What will you be Turned Into in Space in 60 Seconds Without a Spacesuit

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    ANGEL R CORONEL RUEDA7 timer siden

    Do. Not. Enter. If. There's. 🦠. Cuarantine

    ANGEL R CORONEL RUEDA7 timer siden

    His. Immortal. And. The. Logo is. Terrifying

  • Lian Matos Minaya
    Lian Matos Minaya8 dager siden

    I feel bad plz stop doing this to him he is just a guy named arnold with 3 fingers and stop saying bad words plz ty

  • Saturn
    Saturn9 dager siden

    What i was doing in thumbnail i was looking at Arnold without spacesuit watching Arnold's dying in space🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • hemanth TM
    hemanth TM13 dager siden

    Man Arnold is going places

  • Zachary Richards
    Zachary Richards17 dager siden

    Arnold sucks

  • cheesepotato3
    cheesepotato319 dager siden

    Space debris

  • cheesepotato3


    19 dager siden

    You become space debis

  • Vincent Phan
    Vincent Phan22 dager siden

    I sub and like i like your video

  • 20thCenturyStudios1109
    20thCenturyStudios110929 dager siden

    omg this is just like BFDI 20: Gardening

  • Milaan Patel
    Milaan PatelMåned siden

    Science fact: The water in your body will evoporate through the tiny pores of your skin through which you sweat. Without heat and moisture you will be a dry cold meat. And you are going to loose your finger for sure.

  • SRS 3
    SRS 3Måned siden

    Who is watching on 2020

  • Rovelyn Acevedo
    Rovelyn AcevedoMåned siden

    I wish he could become spiderman

  • Colin Cayden
    Colin CaydenMåned siden

    The narrator doesn’t create the vids but Arnie does

  • Itz Senti
    Itz SentiMåned siden

    Arnold said poggers

  • Colin Cayden
    Colin CaydenMåned siden

    Nothing protect you from the uv rays Even acorn army

  • Colin Cayden

    Colin Cayden

    Måned siden

    Thanks for 2 likes. My older bro has friends that is the leader. He is also part of it

  • Draupadi Sarkar
    Draupadi SarkarMåned siden


  • lucky LEO
    lucky LEOMåned siden

    So marvel messed up the freezing death when you go in space without a suit

  • Elisabeth Elis
    Elisabeth ElisMåned siden

    Arnold How to be

  • Riako
    RiakoMåned siden

    Is this entire episode a Magic School Bus reference? :o

  • R2 D2
    R2 D2Måned siden

    Plot Twist: Arnold is immortal.

  • s stefix tv hd
    s stefix tv hd2 måneder siden

    hey i think you are gonna make new channel called save arnold

  • Agniesza Derda
    Agniesza Derda2 måneder siden


  • whatishappi
    whatishappi2 måneder siden

    This channel shall fells like it should be called beating up Arnold for science.

  • Hal 9000
    Hal 90002 måneder siden

    What'll happen to me?

  • Leon BP
    Leon BP2 måneder siden

    Arnold gets cloned

  • night owl
    night owl2 måneder siden

    Who watching this in 2020

  • alejandro martinez
    alejandro martinez2 måneder siden

    Your videos are so funny

  • Pinky
    Pinky2 måneder siden

    0:06 is his profile picture

  • COLLIN Banfield
    COLLIN Banfield3 måneder siden

    Arnold is a dumb liver

  • Lee Mason
    Lee Mason3 måneder siden

    Is Arnold really Kenny from south park?never see them together do you.

  • Elijah Mehretab
    Elijah Mehretab3 måneder siden


  • Elijah Mehretab
    Elijah Mehretab3 måneder siden

    Why is there a shark in the room in the beginning of the show

  • Hip Hop Furb
    Hip Hop Furb3 måneder siden

    0:06 omg his profile pic

  • kwadwo adu
    kwadwo adu3 måneder siden

    1 like and arnold will not lose his thumb

  • I m R i b b i t
    I m R i b b i t3 måneder siden

    Watching this without sound is like watching Alice and wonderland without the actual cartoon.

    JOSEPH EVAN3 måneder siden

    Hey Arnold!

  • It’stheCowBoyBoy
    It’stheCowBoyBoy3 måneder siden

    Is Arnold going to commit suicide because all those stuff are easy to commit suicide 0:00

  • goomber
    goomber3 måneder siden

    Arnold is the description of final destination

  • Twolf05
    Twolf053 måneder siden

    I used your code in the item shop and I liked and subbed my psn name is Twolf05

  • Itz DeAngelo
    Itz DeAngelo3 måneder siden

    Why are ur video so short

  • Dragon L
    Dragon L4 måneder siden

    Or Crispy Toast his finger just brakes and comes off lol

  • Yes
    Yes4 måneder siden


  • Adefunke Oladeji
    Adefunke Oladeji4 måneder siden

    Make toys

  • PufferFish Boi
    PufferFish Boi4 måneder siden

    0:27 anybody else see the alien?

  • Mikon mumladze
    Mikon mumladze4 måneder siden

    Just hold your breath lmao?

  • crazybrickstudios
    crazybrickstudios4 måneder siden

    “The brain will turn off after 10-15 seconds (without air)” Me who can hold my breath for 20 seconds without passing out:

  • Dark slayer
    Dark slayer4 måneder siden

    Arnold is DURABLE AF

  • ps4gamer2O1O1
    ps4gamer2O1O14 måneder siden

    “Put your finger up” Me: *does so* Some bird: thanks

  • DEX
    DEX4 måneder siden

    This is how many Arnold hand pull off | | | | V

  • Bacon Man - Mostly RBLX
    Bacon Man - Mostly RBLX4 måneder siden

    Why does Arnold’s finger always fall down?

