What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared???

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What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared???
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  • Sans the comic 2.0
    Sans the comic 2.05 timer siden

    No Humans? Just 1 LIFE AFTER PEOPLE Population 1

  • Dimas Nur afif
    Dimas Nur afif6 timer siden

    0:34 wtf Confidence? I think not

    BUGZIE JANDUSAY10 timer siden

    the game is soooo cool and ive played it since in august and i alredy got gareth

  • Jacob Megel 2
    Jacob Megel 221 time siden

    U didnt get 2020 to wrong

  • Connor McAlister
    Connor McAlisterDag siden

    I like how everyone is returning to this video because of how this video is saying that everyone will disintegrate in 2020, and look at the world now, COVID-19, BLM, Kobe and Steve’s (Talking Kitty Cat) death. They weren’t wrong when they said everything was gonna go wrong in 2020.

  • Carly Herring
    Carly HerringDag siden

    How did he now

  • Ben Chiles
    Ben ChilesDag siden

    what do you mean its 2020 October 23

  • the Kahoona
    the KahoonaDag siden

    Like my comment if your watching this in 2020 the earth not dead yet it will be in the year 35488

  • Normal Person
    Normal PersonDag siden

    my man predicted 2020

  • Marjolaine Moi
    Marjolaine MoiDag siden

    Looking back at this he said that the world was gonna end in 2020 hes kinda right

  • x NeoMation x
    x NeoMation xDag siden

    2020? Experiments? C O V I D

  • Noviana Widyastuti
    Noviana Widyastuti2 dager siden

    Now is 2020

  • Kavin Pandiarajan
    Kavin Pandiarajan2 dager siden


  • Rishi Gupta
    Rishi Gupta2 dager siden

    0:33 he predict 2020 in 2018😂

  • Amelia Arieta
    Amelia Arieta2 dager siden


  • Bobux
    Bobux3 dager siden

    no humans: sees a car

  • Creator Of Laundry-Man
    Creator Of Laundry-Man3 dager siden

    who's watching this in 2020

  • Overlander wendy Zainol abidin
    Overlander wendy Zainol abidin3 dager siden

    This is accuriet

  • introvert gaming
    introvert gaming3 dager siden

    "Year 2020 because your the only human alive" that might happen

  • Bensupercharged
    Bensupercharged3 dager siden

    He guested the outcome of 2020

  • Lorenzo Linares
    Lorenzo Linares4 dager siden

    Bruh it’s getting to the end of 2020 and nothing bad has happen yet I’m 75% sure this might happen bro

  • Gabs 1
    Gabs 14 dager siden

    Isn’t anyone gonna realise dis was made the year 2018 and used the word 2020

  • Usha Rajan
    Usha Rajan4 dager siden

    gvfgyhbgyjuttthjnbltiyjhk,ymlujouyk;uykljlyukj;uyklk;uilk;lilk;uilkm ;/

  • Mini Crewmate
    Mini Crewmate4 dager siden

    Hm, Did the simpsons make this?

  • Abhinav Singh
    Abhinav Singh4 dager siden

    Narrator - the year is 2020 everyone as happiest person on this planet Me - he's not wrong, but that doesn't mean he's not wrong

  • Christoffer Sjøberg 9C Mosedeskolen
    Christoffer Sjøberg 9C Mosedeskolen4 dager siden

    the newspaper and the narrator said year 2020. they predicted the world going to $#!t.

  • Garbage GAMER
    Garbage GAMER5 dager siden

    Almost predicted the future

  • didi fghnlie
    didi fghnlie5 dager siden

    How did you predict the future

  • Luca Serio
    Luca Serio5 dager siden

    Its already 2020 bru

  • Dragon Boi 2.0 • 200 years ago
    Dragon Boi 2.0 • 200 years ago5 dager siden

    Don’t worry 2020 is worst than you expected..

  • Angel Chavez
    Angel Chavez5 dager siden

    It’s now 2020 mate

  • Charles Calvin
    Charles Calvin5 dager siden

    Everyone in 2020-

  • Super All-stars 1P
    Super All-stars 1P6 dager siden

    Ur kinda right

  • Beautiful Rose
    Beautiful Rose6 dager siden

    Arnold already predicted the future

  • Osei Owusu-Afriyie
    Osei Owusu-Afriyie6 dager siden

    Arnold don't listen to him

  • gaming life
    gaming life6 dager siden

    Oh god no did he predict 2022

  • JoeOnYT
    JoeOnYT6 dager siden

    Imagine if this actually happened

  • Hasan Mahmud
    Hasan Mahmud7 dager siden

    this man knows the future

  • Vik N
    Vik N7 dager siden

    Will Arnold survive

  • Vik N
    Vik N7 dager siden

    Cool 😎

  • Aliceplayz Real
    Aliceplayz Real7 dager siden

    In 2020, big battleground. In 2017, I want to die

  • Shadow XXx
    Shadow XXx7 dager siden

    2020 yes 2020 is a horrible year

  • The Gamer guy
    The Gamer guy8 dager siden

    Meet Arnold more like torcher an idiot named arnolded

  • Tyler Sauverwald
    Tyler Sauverwald8 dager siden

    how did he now nobody would be alive in 2020 bcuz of COVID-19 but this was in 2018

  • wolf eye jack
    wolf eye jack8 dager siden

    Honestly if the earth does end like that in 2020 I'm not gonna be surprised

  • Dynamic Fire
    Dynamic Fire8 dager siden

    This man was soooo close to predict the future 😐😮

  • Diego Barahona Gutierrez
    Diego Barahona Gutierrez9 dager siden

    0:35 this man should get viral and win a prize for this

  • Mohsin Almaamari
    Mohsin Almaamari9 dager siden

    It's already 2020 and everyone is still here+ theres a DISEASE called corona virus

