What Will Happen To You in The Microwave?

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  • Brandon Kittle
    Brandon Kittle6 dager siden


  • Noel Isack
    Noel Isack6 dager siden

    At least in this one you you didn't use any of the bad words

  • Adrian LeDeaux
    Adrian LeDeaux8 dager siden

    ill take MY arnold, rare please. I honestly have never tried this.

  • SGY
    SGY10 dager siden

    Are you a scientist or a doctor

  • Godzilla king the lord Master
    Godzilla king the lord Master10 dager siden

    Arnold loses his thumb

  • Jayden Hite
    Jayden Hite14 dager siden

    it makes me less bored after seeing arnold getting killed multiple times

  • Karen Xu
    Karen Xu16 dager siden

    How can Arnold fit in a microwive😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Wolfie The fire dragon cyberwolf
    Wolfie The fire dragon cyberwolf23 dager siden

    You would explode

  • Wolfie The fire dragon cyberwolf

    Wolfie The fire dragon cyberwolf

    23 dager siden

    If you are a dog

    777THASUPREMEGABE77726 dager siden

    HOW DO WE DRY HIM the towel- microwave! -_-

  • Majesty Legrant
    Majesty Legrant27 dager siden


  • Majesty Legrant
    Majesty Legrant27 dager siden


  • noob gaming
    noob gamingMåned siden

    Poor Arnold being a dummy

  • Kieran Wells 2
    Kieran Wells 2Måned siden

    none of the microwave oven

  • Kealan Moore
    Kealan MooreMåned siden


  • Leon Tan
    Leon TanMåned siden

    How does he get to thr next vid sfter dying

  • Joseph Fritz
    Joseph FritzMåned siden

    Your a mean person dude and you charge 1M dollars for a ad WTF

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    Subscribe To An EggMåned siden


  • Rovelyn Acevedo
    Rovelyn AcevedoMåned siden

    Mke fire

  • Obviously
    ObviouslyMåned siden


    ENDERBRINE ShadowMåned siden

    why dose your hand barn XD

  • Yoongi’s pet rock
    Yoongi’s pet rockMåned siden

    I want something for lunch I’ll take an Arnold

  • Rajesh Devi
    Rajesh DeviMåned siden

    R is Akhya Singh

  • Selina Agyapomah Kwarteng
    Selina Agyapomah KwartengMåned siden


  • Mofeoluwa Akintoye
    Mofeoluwa AkintoyeMåned siden

    Put Arnold in a human brain

  • Basanta Tamang
    Basanta Tamang2 måneder siden

    Pretty sure this guy is just taking his frustration on poor Arnold😞😞

  • Ismail Khan
    Ismail Khan2 måneder siden


  • Aarav Gandhi
    Aarav Gandhi2 måneder siden

    does he lose a finger every time?????

    MSLV Y SUS AVENTURAS2 måneder siden


  • Dillinger Jimenez
    Dillinger Jimenez2 måneder siden


  • Milaim Bresa
    Milaim Bresa2 måneder siden

    "Clicks the video" Video:"ad starts every time" Me:...C'mon

  • Максим Трифонов
    Максим Трифонов2 måneder siden

    Нello, Rassain Arnold the normal?

  • Mr. Dolphin
    Mr. Dolphin2 måneder siden

    "meet arnold, hes wet"

  • gamer boss
    gamer boss2 måneder siden

    Can you actually just be nice to Arnold just for once

  • Bello From Jelly Jamm
    Bello From Jelly Jamm2 måneder siden

    Meet Arnold upload how could you watch wallykazam for 48 hours

  • Susheela VV
    Susheela VV2 måneder siden

    1 like = 1 finger for Arnold

  • Susheela VV
    Susheela VV2 måneder siden

    How many times Arnold losed his finger 👇

  • Mr. Dolphin

    Mr. Dolphin

    2 måneder siden

    only once i guess

    TASHA WHITE2 måneder siden


  • Pepsi YT
    Pepsi YT2 måneder siden


  • Nitul Das
    Nitul Das2 måneder siden

    𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚖𝚘𝚜𝚝 𝚍𝚊𝚛𝚔𝚎𝚜𝚝 𝚖𝚎𝚎𝚝 𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚘𝚕𝚍 𝚎𝚙𝚒𝚜𝚘𝚍𝚎 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛

  • Thanos Brown
    Thanos Brown2 måneder siden

    Send him to the suns core

  • LaneTheSavageHomie
    LaneTheSavageHomie2 måneder siden


  • Deadlock Music
    Deadlock Music2 måneder siden

    Arnold is wet. 😂😂😂

  • Shomi Master
    Shomi Master2 måneder siden

    He becomes Esidisi With boiling blood

  • Javiergamming
    Javiergamming2 måneder siden

    Send Arnold to the hell market and lock him in there

  • raja radi
    raja radi2 måneder siden

    Arnold is a fingery man

  • Tian Yu
    Tian Yu2 måneder siden

    Why can you let Arnold live peacefully narrator

  • someone
    someone3 måneder siden

    You would be COVID-19 free at least.

  • KMA
    KMA3 måneder siden

    Arnold mental state after all these videos: 📉

  • james bond
    james bond3 måneder siden


  • james bond
    james bond3 måneder siden


  • The Gaming God
    The Gaming God3 måneder siden

    My last name is Arnold. And that's what my friends actually call me sometimes.