  • GamingWithCZ
    GamingWithCZ4 måneder siden


  • Kimhorng 168
    Kimhorng 1684 måneder siden

    Arnold finger away been cut because his finger hate him

  • Crayon Animation
    Crayon Animation4 måneder siden

    If you go to the end of the video You might see something different Look at the circle

  • yanelis diaz fals
    yanelis diaz fals4 måneder siden

    Do u ever see that a ZENOMORPH WAS BEHIND ARNOLD!

  • Nathking
    Nathking5 måneder siden

    You shit yor hear loks like bacon

  • Nathking


    5 måneder siden

    Bacon hair 🥓

  • Fawn Clayton
    Fawn Clayton5 måneder siden

    So, nobody's gonna talk about the hidden alien? 0:27

  • just a person

    just a person

    5 måneder siden

    0:28 and your comment is too late

  • Adrian Maheswara
    Adrian Maheswara5 måneder siden

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *BOOM*

  • You know me Lol
    You know me Lol5 måneder siden

    Peanut butter

  • Gloria Carroll
    Gloria Carroll5 måneder siden


  • You know me Lol

    You know me Lol

    5 måneder siden

    Gloria Carroll he’s gay he’s gay he’s gay he’s gay he’s gay he’s gay

  • You know me Lol
    You know me Lol5 måneder siden


  • Gloria Carroll
    Gloria Carroll5 måneder siden


  • You know me Lol
    You know me Lol5 måneder siden


  • Gloria Carroll
    Gloria Carroll5 måneder siden


  • Kr Avi
    Kr Avi5 måneder siden

    Wait ! That means we won't explode in space or..will we ?

  • Katie Satie
    Katie Satie5 måneder siden

    In almost every episode Arnold loses his finger

  • Gaye Anderson
    Gaye Anderson5 måneder siden

    Arnold shouldn’t be in a life like that puting him in very hard and bad things

  • Pia Cambronero
    Pia Cambronero6 måneder siden

    Poor ARNOLD😥 haha

  • The Big Goose
    The Big Goose6 måneder siden

    How many times he said meet Arnold.

  • Ramesh Kumar
    Ramesh Kumar6 måneder siden

    why everytime arnolds one finger is cut of ?😬😬

  • Kaz KaiLee
    Kaz KaiLee6 måneder siden


  • Hyper Nova
    Hyper Nova6 måneder siden

    Why arnold have no more beard? Its just like steve from minecraft

  • Jia De Lee
    Jia De Lee6 måneder siden


  • Jia De Lee
    Jia De Lee6 måneder siden


  • Ateequllah fidaie
    Ateequllah fidaie6 måneder siden

    what if you give arnold a dangerous vacation

  • david kodelashvili
    david kodelashvili6 måneder siden

    1 sub on meet arnold=1 prayer for arnold

  • Farm Life
    Farm Life6 måneder siden


  • Kazcon
    Kazcon6 måneder siden

    Arnold has his finger cut off every time

  • Thot Destroyer
    Thot Destroyer6 måneder siden

    Eventually he stopped thinking

  • Jose Rocha
    Jose Rocha6 måneder siden

    Xenomorph alien

  • Neo Kosasih
    Neo Kosasih6 måneder siden

    Did i see a xwnomorph

  • Beth Hill
    Beth Hill6 måneder siden

    Arnold’s finger left the chat

  • Chaseingwind50
    Chaseingwind506 måneder siden

    1:20 lost tank

  • Huyền Linh Channel
    Huyền Linh Channel6 måneder siden

    in space: you shatter like glass

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore7 måneder siden

    This fucking sucked not satisfied

  • Gerox# #
    Gerox# #7 måneder siden

    Eventually, arnold stopped thinking.

  • BrandonBoi YT
    BrandonBoi YT7 måneder siden

    Suffocation, animation, population, despacito

  • James Tea
    James Tea7 måneder siden

    Arnold is a idiot

  • Annie Colina
    Annie Colina7 måneder siden


  • Suryanshu Sekhar Biswal
    Suryanshu Sekhar Biswal7 måneder siden

    In 0:28, You might have seen a xenomorph while arnold turns around👽

  • Johnson City NY Railfann Productions
    Johnson City NY Railfann Productions7 måneder siden

    So a human can't hold their breath in space without a suit for 60 seconds

  • Instant Noodles
    Instant Noodles7 måneder siden

    I'm assuming that a guy named Arnold Flipped off the narrator of this show and he made the ultimate revenge by making him lose his finger every episode as well as die extremely painful deaths while spitting straight facts

  • Bromitch06
    Bromitch067 måneder siden

    0:00 channel logo!

  • The Siren Kingdom!
    The Siren Kingdom!7 måneder siden


  • Xbox One
    Xbox One7 måneder siden

    0:27 it’s a alien

  • IT Fan
    IT Fan8 måneder siden

    0:07 When arnold thought something good was gonna happen 0:11 oh boy he was wrong

  • daniel gonzalez
    daniel gonzalez8 måneder siden


  • Nelida Acdol
    Nelida Acdol8 måneder siden

    Is that the xenomorph Queen

  • Daphnis Jacovides
    Daphnis Jacovides8 måneder siden

    How do you think that Arnold is still alive after all this? Like: If you think that he is immortal or Comment: if you think that he is a robot and they rebuild him after each vid

  • Shawki Hill
    Shawki Hill8 måneder siden

    028 Who say the Zenomorph and what is the alien doing in space,you better run Arnold

  • Jupiter The one who saved me when I was earth
    Jupiter The one who saved me when I was earth8 måneder siden