  • Mohsin Almaamari

    Mohsin Almaamari

    9 dager siden

    And theres no cure

  • Joaquin Miranda
    Joaquin Miranda9 dager siden

    I hate 5050

  • Leo Pines
    Leo Pines10 dager siden

    I Mean He Did Get One Part About 2020 Right... Ok All Of It

  • Miggy 72
    Miggy 7210 dager siden

    He predicted my

  • Arnav Shrestha
    Arnav Shrestha10 dager siden

    This man told future Tell is am future

  • xXFelipe GamingXx
    xXFelipe GamingXx10 dager siden

    who's in 2020

  • DaykingDaylight
    DaykingDaylight11 dager siden

    2020 everyone disingraded He’s not wrong what a physic

  • Ethan Orashan
    Ethan Orashan11 dager siden


  • Bassgod Music
    Bassgod Music11 dager siden

    Is anyone watching this in 2020 because this is not what our world looks like

  • Benny Mireku
    Benny Mireku11 dager siden

    2020 isn't like that although it is not nice

  • thussi thuss
    thussi thuss11 dager siden

    Who's here in 2020

  • Glitchie
    Glitchie11 dager siden

    "Earth 2020, there's no humans alive" I mean, he's right.

  • Just a kid Dont mind me
    Just a kid Dont mind me11 dager siden

    Uh oh dont jinx the 2020 garbage year streak. Dont do it Mr narrator man.

  • Cynqh
    Cynqh11 dager siden

    Wait.... did he just predict the end of 2020?😳

  • Aditya Rai
    Aditya Rai11 dager siden

    Its 2020* and no one is Happy🙂

  • Paras modi
    Paras modi11 dager siden

    2020 😂

  • The United States
    The United States11 dager siden


  • Titan K-NINE
    Titan K-NINE12 dager siden


  • Suzette VDoca
    Suzette VDoca12 dager siden

    I downloaded the game

  • Aravind Krishna
    Aravind Krishna12 dager siden

    Narrator : There will be no humans in 2020 Me living in 2020 : Uhhh....

  • Paco Gaming
    Paco Gaming12 dager siden

    Pretty accurate for 2020

  • Robloxian pro
    Robloxian pro12 dager siden

    2020:Coronavirus 7.8 billion people:Eh close enough

  • Jaime Conti
    Jaime Conti13 dager siden

    2020: Expectations: 2:01 Reality: Our world

  • LINDSEY Davidson
    LINDSEY Davidson13 dager siden


    INFINITE Kid13 dager siden

    0:32 kind feels like it

  • Marisa Clawson
    Marisa Clawson13 dager siden

    I love it

  • Isaac Frese
    Isaac Frese13 dager siden

    This is surprisingly correct.

  • SF RenegadeX
    SF RenegadeX14 dager siden


  • SF RenegadeX
    SF RenegadeX14 dager siden


  • Jacqueline Morris
    Jacqueline Morris14 dager siden

    it is 2020 now and we are not died

  • Rajan Dhillon
    Rajan Dhillon14 dager siden

    Lol me in 2020

  • Maria Caceres
    Maria Caceres14 dager siden

    idoit its 2020 and its not the end of humans

  • A person commenting on a Youtube video
    A person commenting on a Youtube video14 dager siden

    hol' up

  • alexsander diaz
    alexsander diaz14 dager siden


  • Nobody Asks
    Nobody Asks14 dager siden

    Oh no.. Well, time to empty my bucket list.

  • unown boi
    unown boi14 dager siden

    you almost predicted the future

    PURE_DANK_MEME S14 dager siden

    worlds most realistic youtube video

  • Lit
    Lit14 dager siden

    DUDE THIS GUY PREDICTED COVID-19!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!

  • Fathimah Rayhanah
    Fathimah Rayhanah15 dager siden

    Him:2020 Its whe n future- Me: *i am out*

  • Midnite watson
    Midnite watson15 dager siden

    2020: write that down write that down!!!

  • Christler Matthew Andres
    Christler Matthew Andres15 dager siden

    2020 is not that bad

  • NotJacob
    NotJacob15 dager siden

    How he predicted the future

  • ninoska rachell
    ninoska rachell15 dager siden

    Who whatching this in 2020

  • Ketchup Likes Stuff
    Ketchup Likes Stuff15 dager siden

    2020, all humans are dead *No, no, he’s got a point*

  • kirbo
    kirbo15 dager siden

    kinda funny how he said: “2020 HAPPIEST human alive”

  • WesleyTRV // Wesley Vianen
    WesleyTRV // Wesley Vianen15 dager siden

    Who else watched it in 2020?

  • Seth Lovric
    Seth Lovric15 dager siden

    There's still time for the prediction to be true someone just needs to make it happen

  • SenseiUttor
    SenseiUttor15 dager siden

    "Everyone was disenagrated" *Looks outside* Eh, close enough...

  • I have no name
    I have no name15 dager siden

    This aged well

  • KaKaXD
    KaKaXD15 dager siden

    0:30 yeah kinda true

  • arbab mustafa
    arbab mustafa15 dager siden

    earth 2 is there a multiverse the flash yeah wait but crisis you were pretty close to predicting the future

  • Zuhalini Zainal
    Zuhalini Zainal15 dager siden

    In 2020 everyone is not here because there is covid 19 stay safe and wear mask and use hand sanitizer

  • karen smiles
    karen smiles15 dager siden