What if Your Heart Stops for 1 NANOSECOND?

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What if Your Heart Stops for 1 NANOSECOND?
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  • Ragıng Rameeen
    Ragıng RameeenDag siden

    0:37 white was the impostor

  • SavageChocolate06
    SavageChocolate062 dager siden

    I think nothing would happen because in between every heartbeats is already longer than 1 nanosecond

  • Shukri Aden
    Shukri Aden2 dager siden

    I love science

  • Mabdaa
    Mabdaa3 dager siden

    What would happen if you shot an *atom* through your heart?

    ARAN HIND ALFILER3 dager siden


  • Kaizterz Productions
    Kaizterz Productions4 dager siden

    Anything: *Happens* Arnold's Finger: I have decided that I want to die.

  • Dees Cheetos
    Dees Cheetos4 dager siden

    f arnold

  • Swag Bros INC.
    Swag Bros INC.4 dager siden

    Doesn’t your heart stop every so often I know mine does

  • Internet hero X
    Internet hero X4 dager siden


  • Talal Al Kooheji
    Talal Al Kooheji5 dager siden

    What is a NANOSECOND

  • Talal Al Kooheji

    Talal Al Kooheji

    4 dager siden

    It’s I didn’t look it up

  • Talal Al Kooheji

    Talal Al Kooheji

    4 dager siden

    Not incedent

  • Talal Al Kooheji

    Talal Al Kooheji

    4 dager siden

    Well now I know incident even look it up it is faster than a mili second

  • Deja


    4 dager siden

    Look it up

  • Dela Cruz, King Nikko N.
    Dela Cruz, King Nikko N.6 dager siden

    I care

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame6 dager siden

    My only complaint with Arnold videos is they end too soon lol

  • witherZ _
    witherZ _6 dager siden

    wait isnt it when u sneeze ur heart stops for a nano second?

  • Skyfi Prog
    Skyfi Prog6 dager siden


  • Vik N
    Vik N7 dager siden

    When I see a creepy video in tik tok my heart stops at 2 seconds

  • Raymond Custom Fit
    Raymond Custom Fit7 dager siden

    well this is not new to the people who do not feel their phone in their pocket..

  • Henrianto lie
    Henrianto lie7 dager siden

    8jjjjuhuhbbhhgbjhjk H6gggfytjyfnhfhyfgdardgbc

  • Francisco Carlos Xavier
    Francisco Carlos Xavier8 dager siden

    0:01. Hey, that sounds just like Narrator from Pocoyo.

  • brian scott
    brian scott9 dager siden

    Absolutely nothing

  • Deathplayer
    Deathplayer10 dager siden

    I swear I learn from this channel more than I learned from school

  • The Normal, Ordinary Cultist
    The Normal, Ordinary Cultist10 dager siden

    This isn’t true, learning from Jotaro, you could stop your heart for 30 seconds with a stand against a blonde and gay vampire.

  • Justin Contreras
    Justin Contreras11 dager siden

    The heart stops lik... 2 seconds in the middle of each beat, I don't get it.

  • thememekid 74
    thememekid 7411 dager siden

    Man i feels for u Arnold

  • pinnacle
    pinnacle11 dager siden

    9 meters you say *thinks of the distance by shop isles*

  • Eli Whitesides
    Eli Whitesides11 dager siden


  • Eli Whitesides
    Eli Whitesides11 dager siden

    pause it at the right time to reveal a secret message.

  • Liam Liew
    Liam Liew12 dager siden

    For fake blood

  • Liam Liew
    Liam Liew12 dager siden

    The words say that is is ketchup at the blood part bc their budget is too low

  • The Lamb Sauce
    The Lamb Sauce12 dager siden

    I’ll save you time: You’ll get a heart attack

  • Lugzbit Legit
    Lugzbit Legit12 dager siden

    how is joaro kujo still alive

  • Winner 1835
    Winner 183512 dager siden

    1:20 why not spend any cash and use real blood

  • Sina Ghasemi
    Sina Ghasemi13 dager siden

    I love the awkward silence in each video

  • Eggstacc
    Eggstacc14 dager siden

    the heart stops every beat. even for more than a nanosecond.

  • TooBlue
    TooBlue14 dager siden

    *ur heart does stop for a nano second when it beats*

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man14 dager siden

    Jotaro: ok

  • Alyssa Shabazz
    Alyssa Shabazz15 dager siden

    That’s what happened once, but I was still living.

  • Crafted_GP
    Crafted_GP15 dager siden

    Actully, when you sneeze your heart stops for 0.01 seconds

  • Gladiator _
    Gladiator _15 dager siden

    So nothing

  • Bobbley Wigs
    Bobbley Wigs15 dager siden

    Why a nanosecond, when you can stop it for INFIINITYYY

  • A person commenting on a Youtube video
    A person commenting on a Youtube video15 dager siden

    This is a ketchup!

  • Elektro Gamer-roblox
    Elektro Gamer-roblox15 dager siden

    So The blood vessels in all the population of the world will wrap around the world 15 billion times (:

  • Zoe Mel Monique Miranda
    Zoe Mel Monique Miranda15 dager siden

    I care about arnold

  • ̶ BrainSlug Gamer
    ̶ BrainSlug Gamer16 dager siden

    1:20 secret message in this scene

  • swift studios
    swift studios18 dager siden

    1:21 pause

  • Li Barry
    Li Barry18 dager siden

    cool arnold

  • Zodiac [GD]
    Zodiac [GD]18 dager siden

    This is ketchup our budget is too small for fake blood 1:20

  • Daffa RAMADHAN
    Daffa RAMADHAN19 dager siden

    Jotaro: am i joke to you?

