johnny x-ray renegade4 måneder siden

    Thanks for showing us new stuff everyday 😁👍

  • Raul Saldana
    Raul Saldana4 måneder siden

    My smart come from School 1% NOlocal 99%

  • Helen Miria
    Helen Miria4 måneder siden

    Wait what black hole

  • Helen Miria
    Helen Miria4 måneder siden

    Black Hall

  • David Games
    David Games4 måneder siden

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Suaad Saif
    Suaad Saif4 måneder siden

    😂 funny

  • Where’s my potato’s??
    Where’s my potato’s??4 måneder siden

    *I though blackholes were supposed to teleport you.*

    THE AMAZING BROTATO!!!4 måneder siden

    they have more than one arnold

  • Kao Vue
    Kao Vue4 måneder siden


  • Kai Murphy
    Kai Murphy4 måneder siden

    1 like =1 new arnold

  • Upenem Chemz
    Upenem Chemz4 måneder siden


  • • 《Harper Cheesecake》•
    • 《Harper Cheesecake》•4 måneder siden

    the black hole in this video looks more like a saw blade in gd my 2nd mist favorite game

  • furydeath
    furydeath4 måneder siden

    HEY it's ARNOLD!

    SARUN LACH4 måneder siden

    In the black hole in in what happens when we in the black hole

  • deour
    deour5 måneder siden

    in a black hole, isn't there no time or no past nor future?

    AAROHA5 måneder siden

    Aw The baby and the old 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😥😥😥😥😥😥😫😫😫😫😫😩😩😩😩😩Just Joking Itsa 4nomation..

  • Adrian Maheswara
    Adrian Maheswara5 måneder siden

    R.I.P. fingger

  • Twitch_StarLord_
    Twitch_StarLord_5 måneder siden

    Time for epic Operation- SHA- Stalking Hello Arnold vids In which Im about to finish watching every single one of this in their channel... just a few ones Ive missed. Already watched most lol. So, Starting with this one. Ofc their all gud, its common sense xd ~Random Discord ★St☆rry♕

  • Stalker of the Zone
    Stalker of the Zone5 måneder siden

    Who else heard of the new black hole nearest to earth?

  • Jerry Eskridge
    Jerry Eskridge5 måneder siden

    Arnold episode what if he killed and raped the narrator..

  • junior's channel
    junior's channel5 måneder siden


  • Jenette Pontillas
    Jenette Pontillas5 måneder siden

    Sleeping but this guy put in black hole

  • Cindy Jin
    Cindy Jin5 måneder siden

    “Black holes are formed when a star dies” Black holes: *also eats stars* It’s whoever levels up first gets to beat up children

  • Art and ender

    Art and ender

    5 måneder siden

    Have you ever read a book about Space?

  • the world
    the world6 måneder siden

    *no, we dont mean your ex*

  • GamenBoi64
    GamenBoi646 måneder siden

    So many Arnold's are dieing that we need to mass produce them in a quantum teleporter.

  • max corner
    max corner6 måneder siden


  • CMGaming
    CMGaming6 måneder siden

    my theory: Arnold can use superglue on his ship and he can't get in the black hole because super glue is VERY strong. i dont know it this is true

  • The_ _ghake
    The_ _ghake6 måneder siden

    What would happen if we could breathe in space?

  • Jacob fry
    Jacob fry6 måneder siden

    I’m sending some rooks to save Arnold

  • VenaticPH
    VenaticPH6 måneder siden

    0:27 *Event Horizont*

  • careless plyz
    careless plyz6 måneder siden

    Just when will Arnold be free and live a normal life a life where he in st in danger or being a salve and test subject

  • Loek Mulder
    Loek Mulder6 måneder siden

    No we dong Mean Your ex hahah

  • shocked pickachu
    shocked pickachu6 måneder siden

    What about the time that the object freezes? Yeah you can travel to time but when you put a clock in a black hole, it doesnt ticks. Do more research and make another person cause arnold is suffering.

  • IDunno
    IDunno6 måneder siden

    I learn more from this channel than school

  • 23gunpoint
    23gunpoint7 måneder siden

    I hate how short these videos are

  • NitroZpiderIndoteX
    NitroZpiderIndoteX7 måneder siden

    0:35 *hawking radiation

  • Yellow
    Yellow7 måneder siden

    So, this is the cause of the fortnite end event. ARNOLD WAS IN THE ZERO POINT, AND THEY WANTED HIM OUT OF THE BLACK HOLE!!

  • blue shark Gaming
    blue shark Gaming7 måneder siden


  • 丂尺卂几
    丂尺卂几7 måneder siden

    0:00 Arnold: “Wha?”

  • Banana Gang
    Banana Gang7 måneder siden

    (Get da Wanbulance) lol I love captions. Turn on captions at 0:16

  • Daddy Buttface
    Daddy Buttface8 måneder siden


  • 1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content
    1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content8 måneder siden

    What if when you died, you wake up in an alien body holding a bong and a nearby figure asks you "How was it?"

  • Annick Price
    Annick Price8 måneder siden

    Bruh, just teleport to 0,0,0 to escape the black hole And to get to the black hole just teleport to ~ 214719363916399 ~ 😂

  • elmaks langue
    elmaks langue8 måneder siden


  • Mr. Collins
    Mr. Collins8 måneder siden

    What will people do if they find out it's all wrong?

  • N3to 87
    N3to 878 måneder siden

    Why does he always lose a finger in every episode

  • Ashton Hecker
    Ashton Hecker8 måneder siden

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly Arenal you are ugly

  • Tiff’s Hallucinated Myth
    Tiff’s Hallucinated Myth8 måneder siden

    So no one realizes that bear is Mr.Bean’s?

  • Dhruv Kasliwal
    Dhruv Kasliwal8 måneder siden

    You are great

  • giraffe
    giraffe8 måneder siden


  • Ebaboucarr Gaye
    Ebaboucarr Gaye8 måneder siden

    Travel though time in a black hole

  • Jorden Lang
    Jorden Lang8 måneder siden

    0:11 meet the black hole *pulls out flowers* *NO WE DON'T MEAN YOUR EX*

  • Jared Nunya
    Jared Nunya8 måneder siden

    There is no proof one way or the other about how a blackhole works because there is no way to examine it other than visual observation. You are click bait

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    Hvis man ikke har mod til at stikke af, synes jeg, at man skal samle sig mod til at stikke af

  • Tau Jsab
    Tau Jsab9 måneder siden

    Ow so badly

  • J McDonald
    J McDonald9 måneder siden

    0:31 I guess that's why it's called spagetification (Yes that is a real thing)