  • The Hawk 98
    The Hawk 983 måneder siden

    It's so painful watching these videos

  • plum sapodilla
    plum sapodilla3 måneder siden

    Poor him

  • Chuck Little
    Chuck Little3 måneder siden

    Wouldn’t this explode him

  • sᴛᴏʀᴍ
    sᴛᴏʀᴍ3 måneder siden


  • Salahuddin Yousuf
    Salahuddin Yousuf3 måneder siden

    If *ARNOLD* is *DeaD* then why his mouth is Ooooopened like he is dead but he still wants to eat after dying ......... Lol ....😅🤣😂🤣😂😅😂😂 !!!! Seriously.....!!!😂😂😂

  • Ellia Wortley
    Ellia Wortley3 måneder siden


  • Abdulaziz Alsanawi
    Abdulaziz Alsanawi3 måneder siden

    Who waching 2020

  • Jaedan Ashok
    Jaedan Ashok3 måneder siden

    Kratos : I have died 3-4 times Arnold : Hold my corpse

  • Chaitanya Thakkar
    Chaitanya Thakkar4 måneder siden

    finger up

  • PufferFish Boi
    PufferFish Boi4 måneder siden

    Thanks for making me feel bad for my food, appreciate it

  • kevin agasthya faurellino
    kevin agasthya faurellino4 måneder siden

    Why not put arnold inside sand

  • Pate
    Pate4 måneder siden

    1 Like= How many times Arnold has losed he’s finger

  • ImEthan 7200
    ImEthan 72004 måneder siden

    I know what happens before vid was made

  • gin4 king
    gin4 king4 måneder siden

    Ive thought about this so much

  • Joel Patterson
    Joel Patterson4 måneder siden

    I feel bad for arnold

  • Raxstar KHUSHAL
    Raxstar KHUSHAL4 måneder siden

    What if we see movies 24x7 for 365 days

  • Gaming world
    Gaming world4 måneder siden

    Yea boii

  • WinterBlox Gaming
    WinterBlox Gaming4 måneder siden

    The Arnold Burger: Ingredients: 2 buns 1 cooked arnold 2 slices of cheese (any) 2 Leaves of Lettuce 1 tomato slice Calories: *enough to give you a heart attack*

  • Portia Licorish-Ashby
    Portia Licorish-Ashby4 måneder siden

    And it also sound like in side out side

  • Portia Licorish-Ashby
    Portia Licorish-Ashby4 måneder siden

    The vedo is so short

  • Alicorn Vic
    Alicorn Vic4 måneder siden

    “Put your finger up if you liked this video” *puts index finger up*

  • Angel Chea
    Angel Chea4 måneder siden


  • BEAN
    BEAN4 måneder siden

    Heres my question How do these people know and if it was researched how did they know

  • Pahnfulmemes Yeet
    Pahnfulmemes Yeet4 måneder siden

    his mouth looks like a hot dog mustache

  • Shaundra Fulton
    Shaundra Fulton4 måneder siden

    i want my mommy

  • Alvin Agyakwa
    Alvin Agyakwa4 måneder siden

    give arnlod a break dude

  • Eman Hussain
    Eman Hussain5 måneder siden

    Stop being mean Tom Arnold he did nothing dude

  • Habeeb Rahman kalathil
    Habeeb Rahman kalathil5 måneder siden

    ARnold fan from kerala India

  • Legendary 346
    Legendary 3465 måneder siden

    Well I guess from kick ass you wouldn’t explode

  • Elijah Jackman
    Elijah Jackman5 måneder siden

    Papa w k I will have a s what you need me and my way home for the impression that we were going back home and the impression,I don't like 👍to but not as much fun with the impression

  • Zimvgig Uolivich
    Zimvgig Uolivich6 måneder siden

    this makes me recall a scene from final destination🤣🤣🤣

  • Los Giles
    Los Giles6 måneder siden

    Can you give this video captions?

  • NoBreadNation
    NoBreadNation6 måneder siden

    0:37 my hot pocket begs to differ after 3 min and i have a new fuckin Panasonic 😂

  • Rishi is Me
    Rishi is Me6 måneder siden

    Thats my plans ruined for today

  • Jose Rocha
    Jose Rocha6 måneder siden

    Ded piggy and ded arnold

  • Evi Van Aerschot
    Evi Van Aerschot6 måneder siden


  • Evi Van Aerschot
    Evi Van Aerschot6 måneder siden

    HOW is he still alive

  • Silver
    Silver6 måneder siden

    THE microwave

  • Frank and Louie. I like Molang and Roblox
    Frank and Louie. I like Molang and Roblox6 måneder siden

    To ask the question what would happen if you’re put in the microwave you should be called idiot Arnold!!

  • Raphael Flores Solis
    Raphael Flores Solis7 måneder siden

    he dident lose a finger

  • SamaSin
    SamaSin7 måneder siden

    well done 0:55

  • SamaSin


    7 måneder siden


  • SamaSin


    7 måneder siden


  • SamaSin


    7 måneder siden


  • Armin Eftekhari
    Armin Eftekhari7 måneder siden

    Make Arnold test drive a jet at 1 to 20 g’s

  • Jamie Plunk
    Jamie Plunk7 måneder siden

    Put Arnold up his butt

  • Morgan Craig
    Morgan Craig7 måneder siden

    Do what happens to Arnold with corona virus

  • samra rozajac
    samra rozajac7 måneder siden

    To the 🌞!!!!

  • Gantuya Tuya
    Gantuya Tuya7 måneder siden

    Every episode Arnold was lost his fingers

  • Kevin Naderi
    Kevin Naderi7 måneder siden

    Good information ℹ️

  • Adrian Motley
    Adrian Motley7 måneder siden

    Who uses a microwave oven to dry off in the first place?!?! Lol

  • Annick Price
    Annick Price8 måneder siden

    Bruh just drink a fire resistance potion and you will be fine Arnold