  • The Gamer guy
    The Gamer guy19 dager siden

    So you are dead even if your heart stops for less than a second

  • MrBall
    MrBall20 dager siden

    You die for a nanosecond

  • William Gauthier
    William Gauthier20 dager siden

    If this is true, then how people can survive after an heart attack or being not alive for more than one minute an still being ok!?

  • Yahaya Games
    Yahaya Games20 dager siden

    Stupid nanosecond

  • Ghost Chris
    Ghost Chris20 dager siden

    Short answer: literally nothing

  • Τσαρες Αλεξανδρος
    Τσαρες Αλεξανδρος21 dag siden


  • EEK time
    EEK time21 dag siden


  • mark Rain
    mark Rain21 dag siden

    GEEZ u should give him a rest

  • Pxstelloxo
    Pxstelloxo22 dager siden

    1:20 ignore this

  • My life In Videos
    My life In Videos24 dager siden

    how can you not afford fake blood????

  • Blef
    Blef25 dager siden

    We will kill some one over 100 times for science

  • just a freind
    just a freind27 dager siden

    They can get atleast a bottle of ketchup

  • Heiren Torres
    Heiren Torres29 dager siden

    I like Arnold yeah I like him you better take that back if I like

  • Battle cat God
    Battle cat God29 dager siden

    Nano is inf

  • External3.16
    External3.16Måned siden

    yay arnold, no one cares about u lol 😂 (i am using windows btw and press windows+pried to us the 🤣😎) :)

  • Everett Hooman
    Everett HoomanMåned siden

    It’s okay you wouldn’t notice

  • Kaydin Walker
    Kaydin WalkerMåned siden

    Why do I lose these kinda youtubers

  • Neonic -CNR
    Neonic -CNRMåned siden

    Can u guys spot it in 1:23 it said "It was ketchup we ran out of budget to get fake blood

  • the Ultra ETHAN
    the Ultra ETHANMåned siden

    But I like Arnold Lol

  • Redcat-V
    Redcat-VMåned siden

    A nanosecond wouldnt do anything

  • FadedX312
    FadedX312Måned siden

    Technically ur heart stops for 1 second

  • Pixelated Luis
    Pixelated LuisMåned siden

    What if it stops for an attosecond?

  • Amy Loyd
    Amy LoydMåned siden

    When you sneeze your heart stops

  • CharlesNotFound
    CharlesNotFoundMåned siden

    0:37 did anyone see a among us?

  • hyper time
    hyper timeMåned siden

    Did everyone know that when you cough it stops your heart for 1 second

  • LinkGamer 715
    LinkGamer 715Måned siden

    It's called getting scared

  • Cathy Fu
    Cathy FuMåned siden

    guys 1 nanosecond is a VERY short amount of time

    FORTNITERS OF DCMåned siden

    1 minute and 48 second video to explain 1 nano second

  • ryan gaming
    ryan gamingMåned siden

    did i saw freddy

  • Andre Bowman
    Andre BowmanMåned siden

    1:45 I felt that and am empathetic towards Arnold

  • Gamingcayplays Everything
    Gamingcayplays EverythingMåned siden

    But I’m alive

  • Gamingcayplays Everything
    Gamingcayplays EverythingMåned siden

    I held my breath for 10 minutes

  • Debdas Edtz.
    Debdas Edtz.Måned siden

    Whats wrong with arnolds finger dude ..

  • TheGermanRoblox
    TheGermanRobloxMåned siden

    me who experienced this also me and my heart: *let us introduce our selves*

  • Karma Tsering
    Karma TseringMåned siden

    who else thinks they cant stop their heart without breathing?

  • Ikram Hussain
    Ikram HussainMåned siden

    “This is ketchup! Our budget is too small for a fake blood.”

  • SkaroGaming
    SkaroGamingMåned siden

    0:37 why does that man covered in a blanket next to the couch look like an among us character

  • XianXavierYT
    XianXavierYTMåned siden

    I like arnold

  • Zoe Suzuki
    Zoe SuzukiMåned siden

    "I’m kidding, nobody cares!" I felt that, and only that sentence.

  • Carol Riley
    Carol RileyMåned siden

    Bull in a China shopp

  • jennifer martinez
    jennifer martinezMåned siden

    And talk

  • Zoomy
    ZoomyMåned siden

    If your heart stopped for a nano second nothing would happen at all

  • Cloud Vicente
    Cloud VicenteMåned siden

    Well its gonno do nothing a nanosecond is faster than a millisecond so nothing

  • Daxx Kuczenski
    Daxx KuczenskiMåned siden

    It already does

  • aleria Velarde
    aleria VelardeMåned siden

    1:21 lol you dont have enough money just like my aunt!!!!

  • Baby Not Yoda
    Baby Not YodaMåned siden

    You would be completely fine...

  • luistheugliestdude
    luistheugliestdudeMåned siden

    My answer is; you can still live. when Jotaro stops his heart to survive, he actually survived. For like 1 minute in real life but 5 seconds in the world of that thing.

  • Kelaya Moulton
    Kelaya MoultonMåned siden

    So evry time we sneeze we could die hmm staying away form dust forever now

  • Tristan Bower
    Tristan BowerMåned siden

    He changed his name

  • Juega Ya exe
    Juega Ya exeMåned siden

    What if the narrator took arnold's place?

  • Gerth Knudsen
    Gerth KnudsenMåned siden

    Sometimes my mom's heart skips one pound

  • Just some Panzerkampfwagen VI With Internet access.
    Just some Panzerkampfwagen VI With Internet access.Måned siden

    people be having their heart stop for a minute and still surviving and this is the question?

  • Ali Aaron
    Ali AaronMåned siden

    " this is ketchup! Our budget is too small for fake blood" does that ring a bell in the video???