What if Your Heart Beats At The Speed of Light?

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What if Your Heart Beats At The Speed of Light?
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  • noobmaster 69
    noobmaster 6917 timer siden

    xd thats my heart beat when im playing a very competetive game

  • Matthew Anthony
    Matthew AnthonyDag siden

    0:44 That was cute tbh

  • bxttrr • light
    bxttrr • lightDag siden

    All I wanted to know was why my heat was beating hella fast when watching a video bro

  • Chandler Codi Resada
    Chandler Codi Resada4 dager siden

    When parent sees grade : *Heartbeat of 1000000*

    BUKAN WIBU4 dager siden

    Red + Green = Violet?

  • chilX3467
    chilX34676 dager siden

    This is kinda how luffy's gear second works, minus the boosted intelligence, rapid healing, and the constant need to use the bathroom. Guess oda didn't take that into account, with the exception of the bathroom part, I can see why he wouldn't implement that.

  • Dusty Cloud
    Dusty Cloud10 dager siden

    It's already happen when you talking to your crush...

  • Ral Aviary
    Ral Aviary11 dager siden

    Cardiac arrest has joined the chat.

  • OK Sure
    OK Sure11 dager siden

    You'd probably die? There's at least a 42% chance.

  • Bol Bol
    Bol Bol12 dager siden

    Elon Musk: *sounds like a challenge to me team*

    KSC STORM13 dager siden

    Project zorgo is watching

  • The Imposter Among us ඞ
    The Imposter Among us ඞ14 dager siden

    Most comments: ARNOLD HAS ALL OF HIS FINGS WTFFFF Me: nice animation

  • Terencio Calipes
    Terencio Calipes15 dager siden


  • Bobbi Jo Bowling
    Bobbi Jo Bowling15 dager siden

    Amazing anmation

  • Dayaks Rae
    Dayaks Rae16 dager siden

    "VERY experimental room

  • mega primus
    mega primus17 dager siden

    How dose Arnold survive

  • Lance Marion Mico
    Lance Marion Mico17 dager siden

    1:01 Me:dAnGaNrOnPa Note:Its actually red but the glass makes it look like pink

  • Roger Munyakazi
    Roger Munyakazi18 dager siden

    Hi Arnold😀

  • 。Caputrane。
    。Caputrane。18 dager siden

    Wait has he has never done a face revel

  • ANY thing
    ANY thing18 dager siden

    hello gays!! i am a youtuber to . but i can not Understand what Kind of video should I make ........ if You are reading my comment Please help me to 1k .......................... :

  • Terencio Calipes
    Terencio Calipes19 dager siden

    RIP aRnOld

  • Terencio Calipes
    Terencio Calipes19 dager siden

    Rip arnold

  • Gamer Alex20X
    Gamer Alex20X19 dager siden


  • Gamer Alex20X
    Gamer Alex20X19 dager siden

    Wtf is wrong with your character theeth

  • Nachogun GD
    Nachogun GD19 dager siden

    Normal Person:At the speed of light sounds interesting GD Player:Flashback

  • Andrei 2011
    Andrei 201121 dag siden

    the good side is that i can click the cookie faster

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame21 dag siden

    Poor Arnold lol

  • Judy Cardinal
    Judy Cardinal22 dager siden


  • Judy Cardinal
    Judy Cardinal22 dager siden


  • n00b Sans
    n00b Sans22 dager siden

    Can ya'll stfu about arnold losing 1 finger when he could have gone through SO Much worse?

  • Andrea Villapol
    Andrea Villapol23 dager siden


  • Hadi Debs
    Hadi Debs23 dager siden


  • DK Gaming
    DK Gaming23 dager siden

    I don’t know why but my chest was hurting while watching this

  • Rip x he was a legend
    Rip x he was a legend25 dager siden

    Your talking about iq not heart

  • Sir Cat
    Sir Cat25 dager siden

    nothing can go at the speed of light

  • Michael Erga
    Michael Erga25 dager siden

    1:23 Elon: driving tesla Arnold: ROBOTS Elon 1:30

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah29 dager siden

    I have it’s ad thing after all it’s a good thing

  • Vibe Check
    Vibe CheckMåned siden

    So big brain makes big poo and then die makes seance

  • Faelyn Gaming
    Faelyn GamingMåned siden

    why are you guys doing this arnold will die are you crazy!

  • 1 Sub before Halloween
    1 Sub before HalloweenMåned siden

    Arnold blows up still has his finger wow

  • Cherry Lee
    Cherry LeeMåned siden

    How many Arnold fingers lost 🌂

  • FAL
    FALMåned siden

    everybody gangsta til your heart breaks itself

  • bmci finance
    bmci financeMåned siden


  • It’s ok to be white.
    It’s ok to be white.Måned siden


  • Mary Buckley
    Mary BuckleyMåned siden

    Great i q test

  • Cosmii
    CosmiiMåned siden

    TIL that if a heart contracts 300.000 times per second your blood would get to Mach 10

  • Farieza Aldhiarrahman
    Farieza AldhiarrahmanMåned siden

    1:10 is that a tf2 reference?

  • Techdawg6565 Hellen
    Techdawg6565 HellenMåned siden

    First Meet Arnold I watched

  • Alyana Rodriguez
    Alyana RodriguezMåned siden

    how it can be true

  • Alyana Rodriguez
    Alyana RodriguezMåned siden


  • Rovelyn Acevedo
    Rovelyn AcevedoMåned siden

    He is legendary smart maybe he can an iron-man suit

  • Prokid5634_YT
    Prokid5634_YTMåned siden

    You'll be fine if you eat a Gapple.

  • Amanda Forsythe
    Amanda ForsytheMåned siden

    I dont know how I past school with 2 brain cells

  • Janine Heath
    Janine HeathMåned siden


  • Spiritdude2828
    Spiritdude2828Måned siden

    0:27 Brain: *gets blood* Arnold: *disgusted face*

  • Tyler Adams
    Tyler AdamsMåned siden

    We need longer vids

  • Cristine Catapang
    Cristine CatapangMåned siden

    Poor guy driver don't cry

  • Rovelyn Acevedo
    Rovelyn AcevedoMåned siden

    How about 100 000 that's what I'm talkingabout

  • Tania King
    Tania KingMåned siden

    He is a ghost and FLYS YP!!!!!!!

  • Cecilia Aguiniga
    Cecilia AguinigaMåned siden

    Vale:yes wow I want math I'm happy😍

  • Eli Says Nah
    Eli Says NahMåned siden

    Woah... I found my child hood I used to watch this dude when i was 8 and didnt understand anything😂

  • Jameela Shamsudheen
    Jameela ShamsudheenMåned siden

    Looks like blooshot

  • Ghost Charles cause yes.
    Ghost Charles cause yes.Måned siden


  • Daniel Plays
    Daniel PlaysMåned siden

    0:40 Arnold’s shirt glowing more blue 0:42 bruh they fixed back to the same shirt what Arnold’s wears

  • Duo wolfs
    Duo wolfsMåned siden

    If he knows that he can do the gravity thing hes smater than arnold!!

  • Jurga Jurgita
    Jurga JurgitaMåned siden

    Im pissed

  • Najma Hussaini
    Najma HussainiMåned siden


  • Yan Marocci
    Yan MarocciMåned siden

    The right answer is intant heart attack

  • Qing Dynasty
    Qing DynastyMåned siden

    1:15 is a Test In swizerland in 1930 Brother And little brother want a people live again him test electric into brain and it work It have to Power

  • ツ hi roblox_ash
    ツ hi roblox_ashMåned siden

    you probably get a heart attack

  • nsjjwklqmwjwn msmakwmuwhs
    nsjjwklqmwjwn msmakwmuwhsMåned siden

    ɦas 2 ʄɨռɢɛʀs: ɦօա ċօʊʟɖ 2 ʄɨռɢɛʀs ɛʋɛռ ɛxɨst?

  • LunchBunch
    LunchBunch2 måneder siden

    meet arnold can u help me get 40 subs

  • Srpski maper
    Srpski maper2 måneder siden

    In shortly u'de kick rhe bucket

  • Alvin John M. Loredo
    Alvin John M. Loredo2 måneder siden

    Poor Elon musk 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • Aubrey Kempf
    Aubrey Kempf2 måneder siden


  • Aubrey Kempf
    Aubrey Kempf2 måneder siden


  • CGamertag
    CGamertag2 måneder siden

    Elon Musk Driving: why does Arnold have this massive Robot? Elon Musk Upset in the car: I wanted to have this:(

    POSH. MODS2 måneder siden

    Good things never last, damn it.

  • Kurian Biju
    Kurian Biju2 måneder siden

    To make it simple, you will most likely meet your creator.

  • Bing Bonggat
    Bing Bonggat2 måneder siden

    I love her videos

  • Victini Stealth
    Victini Stealth2 måneder siden

    Short answer: you’ll die

  • just1moreIce - Yt
    just1moreIce - Yt2 måneder siden

    Life Noggin

  • Laura Maker
    Laura Maker2 måneder siden

    The next video should be: What if money vanished from the world? .. 👍 if you agree

  • Tim Maxson
    Tim Maxson2 måneder siden


  • Christian Sekumade
    Christian Sekumade2 måneder siden


  • Mxster_DeDe
    Mxster_DeDe2 måneder siden

    300 000 isnt the speed of light

  • Ant ._.
    Ant ._.2 måneder siden

    Theres a song call at the speed of light

  • Liz Lisica

    Liz Lisica

    Måned siden

    by Dimrain47

  • Asphalt Street Storm Gamer
    Asphalt Street Storm Gamer2 måneder siden

    He died without an uberchage

  • Jillian Wirth
    Jillian Wirth2 måneder siden

    That would make you a hummingbird.

  • Calico Kenzo
    Calico Kenzo2 måneder siden

    Well this make my anxiety go up oof

  • MR. Potato PLAYZ
    MR. Potato PLAYZ2 måneder siden

    1:29 lol Elon musk

  • Angel Carson
    Angel Carson2 måneder siden

    Only you would be busy busy how do you do that did you Leisy

  • Angel Carson
    Angel Carson2 måneder siden

    Nice okay nice tea okay alright

  • Piitaaraq larsen
    Piitaaraq larsen2 måneder siden

    My heart 19 second he’s 8 times

  • psalm17 games and friends
    psalm17 games and friends2 måneder siden


  • RyMostlyWatchesVideos ??
    RyMostlyWatchesVideos ??2 måneder siden


  • Philippines_ mapper19
    Philippines_ mapper192 måneder siden

    Elon musk :))))

  • Zarya
    Zarya2 måneder siden

    Arnold : *explodes* The Narrator : HEY YOU FORGOT TO TAKE THE TEST

  • Jameplaz Roblox
    Jameplaz Roblox2 måneder siden


  • Boi 45

    Boi 45

    2 måneder siden


  • Austin gamer pro Logan game on
    Austin gamer pro Logan game on2 måneder siden

    Make longer videos